Easy Ways To Fix A PS4 Not Reading Discs | Unrecognized Disc Error

Is there anything that you can do if your PS4 is not reading your game discs? The answer to the question really depends on what is causing the problem. If the cause is software-related, you’ll most likely fix the issue on your level. However, if it’s due to a hardware malfunction like a failed optical drive, repair will be needed. 

This troubleshooting guide will show you the things that you must do in order to identify the cause of your problem.

Causes why a PS4 may not read discs

When it comes to troubleshooting this type of issue, you won’t normally know the cause of the problem unless you perform some troubleshooting steps. There can be a number of factors that you need to consider when trying to fix a PS4 that won’t read discs. In general, it can either be a hardware or software issue. 

Below are some of the known common causes why this issue happens. 

Minor console bug. 

Some PS4 consoles may not read discs due to random bugs that might occur. These bugs usually develop when a console is left running for an extended period. What you can do to check if there’s indeed a temporary bug is to reboot the PS4. If the console is back to its normal operation after that, then you know the issue is probably minor. 

Game disc problem.

A PS4’s optical drive may not be able to scan and get the information from a disc if its dirty or has scratches. Make sure that the disc you’re trying to play is cleaned and has no scratches. While tiny scratches are generally okay, cracks or big, deep scratches can mean that the disc is damaged. In this state, the optical drive won’t be able to get the information it needs to play a game or continue doing its task.

Software glitch.

Some cases of PS4 not reading discs issues are due to an unknown software bug. This can sometimes happen after a system update or a game update. 

Outdated system software may also be a cause for some bugs so be sure to never skip system updates if they become available.

Bad hardware.

A PS4’s disc drive can malfunction if the console is exposed to elements such as heat, moisture, or physical abuse. If your console has been accidentally dropped, or shows signs of hardware damage, its optical drive may be affected. If your PS4 keeps ejecting discs, or won’t eject a disc that’s stuck inside, it’s a different issue that requires another set of troubleshooting steps.

Potential solutions to fixing PS4 disc read error or issue

The following are the troubleshooting steps that you must do in order to fix the problem.

  1. Take note of the error code.

    If there’s an error message or code that shows when your PS4 fails to read a game disc, make sure that you take note of it. Some error codes may indicate that there’s no problem with the console and the issue lies with the game or with the server.
    You can also do a quick Google search about the particular error code to know what it means.unrecognized disc error

  2. Make sure to clean the game disc.

    This may sound simple enough but many gamers usually forego checking the state of their game discs before inserting them. Try rubbing down dirt or dust from the surface of the disc using a clean, soft cloth. If you have a microfiber cloth, we suggest that you use that instead. Do the wiping gently and make sure to check for cracks.clean PS4 game disc

  3. Reboot the PS4.

    You can also power cycle the console when dealing with this problem. Shut down the PS4 and disconnect the AC cord and all other cables from the console. Once the console is powered down, wait for at least 2 minutes before reconnecting everything back. Then, check for the problem and see if your PS4 still keeps ejecting discs.PS4 Power button 1

  4. Update on Safe Mode.

    You want to ensure that the software of your console is fully updated by running it on safe mode and updating it from there. Here’s how:
    -Shut down the console by pressing the Power button on the front panel. Wait for the power indicator to blink a few times.
    -Once the console is fully off, press and hold the power button. Release it after you’ve heard two beeps: one when you initially press, and another 7 seconds later.
    -Connect the DualShock4 controller with the provided USB cable and press the PS button.
    -If Safe Mode launched successfully, select Option 3Update System Software.safe mode

Get help from Sony: Repair

If none of the solutions above won’t help, you can assume that your console may have a hardware issue. The optical drive may have stopped working. Unfortunately, this type of hardware failure requires parts replacement. Visit your nearest Sony Store or Service Center for assistance.

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