WhatsApp allows users to now send cryptocurrency

While the thought of cryptocurrency was once bizarre (and some would still consider it as such to this day), there’s no doubt that over the next 10-20 years, this digital currency will only continue to normalize across the world.

Most recently, Zulu Republic announced that WhatsApp received an update so that users can send and receive cryptocurrency through the app. While Bitcoin and Litecoin are the only cryptocurrencies available to be sent/received through the app at this time, we know it will only expand from here.

There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency as a whole is a hot topic right now. With Facebook’s future coin, “Libra” recently being leaked, on top of a growing curiosity throughout the world, there’s plenty of buzz where this alternative currency is concerned. However, the whole idea is still fairly new, as it wasn’t launched until 2009. And with all new things, it has quite a ways to go before it can be utilized on a daily basis, let alone widely viewed as socially acceptable.

That being said, this integration with WhatsApp is an important part of the journey, bringing us yet another step closer to a more unified, innovative world.

source: Zulu Republic

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