How to Fix Forza Horizon 4 that keeps crashing in Windows 10

This post highlights a few potential solutions to a problem on Forza Horizon 4 that keeps crashing in Windows 10. Read on to learn what causes this game to suddenly crash and stop working and how to deal with it.

Performance issues such as lagging, freezing and crashing are emerging among the widespread complaints raised by both mobile and PC gamers. These problems can occur on any gaming app. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue transpiring on Forza Horizon 4 that keeps crashing in Windows 10. 

Why does Forza Horizon 4 keep crashing?

There are many factors that need to be considered when dealing with performance issues like game crashing. Oftentimes, the problem is tied to a faulty Windows system update, conflicting software, problematic graphics driver, faulty installation of the game, corrupted files as well as security tools like antivirus software and firewall. 

Apparently, there are multiple factors that you need to rule out in order to fix the problem. To narrow down your options, I’ve mapped out the most effective solutions in this quick walkthrough.

Troubleshooting Forza Horizon 4 crashing issue in Windows 10

Before you begin performing any of the outlined solutions, verify and ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Forza Horizon 4. Below is the FH4 minimum system requirements summary, in case you need to review this information:

  • OS : Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher
  • Architecture : x64
  • Keyboard : Integrated Keyboard
  • Mouse : Integrated Mouse
  • DirectX : DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
  • Memory : 8 GB
  • Video Memory : 2 GB
  • Processor : Intel i3-4170 @ 3.7Ghz OR Intel i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz
  • Graphics : NVidia 650TI OR AMD R7 250x

There are many different ways to access the system properties of a Windows 10 computer. You can open the Start menu then type This PC. Click This PC on the search result. On the succeeding window, click Properties. You’ll be routed straight to the About menu of System settings. Just review the Device specifications and Windows specifications. To view more system settings details, click Advanced system settings on the right pane under Related settings. Doing so opens the System Properties window where you can view more details about the computer, hardware information from the Device Manager.

After confirming that all minimum system requirements for Forza Horizon 4 are met, you may start troubleshooting the main problem.

First solution: Quit the game then restart your computer.

If this is the first time you faced a crashing problem while playing Forza Horizon 4 on your computer, it could be just a random glitch affecting the Windows OS and certain apps. The easiest way to rectify random system glitches like this is to restart the computer.

Just reboot the computer like you normally do and then retry launching the game to see if the problem is gone. 

If the game continues to crash after rebooting the system, then you can proceed and try the next applicable method.

Second solution: Turn off Microphone for Forza Horizon 4

Some players who faced the same problem have later found that disabling the microphone for Forza Horizon 4 has stopped the game from crashing. For some reason, enabling the microphone for the game somehow makes it unstable and thus, it randomly crashes. To rule this out, manage Windows settings to disable the microphone for FH 4. Here’s how:

  • Press the Win + I keys on the keyboard simultaneously to launch the Windows Settings. 
  • On the Windows settings menu, click Privacy.
  • Click Microphone on the left pane, under App permissions.
  • Then, toggle to turn off the switch next to Forza Horizon 4. That should disable the microphone for the game.

After making changes to the system settings, restart your computer and then relaunch Forza Horizon 4 to see if the problem is fixed.

Third solution: Disable security software.

Antivirus software and firewall connections can also be the main culprits. These tools typically interfere with certain applications when security risks are detected from launching them. As a result, the application/program may not be able to launch or may launch but is unstable. To make sure this isn’t causing Forza Horizon 4 to crash, try to disable any firewall or antivirus software on your computer.

While the security tools are disabled, retry running the game. If it doesn’t crash while the antivirus or firewall is turned off, then it means that you need to reconfigure your security settings to set exceptions for Forza Horizon 4.

Fourth: Disable Conflicting Software Apps

Disabling any software apps that can cause conflict to Forza Horizon 4 can also help prevent the game from crashing. Among the conflicting software applications that you need to consider ruling out are the following:

  • Logitech G Hub
  • MSI Afterburner / Riva Tuner Statistics Server
  • EVGA Precision
  • OBS
  • Xsplit
  • Discord
  • MacType
  • Warsaw Banking App
  • Wallpaper Engine
  • A-Volute Sound studio
  • Nahimic Audio
  • Sonic Audio

Disabling game mode in Windows and closing any overclocking, hardware monitoring, streaming, recording, and any unnecessary apps while playing Forza Horizon 4 is also recommended to ensure successful game play.

Fifth solution: Reset Forza Horizon 4

Resetting and reverting Forza Horizon 4 to its default settings can also help resolve performance issues including random crashes. To do this, you will need to reset the game on your computer system. This reset does not affect any saved data so you won’t lose any important files in the process. Only the game will be reverted back to its original configuration. Should you wish to proceed, just follow these steps:

  • Launch the Start menu then type Apps.
  • Click App Settings from the search result.
  • On the succeeding screen (Windows Settings), click Apps then select Apps & Features.
  • Select Forza Horizon 4 and click Advanced Options.
  • To reset the game, click on the Reset button.

After resetting the game, restart the computer and then launch Forza Horizon 4 again to see if that fixed the problem.

Other Suggestions

Re-enable FH4 as background app. If the crashing occurs when suspending and resuming, chances are that the Forza Horizon 4 is disabled as a background app. In this case, you just need to enable the game. Here’s how:

  • Launch the Start menu then type Privacy.
  • Click Privacy settings on the search result to access and change privacy options.
  • Scroll down and click Background apps under App Permissions.
  • Then, find Forza Horizon 4 and select the slider to turn it ON.

FH4 patch. Installing the latest game patch can also help solve the problem if in-game bugs are to blame. Developers of the game typically roll out periodic patches to eliminate existing bugs and to keep the game stable and optimized. If a new patch is available for Forza Horizon 4, install it then try to see if that fixes the problem.

Also ensure that the date and time settings on your computer are correct. Incorrect or invalid date and time information may also affect overall performance of the game.

Update/reinstall graphics card drivers. To rule out a faulty graphics driver from the underlying cause, updating or reinstalling drivers is also recommended. Just access the Device Manager and locate the graphics card driver in use. Right-click on it then click Update. To reinstall the driver, right-click then click Uninstall. Restart the computer and wait for it to find and install the required driver for the system.

Hope this helps!

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