Refunds on Google Play Will Now Take Longer Than Usual

There are millions of customers buying apps and other products on Google’s Play Store. If you don’t like something you purchased or are expecting a refund, the issue would normally be resolved in about 15 minutes. Google has now made some changes to its official support page which now reads “It can take up to four business days to get a decision.”

There’s no information as to what prompted the change from Google, but it seems like an estimate more than an actual figure. With that being said, Google now has a valid excuse to wait until four days to resolve your refund query. It is further mentioned that the delays could be mostly due to registering refund requests on weekends or holidays.

The bright side to this is that Google may now carefully assess each case individually and use its customer support resources to hasten up the process. While refunds almost always go smoothly, there have been multiple instances where customers’ requests were denied by Google. Perhaps this move will help Google make good on its promises to the customers.

Refund requests can be raised when you’ve been charged for a service or in-app purchase that you didn’t like or didn’t intend to pay for. While plenty of users find loopholes to exploit this, Google is mostly prompt with its responses.

Do you think four business days is a long time to wait to get your refund? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Google Support

Via: Android Authority

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