6 Best Smart Phone with keyboard in 2024

According to GSMArena’s database, there has not been a new phone with Physical keyboard since 2018. Not surprisingly, the only manufacturers that was still making qwerty phones was Blackberry.

At A Glance: Smart Phone with keyboard

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Physical keyboards are great for people who do not like typing on a touchscreen. They provide a more tactile experience, which can make typing faster and more accurate. Plus, they don’t take up as much space as a touchscreen keyboard.

But aesthetically and functionally, it no longer makes sense to manufacture phones with physical keyboards. Imagine trying to waterproof a phone with 50 or so keys, likely impossible.

But if you insist on one, here are a few models from the last decade that might still work. Just be aware that these phone likely have reached or will soon reach its end of life support.

Best Phone with keyboard for 2023

This review focuses on some of the best Phone with keyboard and good sim card compatibility. These mobile phones will boost your user experience. They come with keys that help you type long and coherent texts to help you get your message across without undergoing some of the challenges of using a touch screen.

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 1). BlackBerry Key2 LE

The Blackberry Key2 LE is among the last greatest phones that uses the QWERTY keyboard arrangement. Luckily, this device is an android phone which means that users get very exciting features. This Blackberry smartphone is a brilliant kit that comes with key keyboard facilities that can be used for text messaging, rigorous typing, and more.

This keyboard comes with a smooth feel and is some of the most brilliant QWERTY keyboards that you can find in today’s smartphones. While the Blackberry is a smartphone with a keyboard, it also allows you to type smartly. We love the screen size of this device as it accommodates all of our written content but it seems rather small. This QWERTY keyboard gives you the best experience that you will ever get to find on a smartphone.

Apart from that, this device also comes along as an attractive, powerful smartphone which comes with a lot of stamina and plus various security and privacy features. We love the fact that Blackberry has gone to refine the entire experience of this keyboard. The Key2 LE blackberry keyboard now comes with slightly bigger keys. This QWERTY keyboard also comes with a backlit keyboard feature. It is also a capacitive device – meaning the keyboard is sensitive to the fingers.

You could easily just flick up the cell phone and select from a bunch of suggested words which will show up on the predictive bar. Furthermore, the entire keyboard can be used as a trackpad to enable scrolling. Something we love about this QWERTY keyboard is the fact that it is among the keyboards that comes with a program button function. The smartphone also comes with a Speed key function, that acts as a shortcut into apps.

Could there be downsides to using this blackberry Key2 LE QWERTY keyboard smartphone. Unfortunately, there are several demerits that comes with using this cell phone. Its performance doesn’t quite compare with the excellent features of other flagship phones. However, this could be commended as a flagship device.

A poor feature of this blackberry keyboard phone is that the camera comes with a shutter lag problem. Then again, it is unable to work well when there is a low light. However, we love the excellent portrait mode of this device.

If you are a fan of smartphones with big screen layouts, then this smartphone will disappoint you. This screen is roughly 4.5 inches to contain the keyboard. But something you cannot take from this device is the reasonable market price of the device. However, it remains to see that the Blackberry Key2 LE is one of the best QWERTY smartphone that you can ever buy on the market.


  • Excellent portrait mode.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • A powerful and attractive smartphone.
  • Comes with high-end features.


  • Comes witha compromised performance.
  • Camera comes with a shutter lag problem and has poor performance in low light.
  • The screen is rather small.

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2). BlackBerry KeyOne Phone with keyboard

Just like the Blackberry Key2, the Blackberry KeyOne is one of the best QWERTY keyboard smartphones that you can find in the market. Like all QWERTY keyboard phones, this device comes with a sleek design, nicely spaced keys, and more fun features.

This device comes with a great battery life, unrivalled physical keyboard shortcuts and great customization. We love the excellent design and build quality of this device because it allows us to work in a smart way. Compared to an Android phone, it looks like this phone is a high-end keyboard phone.

The full QWERTY keyboard of this pone come with capacitive buttons, which means that the user scan use the device to swipe and scroll — or you could just swipe up to select suggested words — and is such a good device for those of us who like to type. For this device, you could use the space bar to perform functions like the fingerprint sensor.

This device comes with some of the best features like you would expect from a QWERTY keyboard phone. We love the vibrant 4.5-inch screen. The device also comes with a 1080p display, and works with the Android 7.1.1 operating system. Other features include, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, and 32GB of in-built storage plus a MicroSD card slot in case you need storage.

Just like every other smartphone out there this smart phone is quite a chunky device. It does not not have a top performance. We love the decent camera option of this phone, however, it could use some improvement. This has got to be one of the cheapest keyboard phones from Blackberry.


  • Comes withdecent keyboard keys.
  • This is a more pocket-friendly option compared to the Blackberry Key2.
  • Exceelent design and build quality.


  • This is quite a heavy phone.
  • The performance of the phone is compromised.
  • The camera could use some improvement.

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3). BlackBerry Priv Phone with keyboard

Before the KeyOne became a very popular phone, it was the Priv that was the most in-demand smart phone that comes with a QWERTY keyboard. The phone looks like a standard touchscreen phone, however, it comes with just a slide-out keyboard which goes under the display when the phone is not being used.

Blackberry’s Priv dumped the BlackBerry OS software to use the Android. This phone comes with a display of 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution meaning that you get to enjoy high quality images and videos. Other functions of this device includes a 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage capacity, plus the MicroSD card that can be used to expand the storage of the device. This phone comes with a rear camera which is an 18 megapixels feature. Users also get a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. This is the best slide-out keyboard phone for people who love the beauty of sliding keys.


  • This isa slide out keyboard phone.
  • Keyboard goes under the display when not in use.


  • A mid-range phone option.

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4). BlackBerry Passport

We love the Blackberry Passport because it is a nice-looking phone. The keys of the phone are spaced out evenly to allow typing of the most intimate text messages. You can also use this phone to type a full manuscript if you want. the keys have been adopted to take in all the pressures of a rigorous typing.

We love this passport from Blackberry because it seems to be compatible with some of the best GSM carriers like the AT&T and T-Mobile. This Blackberry Passport comes with the quad-core Snapdragon processing unit. It also comes with the 4.5-inch HD screen. Users will also love the 13-megapixel rear camera.

Looks like the Blackberry Passport is one of the android blackberry phones that seems to offer an inferior range of versatility when compared to the other android phones mentioned up above.

This is one of the options that comes with keyboard whose keys have been smartly spaced to improve typing accuracy even during the most distracting moments.


  • Nicely-spaced keys.
  • Excellent designand build quality.
  • An excellent set of touch-based gesture controls.


  • This is an inferior phone compared to the versatility of other android blackberry phones.

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5). Unihertz Titan Android 10 Phone

Unleash your productivity and embrace the rugged elegance of the Unihertz Titan Android 10 Phone, a true warrior among smartphones. With its robust build and compact physical keyboard, typing becomes a tactile adventure. The Titan runs on Android 10, offering a familiar and versatile operating system.

Its 4.5-inch display showcases vibrant colors and sharp details, perfect for immersive media consumption. Equipped with a powerful MediaTek Helio P60 processor and 6GB of RAM, this phone effortlessly handles demanding tasks.

The massive 6,000mAh battery ensures all-day usage, while the 16MP rear camera captures stunning moments. However, the Titan’s large size may not suit everyone’s taste. Embrace the Titan’s resilience and conquer your tasks with style.

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41Ru Gq9MfL. SL500

6). BlackBerry KEY2

Embark on a journey of tactile bliss with the Blackberry Key2, a smartphone that rekindles the magic of physical keyboards. Immerse your fingers in the delightfully clicky keys, effortlessly gliding across the spacious layout.

The Key2 boasts a Snapdragon 660 processor and 6GB of RAM, delivering seamless performance for multitasking and demanding apps. Its 4.5-inch display showcases vibrant colors and crisp details. With enhanced security features like the DTEK app, your data remains safeguarded.

However, the Key2’s smaller screen and chunky design may appeal to only some. Nevertheless, for keyboard enthusiasts seeking a unique typing experience, the Blackberry Key2 stands tall as a true champion.

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  1. I absolutely DESPISE digital keyboards,with a passion unmatched by anything in this world, they need to bring back physical keyboards for those of us that enjoy them.

  2. One more thing, Back in 2010-2013 thinner phonew were all the rage because people thought thinner phonew were cool, just like the previous generation thought TINY phonew were cool and the manufacturers catered. Reminds me of the automotive world and “Big Ghetto Wheels” that are now oem on everything. My point here is this. The target audience for qwerty phones really doesn’t care if the phone is a little thick, as long as the screen is larger and the qwerty therefore larger and roomier too. Give us a 5.5 inch tilted screen slider or side flip type with a small screen on the front and a big one underneath, with something current like the Priv under the hood for that Big V12 Style Horsepower and set it up like an enterprise class buisiness phone with all the good stuff like hdmi ports etc. I know I am dreaming here, but I AM Making sense !

  3. I am only 54 yrs old, but I have never had a “Smart Phone” although I have seen quite a few. I don’t like hitting a number key 2,3,4,5 or 11 times just to get the character I am after, so I actually had text messaging BLOCKED through my carrier so I would not feel compelled to reply to them. I got my first cel phone account with 2 lines in 2008 one for me and one for someone else. My unit was a small simple bar and it did not have enough memory to even load a MSN home page , so I have WEB BLOCKED through my carrier also. I soon opted for a cheap simple Samsund flip. I have had three or four since then and have switched to an LG flip, and another, then back to the Samsung, but now my phone is getting really crappy signal and I am missing lots of calls. It is either my phone or my sim card or both that are outdated. I get no network even with a signal booster from T-Mobile. ARGH !!. Back in 2010 and 2011 I was phone shopping for my GF and saw some sliders and thought “Yeah, that is what I would want” but the ones I saw had real small keys and I have Very Large hands so I aborted the notion at that time. Now it is 2017 and I am tired of paying for 2 lines with unlimited everything and having someone else use it ALL up every month LOL.
    So, I am finally going to go Smartphone, but it MUST be a QWERTY. The alternative is going with a New 4g type Flip Phone for seniors with the bigger buttons. It is QWERTY or Dumbphone for ME !! I have been doing a couple weeks of research on all the different qwerty phone models and jotting down all the specs in a word file with pics of each model and have been reading reviews. These is shockingly quite a few RECENT reviews on older qwerty phones as more people seem to be going Back To Them and the Manufacturers Would Be Smart To Notice !!!

  4. I have ALS and still have use of my arms and hands. I use my phone to text and communicate. I NEED a physical keyboard as I cannot use touchscreens at all.

  5. QWERTY may be old but it has it is necessary for some of us. I am a physician and have a number of apps on my phone necessary for me to do my job well and seamlessly. It is a pain and a disruption to use a screen keyboard especially when you hit one letter and get another. Have you checked the spelling of many of the medications, diseases and disorders, and medical terms, etc? I need the board to minimize errors and get info fast. I am dealing with people’s lives. I like not having to carry textbooks or reference texts around. I also have a mobile pediatric practice. So, all you tech people need to understand, there will always be a need for a QWERTY board for some professionals. Techys are not the only professionals in the world. I have a Blackberry Priv which works great. I guess as long as Blackberry is willing to make a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, I will be able to do my job. Hope all docs can with minimal stress and hassle.

  6. i am so old i am retro or vintage, i am still using a samsung captiva glide! for teh key board and ease of calendar goodle/outlook sinc. I am on number 5 and they are getting harder and harder to find. so in the market for a new phone with a real key board. seriously i miss my trio that phone rocked!

  7. I am getting older and my fingers are unable to work touch screen keyboards therefore I must use a physical keyboard. I hope the Motorola Droid 5 comes out soon.

  8. That was supposed to be ‘keyboards’ not ‘keywords’ in my previous message!

  9. I love Q keywords!! I have long nails and they work great on them!! I cannot use a touchscreen phone with them. My other long nailed friends use a stylus, but that takes more time AND it is easy to lose the stylus! (I have a kindle and use my stylus for that. It is a pain!!) I have a very old fashioned phone because of the slide out keyboard and I LOVE it. Keep wanting to upgrade but need/want my physical keyboard!!

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