The Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display Is Now Officially Available in the U.S.

The Nest Hub Max by Google was announced a few months ago, although this smart home display didn’t get a precise release date. Although a few retailers jumped the gun and announced it initially, the Nest Hub Max didn’t show up. However, all that changes today with the device now officially available for sale in the U.S. through Google’s online store.

This smart display is also available from Best Buy, B&H Photo, Home Depot, etc. However, the company’s online store in other regions like the UK still doesn’t have the product up for sale yet. It seems like Google wants to gradually begin rollout in the U.S. followed by other key markets like Europe and Asia.

Google Nest Hub Max

If you don’t know much about the Nest Hub Max, well, it’s not just a large smart display. It also comes with a dedicated 6.5MP camera on the front which can be used for video calls over a Wi-Fi connection. You may need an account on Google Duo to enabled video calling functionality, however. It also comes with Chromecast built-in, giving you access to endless casting opportunities to and from a compatible mobile device. The display here is 10-inches in size, while an HD resolution is mentioned by the company.

The Nest Hub Max also has microphone and speakers, allowing you to initiate voice commands to control other connected products like the Nest Thermostat or even the televisions in your home. It needs a stable internet connection to continue operating normally, which is the case with any smart home product available today. The Nest Hub Max will set you back by $229.

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Source: Google Store

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