How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 5 Wont Charge [Troubleshooting Guide]

Not charging issues with the #Xiaomi Mi 5 (#Mi5) is as common as the problem wherein the phone refuses to turn on. We received a few complaints from our readers and I think it’s time we addressed this problem as we begin our support for this amazing device.


Troubleshooting a device that won’t charge can be easy depending on the actual condition of your phone or it can be tricky. You need to troubleshoot to know if your phone is still capable of charging or if it would respond once it detects electric current is flowing through its circuits. Read on to learn the basic troubleshooting of the Xiaomi Mi 5 that’s not charging.

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Troubleshooting Mi 5 that won’t charge

There are a couple of situation you might be in while dealing with a not charging issue with your Mi 5; first, your device has enough battery left to power it up for a few minutes and second, your device already turned off and won’t turn back on as the battery is all drained up.
If the phone is still powered up but won’t respond when the charger is plugged in (the original charger), then the first thing you have to do is try to connect your device to a computer to…

  1. Find out if it charges, albeit slowly, when it detects current flowing from the computer through its circuits.
  2. Find out if the computer can actually detect the device

These things will help you determine whether the problem is with the charger, the USB cable or the phone. So, if the computer is detecting the device, then you can rest assured that the cable is fine and that the connection in your phone’s utility port is good and that your device is responding with the computer. In this case, the problem might be the charger itself.
On the other hand, if the computer doesn’t detect the device, then the issue might be with the cable or your phone’s USB port. While still plugged in to your computer, hold the device at certain angles to see if there are instances that the computer can detect something plugged in because if so, it might be just a loose connection in your phone’s USB port.
Alternatively, if you have access to other USB cables, try using one of them to see if you can actually get the device detected by the computer. If still no, then it might be a hardware issue and you need to have the device checked.
Now, let’s try to troubleshoot your Mi 5 that has drained up all its battery, won’t turn on and won’t respond when the charger is plugged in. We cannot just connect it to a computer because it won’t get detected if it’s turned off. Therefore, we need to do some manual work to see if we can get the device to charge.

Step 1: Verify your device didn’t get physically or water-damaged

It’s easy to determine if it’s physical damage that’s causing the problem. All you got to do is check the outside case to see some dents or scratches. A blow that may leave the phone bricked will surely leave some dents. In this case, don’t waste your time, send the phone for checkup or repair.

As to water damage, you should be the one to know first hand if the phone got wet with any form of liquid or if it was submerged in water. Liquid damage will also leave a trail like some moist or vapor on the screen and on the camera lens. If you are not sure the phone suffered liquid damage, like for instance it got wet a few days ago but continued to work fine until recently, then don’t troubleshoot it yourself as there’s not much you can do about it. Just send it in for repair and let the technician handle it for you.

Step 2: Try to charge the phone

If you are 100% sure the phone didn’t suffer from physical and liquid damage, then plug in the charger and leave the phone be for 10 minutes and then try to turn it on. If it still won’t respond, try using different chargers and USB cables just to make sure it isn’t a charger problem. If you can borrow the same charger from a friend, that would be better. If there’s no other charger to use, try a computer.

All you need to see is if the phone responds when plugged in from a power source. If it does, you might still be able to fix it on your own without any help from a technician. This will, of course, save from from hours of waiting.

Step 3: Try booting up in recovery mode (optional)

By default, Mi 5’s bootloader is lock, thus inaccessible to users. So, unless you got the bootloader unlocked, you can’t boot your device in recovery mode that’s why this step is optional.

This isn’t a fix actually, it would just tell you whether the phone is still capable of powering up its components without actually booting up to Android GUI.

Step 4: If all else fails, seek help from a technician

All you need to find is a glimmer of hope that the phone’s hardware is fine. But if all your efforts failed and your Mi 5 still won’t charge, then you need a technician to do further testings on your device. Bring your phone to a local shop to have it checked as soon as possible.

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5 thoughts on “How To Fix Xiaomi Mi 5 Wont Charge [Troubleshooting Guide]”

  1. I have a Xiaomi mi-5.
    It won’t charge when the phone is turned on but does charge (thankfully I guess) when the phone is turned off.
    Does anyone have any solutions to this?

  2. I have a xiaomi mi5x it shows “charging” however, it is not actually charging. It was borrowed by my brother for a comparison with other phones, I dunno what happened. When I got the phone back its no longer charging

  3. I forgot to mention, the device turns on when I plug it in to charge, if i unplug it then it won’t turn on

  4. Okay, So i thought it was my battery’s issue. I took the xiaomi mi5 apart, i had a spare xiaomi mi5 to experiment with so i took this one apart as well. I swapped the batteries. I put the battery that wouldn’t charge into the second device and it charges! I checked the charging cables and ports as well, there’s nothing wrong with those. So i think there’s something wrong with the first device. How can I fix it?

  5. I have bought a redmi 4x from an online shop. The battery seen cannot to be charged, the max 2%. Are the battery was damage?

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