How To Fix COD Black Ops Cold War Connection Errors | NEW in 2024!

One of the biggest releases this year is a Call Of Duty franchise. And as expected, many players are reporting connection errors and problems Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War at this time. 

In this guide, we’ll show you why connection problems is common place in this game as well as some of the known effective ways to fix them.

Why you are having connection errors on Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

There is no single reason why there’s a huge number of people having trouble connecting to COD Black Ops Cold War game. Some may encounter connection errors due to server problems while others may have it because of problems in their own home network. 

Let’s discuss each of the known reasons for connection issues on COD Black Ops Cold War.

Server problems.

A huge number of people will encounter server troubles throughout the game’s existence. This is unavoidable for almost popular online games such as the Call Of Duty franchise. If you are unable to play online or with your friends, you must check first if there’s any on-going server issues that might be causing it.

Local network issues.

The other common reason for connection problems for this game may not be game servers but your own home internet connection. Be sure to check if you have any internet connection, or to verify if your connection is slow or keeps dropping. Any of these things can impact the online performance of shooting games like Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Wifi signal interference.

Ideally, you should only be using wired connection when gaming but if you rely on wifi for your internet needs, whether you’re on PC or console, it’s also a good point to check if there’s a possibility of signal interference.

Wireless connection is more prone to signal interference so online games may suffer from server disconnection, lag, high ping or latency. 

Account issues.

For some, the main reason for their connection issues with Black Ops Cold War may be account-related. This means that there’s no server or home internet connection problems at all but the account they’re using to play the game may be banned, logged out, or incorrect.

How to fix COD Black Ops Cold War connection errors

Below are the fixes that you can try if you are experiencing connection errors or issues when playing Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Install updates.

The game won’t allow you to play online if it’s not up-to-date. However, if you are playing on PC, there are other things that you should update aside from the game itself. 

The following must be updated to keep the software environment of your PC in top shape:

  • Other games, 
  • Third party applications, 
  • drivers, and 
  • software OS.

Verify game servers are up-and-running.

Many players will encounter connection errors due to COD Black Ops Cold War server issues. 

To check for possible server glitches at this time, you can visit the official Activision support site:

Once you’re in the site, make sure that you check the status indicator for your platform. If it’s not green, or if there’s an alert or message, there may be on-going connection error.

Troubleshoot your own internet connection.

If there’s no known server issue but you are still having a hard time connecting to COD Black Ops Cold War game, other factors might be at play. One of these factors can be your own internet connection at home. 

There are three major events that can cause connection issues when playing COD Black Ops Cold War online:

  • no internet connection,
  • slow connection, or
  • intermittent connection

Power cycle the router.

If there’s no internet connection problem coming from your ISP’s end, this means that you probably have a good connection at home but the router has probably become unresponsive. This can happen if the router is left running for a long time. We recommend that you turn off the router and unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds to refresh its system.

Check for slow or intermittent connection.

Another thing that you can do is to check if your home network is causing lag, high ping or latency whenever you play online with COD Black Ops Cold War. 

This can happen if you have a slow or constantly disconnecting internet. To troubleshoot any of these problems, we recommend that you get assistance from your Internet Service Provider.

Check the bandwidth.

If there are too many devices using your home network at the same time, this can cause your console or PC to have low bandwidth while you’re playing. Try to disconnect other devices from your network and see if that will fix your connection error on Black Ops Cold War.

Use wired connection.

If you play on wireless connection instead of a wired setup, there’s a chance that you may be experiencing signal interference. If possible, try to connect your PC or console by ethernet directly to the router and see if there’s a difference. 

If wired connection is impossible, consider moving your PC or console near the router. Thick walls, other wireless devices, and your neighbors wifi networks can potentially hamper the performance of your wifi.

Check if you’re signed in to a correct account.

If nothing has worked so far, the last thing that you can do is to check if you are signed in to the correct account that purchased the game. This is especially important if you play COD Black Ops Cold War on If needed, try signing out and signing back in to see if that will make a difference.

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