How to fix an unresponsive Galaxy S8 [troubleshooting guide]

Do you have an unresponsive #GalaxyS8? This troubleshooting guide should tell you what to do. There’s not much variations for this kind of issue so the solutions we provide here can also be applied across other Samsung devices. Be sure to let us know if they are effective solutions or not.

Problem: Galaxy S8 is unresponsive, not turning on

My Samsung S8 isn’t even a month old. I was using it then the next minute it had turned off. It had about 70% charge. I tried to charge it and it was unresponsive, I’ve tried holding in the volume down and power button but it’s still unresponsive. I’m wondering if it could be due to needing a software update as it has been popping up but I’ve been clicking “later.” Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. (ps I don’t know what Android Version it is but it wouldnt let me send without choosing one). — Kerry Williams

Solution: Hi Kerry. Refusing an Android update, however long it’s been going on, won’t force your S8 to just die and remain unresponsive. There must be some other reason why it died on its own. For one, there may be a battery problem with the device. This is often the usual reason why a smartphone appears to end in premature death all of a sudden. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pry open the device and replace the battery to know that for sure. Like what we tell Clayton above, you will most likely end up sending the device to Samsung for repair.

To ensure that you cover all bases though, you can do some other troubleshooting steps first. Doing so should help you eliminate other possible factors that may be causing your problem.

Try another charging cable and adapter

Your S8 may not have enough battery power left at this time and the charging accessories you’re using may not be up to the task. To see if the phone merely needs to be charged, use another set of charging cable and adapter before attempting to charge the phone again.

Check the charging port

Your S8 may be water- and dust-resistant but the charging port is still exposed. Make sure to check if there’s any foreign object, debris, or lint inside that may prevent the charging cable from properly making contact with the pins. To see clearly, use a magnifier or similar.  If you think there’s something inside the port that should not be there, avoid sticking anything inside to remove it. Instead, use a can of compressed air to dislodge the particle out.

Check for water damage

Your S8 is protected from damage by shutting its charging port down when it’s wet. Make sure that this part is dry by air drying the device. To hasten the drying process, put your S8 near heat-generating devices like the back of a TV. DO NOT put the device near an oven or furnace. When it comes to air drying, taking a short cut can damage your phone. Some users use a hair dryer to allow water to evaporate faster. Be careful when doing this though as too much heat can damage sensitive components inside.

Charge your S8 wirelessly

In case the issue is with the charging port, you should be able to charge your S8 wirelessly. Make sure to use the official Samsung wireless charger for the S8. We haven’t checked if the older wireless chargers of Samsung will work so stick with the one that’s designed for your phone model.

Send it in for repair or replacement

If all our suggestions above won’t fix the problem at all, it’s to let Samsung take a look at the hardware. As long as you did not drop the phone, exposed it to water or elements, and cause obvious visible damage to the device, Samsung should repair the device for free (unless warranty is voided due to other reasons).


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