How to Fix Mobile Data problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Common indicators of mobile data problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are error messages that prompt when you try to connect to the Internet using the device. Among these messages would include:

  • “Web page not available.”
  • “Cannot connect to the Internet.”
  • “Unable to connect.”
  • “No network connection.”

There are quite a number of factors affecting mobile network connectivity. Aside from carrier switch, inactive account, incorrect account set up, network outage, physical/liquid damage on the device, inconsistent network connection and outdated device software, mobile data problems can also be due to some incorrect settings or improper network configurations on the device, like:

  • Airplane mode is set to ACTIVE
  • Device is currently connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • Mobile data s turned OFF
  • Device set to NOT USE DATA when roaming (in case you are roaming)
  • The device is rooted, unlocked or no longer supported by your carrier


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you start troubleshooting mobile data problems you have with your Galaxy Note 2, be sure to verify your account status with your carrier and see if it is still in good standing. Also verify if you are getting the correct data plan you subscribed to in the first place. In case you haven’t been able to connect to mobile data on your device, please contact your service provider and have them check if your account is provisioned correctly. If your account is already verified good and active, then you may now start identifying the problem cause and apply the most possible solutions provided in this page.

  1. Is the problem only occurring in a specific location? If so, then check with your service provider for the actual scope of coverage in the area you are experiencing connectivity issues. It could be that you are already in beyond your network coverage range.
  2. Check your device for any possible liquid or physical damages. In case you dropped it or got it wet prior to this problem, it is very likely that your device is damaged and needs physical repair or restoration.
  3. Remember that your device will not be able to connect to the mobile data network if it is currently connected to a Wi-Fi network. In this case, turn OFF the Wi-Fi on your device. Here is how:
    1. Touch Menu from the home screen.
    2. Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu items.
    3. Touch Connections to get to Wi-Fi options.
    4. Touch to select Wi-Fi to configure Wi-Fi settings. Proceed to step 4.
    5. Touch the ON slider located next to Wi-Fi. Doing so will turn the Wi-Fi service OFF.
    6. Also verify Airplane mode on your device. As recommended, it has to be inactive. To see if the Airplane mode is active or not, press and hold the Power button on your device for about 1 to 2 seconds. An indication that it is not active is a prompt that says ‘Airplane mode is OFF.’ If you are not seeing this prompt, then touch Airplane mode to disable this feature.
    7. If your Galaxy Note 2 is not updated, check for any available software updates for your device and go for an upgrade this time. New software updates are typically rolled out to fix certain issues and glitches that exist in the prior OS versions.
    8. In case your device is rooted, unlocked or not supported by your carrier, you may need to manually enter in APN settings. To get the appropriate APN settings for your device, please contact your service provider.
    9. Do not forget to re-establish a connection with the mobile network. This is a must-do in resolving problems associated with mobile network connectivity. Remove the battery for 30 seconds with the device still ON. Wait for a moment and replace the battery. Power the device ON and wait for a few more seconds for it to connect to the available network.
    10. Also try to connect to mobile data by opening any browser on your device. Just go to Apps, and then select Internet to get to your web browser.
    11. Navigate to a certain webpage to see if you can connect.

If problem persists, then your next resort is to reset APN settings on your Galaxy Note 2 and set it to the default configurations instead.

Here’s how to reset APN on Galaxy Note 2:

  1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.
  2. Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu.
  3. Touch to select Connections.
  4. Select More Networks.
  5. Touch to select Mobile Networks to get to APN.
  6. Touch Access Point Names to continue to APN settings configuration.
  7. Touch Menu icon
  8. Touch Reset to default to use original settings.
  9. Try to connect to mobile data by opening any browser on the device. Just go to Apps then select Internet.
  10. Navigate to certain webpages to see if it will go through.
  11. Important Note: Access Point Names or APN serves as a carrier network’s identifier. The Access Point refers to the type of connection the device used to connect to the data network.

If this still doesn’t resolve the problem, try to check Mobile Data and Roaming Settings. Remember that when you are roaming, your mobile device will automatically turn off mobile data, and that means you cannot use this service. Hence, be sure to disable this feature in the settings menu of your Galaxy Note 2 device.

To verify Mobile Data and Data roaming settings just go to the home screen and:

  1. Touch Menu, and then go to Settings->Connections->More Networks->Mobile networks (or Roaming).
  2. Put a check mark next to Mobile Data option to turn on this feature.
  3. Open a browser on your device and try to connect to mobile data.
  4. Navigate to certain websites to see if you can get through.

Hint: You may need to check mobile data usage limit on your device, just to ensure it is not causing the problem. Remember that your device will not be able to access mobile data when you already reach your set data limit. The service will just resume until the billing cycle resets.


  1. Another thing i would like to add is you must be on lte/wcdma/gsm(auto connect).
    I was surely about to reset my phone and remembered i was on gsm only. Turn that off. Its a must

  2. In my case,any social chats like whatsapp and wechat works fine but when it comes to other apps it becomes useless..some apps (like smule and pokemon go) could only be logged in via wifi and after that mobile data works perfectly but for a social apps (like fb n instagram) it wont load any new news feed,new notifications and even my own wall unless im using using a rooted note 2 phone and I have no idea why it became this way..can anyone help?

  3. I have a sprint network unlocked Samsung galaxy note 4. As soon as I leave my home network and enter roaming network, Data roaming gets disabled. Error message keeps popping up that you have lost data roaming. Even after clicking on the Data roaming, I am unable to get data on roaming.

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