Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Is Black In Cold Weather

The #Xiaomi #Mi5 is a premium phone released in 2016 that offers several flagship features to consumers at an affordable price. The phone uses a Snapdragon 820 processor combined with 4GB of RAM allowing it to perform smoothly. It has a 5.15 inch IPS LCD screen at 1080p resolution and uses a 16MP camera that

Xiaomi Mi 4

XIaomi might release the Mi 5 with a 3D Touch display on board

The #Xiaomi #Mi5 smartphone has been a mystery for the most part with practically nobody having knowledge about the where and when the device will be officially unveiled. A new report has now pitched the idea of the Chinese manufacturer possibly using a Force Touch or 3D Touch display, which can judge the pressure that

Xiaomi Mi 4

Xiaomi Mi 5 will reportedly cost close to $320

The #Xiaomi #Mi5 smartphone has made its way to the leaks and rumors for quite a few months now and hasn’t seen a release yet. A new word now talks about the possible pricing of the handset. It is being said that the device will cost somewhere close to $320 for the 16GB model when it

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi to reveal Snapdragon 820 based flagship this year: Report

Xiaomi is rated highly in global markets and is one of the top manufacturers of the world. This means that every handset that the company launches manages to build plenty of hype, sometimes even before it is announced. Something similar is happening with the Mi 5 handset which is reportedly going to be unveiled in