Huawei’s foldable phone delayed until September

There are some neat innovations and technologies happening today, and one of those advances is in foldable displays. However, they’re presumably a little more difficult to nail, with Samsung and now Huawei with the Mate X experiencing all sorts of delays.

The delay of the Mate X may not be due to any sort of quality defect in the phone. In fact, CNBC reports that Huawei decided to delay the phone in the wake of the Galaxy Fold issues.

Instead, they’re going to take this time to “improve the quality of the folding screen.” They certainly don’t want to experience the same turmoil that Samsung is currently running through.

There are no doubt some other factors in play here, too. The United States recently put Huawei on a blacklist, so delaying this until September — when Huawei can figure out if the blacklist will stay or not — would make sense. Not to mention that their own operating system isn’t even ready yet.

YouTube video

source: CNBC

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