Cannot Upload Photos to Facebook from Galaxy S20 [Quick Fixes]

Uploading photos on Facebook is a straightforward process given the app’s very user-friendly interface. Nonetheless, there are also many factors that can make such a simple procedure a bit strenuous. To give you some input, I’ve lined up a few simple procedures that are likewise deemed potential solutions to a relevant issue on the Facebook app for Android, particularly Samsung Galaxy S20. Read on to find out what methods you can try on your end if you cannot upload photos to Facebook from your galaxy s20 handset.

Possible causes

The following are the usual causes of mobile upload errors on Facebook. These are also the common factors that you should consider ruling out when attempting to resolve the issue on your new Android smartphone:

  • Internet problems – when your phone is experiencing slow connection, intermittent or no internet connection at all.
  • In-app glitches – when the Facebook app is enduring some random errors and unable to process upload requests at the moment.
  • Not supported file size and format – when the images you’re trying to upload are not supported or the image file is way too big and exceeds the maximum file size limit for Facebook photo upload.
  • Server issues – when the Facebook server itself is having some technical issues or undergoing scheduled system maintenance, resulting in temporary unavailability of upload services.

Some people who encountered this problem have figured that the photo they’re trying to upload is somehow corrupted and therefore could not be uploaded.

What to do if you cannot upload photos on Facebook from your Galaxy S20?

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Ruling out the possible causes can be the key to resolving the issue for as long as it’s not the Facebook server’s fault. If you’re willing to troubleshoot, try to work on the following.

  1. Check and manage your internet connection.

    Internet connectivity issues are usually the main reason as to why online services would suddenly stop working as intended. That being said, this could likewise be the underlying cause of the problem. To clear this out, open your browser then try navigating through different websites and see if these sides load up. Launching other internet-based apps can also help you determine whether or not your phone has stable internet access.
    If the websites or apps take so long to load up or don’t load up at all, that denotes your internet connection is the problem. In that case, refreshing the Wi-Fi network or rebooting the modem or wireless router can help solve the problem. 
    The internet connection can suddenly get sluggish or intermittent if the modem or wireless router is experiencing random firmware glitches. This is the main reason why it’s imperative to reboot or power cycle the modem or wireless router from time to time.
    To power cycle the modem/router, you will need to turn it off and then unplug it from the power source for about a minute or two. After the elapsed time, plug it back in and then turn it on again.
    This process gives the network equipment a quick breather and thereby refreshes the internet connection.
    If you can’t reach the modem or router at the moment, turning the phone’s wireless feature off and on can be an alternative solution. You can toggle the Wi-Fi switch off for a few seconds and then toggle it back on again. Or you can also carry out the Airplane mode trick.

    cannot upload photos to facebook from galaxy s20 - refresh internet

  2. Check the size and format of your photo.

    Facebook recommends uploading photos under 15MB. If the photo or image file you’re trying to upload exceeds the recommended file size, then that’s likely the cause of the problem. 
    Aside from the file size, file format of the photo is also another factor that you should consider checking on. BMP, GIF, IFF,PSD, TIF, WEBP, WBMP, PNG, JPG and JPEG images are among the supported file formats in Facebook.
    If you’re worried about the image quality, you can set your Facebook uploads to be high-resolution. This can be achieved by configuring the settings on your Facebook account to always upload photos in HD format.
    Just open your Facebook account Menu then navigate to Settings & Privacy-> Settings-> Media and Contacts-> Videos and Photos menu and then toggle the switch to enable the Upload HD feature.
    If you’re trying to upload a lot of photos, you can use any image editing tools to convert those photos into a single image, usually in the form of collage.

    cannot upload photos to facebook from galaxy s20 - file size format

  3. Force close Facebook app.

    Like any other apps, the Facebook app can also experience random flaws due to many reasons. When that happens, expect the app to misbehave. To clear out random in-app glitches that might have ruined Facebook’s uploading function, force close the app and then restart it.
    To force close Facebook on your Galaxy S20, go to Settings-> Apps menu then select Facebook from the list of apps. From the Facebook app menu, scroll down to the bottom-right corner then tap the Force stop icon. This will force the app to end or quit.
    After ending the app, restart your phone to clear out any random system errors that might have caused minor app glitches.

    cannot upload photos to facebook from galaxy s20 - force close

  • Android 10
  • One UI 2.0 and later
  • Galaxy S20

Clearing the app cache and data or updating the Facebook app can also be deemed among other potential solutions should in-app bugs and errors be the underlying cause.

Temporary files that are stored as cache can sometimes make the app become erratic. Clearing app cache and data should be able to address this issue.

In the case where in-app bugs are the main culprits, updating the app can be the key to fixing it. App updates released periodically usually embed essential patches to fix existing bugs that caused random to frequent app malfunctions.

Still cannot upload photos to Facebook from your Galaxy S20?

If none of the above solutions worked, then there’s a higher chance that the problem is with the Facebook server. In this case, you can give it another try at a later time. Otherwise, try contacting the Facebook help center for further assistance.

Hope this helps!

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