How To Fix Borderlands 3 Keeps Crashing On Xbox One

Borderlands 3 is one of the most popular games today, especially for Xbox One users, but unfortunately, there are gamers reporting that it keeps crashing. If you are experiencing this problem on your console too, follow the steps in this guide to fix it.

Reasons why Borderlands 3 (BL3) crashes your Xbox One to the Home Screen

Below are the common reasons why your Borderlands game is crashing. 

Random game bug.

Some Borderland players have noticed that when the game freezes, all they need to do to get it back working is to just leave the game do its thing for a few moments. If your BL3 game lags or freezes from time to time, try not to press any button and to let the game run its course. The console may may be simply running out of memory temporarily, or there may be a bug that causes the processes to slow down.

Minor console glitch.

Even well-maintained consoles can encounter bugs from time to time. The problems may show in different manners due to a number of factors and there’s often no way of knowing if it’s a serious issue. Some consoles may freeze, crash, or perform poorly. Some may appear to be only problematic with a specific game. Although majority of gamers will experience minor annoyances at most, some may not be so lucky. For example, Borderlands 3 crashing appears to be more common in Xbox One X than the original Xbox One consoles. Microsoft and Gearbox Software don’t have an official explanation why this is so but there are a lot of anecdotal reports about this particular phenomenon.

Corrupted cache.

Sometimes, your Xbox One crashes unexpectedly due to an outdated or corrupted set of temporary files called cache. Clearing the cache is usually done to fix the issue. Don’t worry, the console will rebuild its cache over time so this can be done whenever one of your games crashes.

Game disc issue.

A scratched, cracked, or dirty game disc can prevent the optical drive from getting the necessary information, which may cause the console to abort the process. In some instances, such lack of necessary information can lead to random crashes. You can avoid game crashes by making sure that you only use a good, clean game disc every time.

Unknown console problem.

Some game crashes can be caused by a fault within the console itself. The fault can generally be hardware or software in nature depending. If it’s a software glitch, there may be a cache problem, or the system software may be outdated or corrupted. In some situations, modding or unauthorized modification of the software can lead to coding issues. 

Console hardware problems are the more difficult scenario to deal with and is often only fixed by having the console repaired. If your Xbox One is not reading a game, there’s a chance that you may have a problem with the disc drive. 

Troubleshooting Borderlands 3 that keeps crashing on Xbox One

You’ll need to do these solutions to fix the issue on your level. 

  1. Clean the game disc.

    Get a clean, microfiber cloth or any soft cloth and wipe surface of the game disc. Make sure that you wipe the disc from the inside to outside direction. If the game disc is cracked or scratched, this may be the reason why Borderlands 3 crashes. Try playing the disc in another Xbox One and see if the problem continues. If it does, you have a game disc issue at hand. Replace the damaged disc if the issue keeps happening.clean game disc

  2. Reboot the Xbox One console.

    Game crashes can sometimes be fixed by doing a simple troubleshooting step: restart. Sometimes, all it needs for a console to read a disc again is a complete system refresh. Make sure that you power cycle your Xbox One if it’s still not reading your games. To do that, just press and hold the Xbox button in the console for about 10 seconds. Once the console has powered down, press the Xbox button again to turn it back on.Xbox One front panel

  3. Clear corrupted cache.

    If Borderlands 3 still keeps crashing at this point, you can also try to clear the cache. This is an effective troubleshooting step for this type of problem for many games. Here’s what you need to do:
    -On your Xbox, press and hold the Xbox button until the light behind it turns off (about 5 seconds). This should turn off the console.
    -After your Xbox has powered down, unplug the power cord and wait 2 minutes.
    -Plug all the cables back in and power on the Xbox One.
    These steps should clear the system, cache, and the network card.
    Xbox One X back panel

  4. Delete the game and reinstall.

    If the solutions above won’t help, you can also erase the game from the system and reinstall it. Once the game has been reinstalled, make sure to redownload all the game add ons or DLCs (downloadable contents) before testing the game again.Borderlands 3

Have the console checked: Repair

Should none of our solutions above help, there might be a hardware problem with the device. If the console is also crashing when playing other games, you have to send it in for repair. Contact Microsoft for help in setting up repair.

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