Google Assistant Now Has 500 Million Active Monthly Users

Google Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most popular voice assistants out there. Well, Google has just announced that Assistant now has 500 million active monthly users. It’s worth pointing out that Google Assistant was said to be available on 500 million devices in May 2018, so it’s clear that the voice assistant has made giant inroads in the voice assistant business since then. Assistant also comes preloaded with most Android devices with Google services as well as Wear OS smartwatches.

Google Assistant’s surge in monthly active users could be primarily due to the wide range of smart speakers that the company has launched over the past couple of years. However, the timely arrival of new Amazon’s attractive smart home speakers has dampened Google’s momentum somewhat.

At CES 2020, Google has announced some changes to Assistant which allows you to add sticky notes on smart displays like the Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max while also letting you add speed dial contacts on your smart display. These work entirely on voice commands, thus adding more power to Google Assistant. The company also announced some changes being made to interpreter mode which offers real-time translation via Assistant. This was announced as a pilot program last year, and Google is finally ready to expand this feature more widely. Currently, the interpreter mode supports up to 29 languages.

Given the upgrades we’ve noticed with Assistant over the past couple of years, we could be in for an exciting 2020 with regards to new features and technologies.

Do you use Google Assistant on a regular basis? What would you like to change or add?


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