[Video] Galaxy S10 Spotted Running Android 10 with Samsung’s New One UI 2.0

With Android 10 now officially confirmed to be the next major version of Android (previously known as Android Q), we figured there might be a bit of waiting before seeing it in action. Well, thanks to a Brazilian YouTuber named Dudu Rocha, we can now get a sense of what Samsung intends to do with its Android 10 update, while also showing off the company’s new One UI 2.0. It is currently being speculated that Samsung will show off this new UI at the Samsung Developer Conference in October.

Unfortunately, the video uploaded by the Rocha is in Portuguese, so it’s hard to understand what he’s saying even with translating options. However, the video gives us a very good idea of what to expect from Samsung’s next biggest OS release.

The changes on board here are mostly visual, while it seems like Samsung is also playing around with a few new gestures, including the new native screen recording feature which can be found on the Galaxy Note 10. The company is also adding some native Android 10 gestures to this UI, although it seems like users can just as easily revert back to Samsung’s own gestures.

While there’s no official confirmation from Samsung about this leak, there’s no credible reason to doubt its authenticity. It’s no secret that several manufacturers in addition to Samsung are already developing their Android 10 builds, so it’s very likely that one of those builds made it out of the company’s confines. At this point, there’s no way to download this particular Android 10 build for your Galaxy S10 or Note 10, so all we can do is wait. In the meanwhile, check out the video demo of Android 10 with One UI 2.0.

YouTube video

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Central

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