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Samsung Will Update Its 2018 and 2019 Flagships to One UI 2.1

A moderator for Samsung Korea’s community forum has mentioned that the company will send out the One UI 2.1 update to phones like the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, as well as the Galaxy Note 10. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the update will be sent out to the aforementioned phones. Among

factory reset galaxy s20 delete all

How To Factory Reset Galaxy S20

It is important that you know how to factory reset Galaxy S20, or any smartphone for that matter, because problems occur every now and then even to high-end devices.  No matter what the problem is, you can always expect that a factory reset will fix it, especially if it’s not really that serious.  The procedure

How To Pair A PS4 Wireless Controller With Galaxy S10

You can now easily connect a PS4 Wireless Controller to your Galaxy S10, or any Android smartphone for that matter. Once both devices are paired, you can enjoy playing with games that allow use of controllers and one of them is Call Of Duty: Mobile. While not all mobile gamers may find this helpful, console

enable developer mode galaxy s10 build

How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy S10

Users who like to play with the settings of their phones should be able to appreciate the importance of the Developer Options on their smartphones. In this post, I will show you how to enable the developer mode on Galaxy S10 so that you’d be able to enjoy tinkering your device to your satisfaction. Google

reset all settings galaxy s10 reset button

How to Reset All Settings on Galaxy S10

You only need to reset all settings on your Galaxy S10 if there’s a problem with its performance but don’t want to lose the files that are stored in its internal storage.  Doing this procedure will bring your phone back to its factory default settings without deleting your personal files and data.  If you think

force restart galaxy s10

How to Force Restart Galaxy S10

The Forced Restart is the easiest troubleshooting procedure you can always use if you encounter issues with your phone. Even high-end devices like the Galaxy S10 and its variants may develop problems every now and then. But more often than not, those problems are not that serious and can be fixed by this method. That’s

hard reset galaxy s10 factory data reset

How To Hard Reset Galaxy S10 (Android 10)

Aside from the usual factory reset, you can also master reset or hard reset Galaxy S10. It will give you the same effects and benefits.  The only difference between these two methods is how they’re done. While the factory reset requires your phone to be working with accessible Settings menu, the hard reset can be

factory reset galaxy s10 data reset

How To Factory Reset Galaxy S10 (Android 10 One UI 2.0)

There are two types of reset you can do on your Galaxy S10–Factory Reset and Master Reset. In this post, we will show the former so that you will be guided properly should you need to do it if you encounter issues with your phone.  You will only be able to do this procedure if

Wireless Charging Not Working Android 10

S10 Wireless Charging Not Working After Android 10 Update

If you are fond of using wireless charging instead of the regular wired cable charging, you may worry a bit knowing that some S10 users have encountered a problem with it after updating. This post will walk you through the troubleshooting of wireless charging not working issue in the Galaxy S10 after an Android 10

S10 Charging Problems Android 10

How To Fix S10 Charging Problems After Android 10 Update

Charging problems is a common situation for many smartphones. In this troubleshooting post, you’ll learn what to do if faced with charging problems on a Galaxy S10 after installing Android 10 update. We single out Android 10 in this guide as we’ve been getting complaints from some S10 users at this time about this problem.

S10 Random Restart Android 10

How To Fix S10 Random Restart After Android 10 Update

Android problems tend to return time and time again, especially those that are tied to major software updates. One such issue is random reboot problem. If your Galaxy S10 appears to have random restart issue right after an Android 10 update, you’ll have to troubleshoot your device to know what is causing it. This troubleshooting

S10 Email Crashing Android 10

How To Fix S10 Email Crashing After Android 10 Update

Your S10 comes with the default Samsung Email app. For millions of users, this is their main email client as well. It is therefore not surprising to know that a lot of S10 users complain about this app not working properly after updating their device. This troubleshooting article will help those folks who are having

S10 Notification Problems Android 10

How To Fix S10 Notification Problems After Android 10 Update

One of the common problems in many Android devices following the installation of the latest Android is about notifications. In this troubleshooting post, we’ll show you the solutions that you can do if you have notification problems on your Galaxy S10 after Android 10 update. Causes of notification problems on the S10 after Android 10

S10 Smart Switch Crashing Android 10

How To Fix S10 Smart Switch Crashing After Android 10 Update

The latest Android 10 update on the Galaxy S10 has been generally successful but some users have complained that some of their apps like the first party Smart Switch kept crashing on them. We’d like to tackle this particular issue right away since it involves a first party app, which means that a lot of

S10 Chrome Problems Android 10 Update

How To Fix S10 Chrome Problems After Android 10 Update

There has been a growing list of problems reported by Android community around the world following the release of Android 10. In this troubleshooting post, we’ll show you what you can do if you encounter Google Chrome problems on your Galaxy S10 after installation of Android 10 update. Causes of Google Chrome Problems on Galaxy

S10 Instagram Problems Android 10 Update

How To Fix S10 Instagram Problems After Android 10 Update

We’ve been receiving reports of some Galaxy S10 devices having Instagram problems after installing Android 10 update. With millions of Samsung Galaxy S10 owners that are also active Instagram users, this is an issue that we can’t ignore so we decided to come up with this troubleshooting article. We hope that this will serve as

S10 Camera Problems Android 10 Update

How To Fix S10 Camera Problems After Android 10 Update

A number of Galaxy S10 owners have recently complained about camera problems following an Android 10 update. The issues vary, from camera app crashing infrequently to images being blurry. While we believe that some of these reports may have nothing to do with Android 10 update at all, some may be valid. In this troubleshooting