How To Fix Moisture Detected Error On Samsung Galaxy

Are you getting “moisture detected” error on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet? That’s probably due to traces of water or liquid in the charging port. All you have to do to fix it is to dry the device.

Water naturally evaporates after several hours so leaving your phone in room temperature can do the trick after wiping it dry with a towel. If that doesn’t work though, you’ll have to do some other tricks.

This troubleshooting guide will give you other options that you can try if normal drying won’t suffice.

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Troubleshooting “Moisture detected” error on Samsung Galaxy

Time Needed : 8 minutes

There are a number of possible causes for moisture detected error in Samsung Galaxy devices. Learn how to fix this problem by following this guide.

  1. Dry the device.

    Majority of moisture detected cases that we encountered are caused by a wet device. If there’s a chance that your device may be exposed to water or moisture, or if you are in a humid location, you should do some effort to dry your phone. Even a tiny amount of moisture in the charging port may trigger this error and block the device from taking a charge. You can dry the device by wiping it with a clean,soft cloth first. If that won’t get rid of the error, try shaking the phone gently so water gets out of the port. This is necessary if you used the device in a pool or ocean.wipe device e1585714185681

  2. Try home remedies.

    If wiping and shaking the phone won’t dry the phone totally, there are two simple ways to remove moisture albeit inefficiently. We suggest that you try these remedies if you have time to wait. The first one is by using uncooked rice. After wiping the device dry, put it inside a container and cover it with rice. Make sure that uncooked rice covers the device fully to “bury” in the container. Then, leave it at that state for at least 40 hours or longer. This should be enough time to allow rice to absorb moisture from the port. Make sure to seal the container throughout this process. Alternatively, you can use several packs of silica gel instead of rice. You can get silica gel from your local crafts store. This is a more effective way to get rid of moisture from your phone. Again, make sure to seal the container before leaving the device in there for at least 48 hours.dry with rice 1

  3. Let a professional dry the device.

    If you have no time to do the remedies, or if the error seem to persist even after attempts to dry it, you can seek help from professionals. Visit your local electronics repair shop and see if they can help with drying the phone for you. They can make use of a special tool to dry your phone and check the status of the charging port faster.professional tools e1585714459687

  4. Check the charging port.

    Damage to the charging port can also trigger moisture detected error in some few cases. You can inspect the port for visible damage to the connectors inside using a magnifying glass. This may be important especially if you are positive that your device has never been exposed to water or liquid. The charging port may be damaged if you are not careful with how you insert or remove the charging cable. If there’s too much mobility when you wiggle the cable while charging, there may be a hardware malfunction in the port.charging port 2

  5. Charge device while it’s off.

    Some Samsung Galaxy users were able to fix moisture detected error before by doing a simple step: turning off device when charging. If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s worth doing now. Turn off the phone and let it charge for at least 30 minutes. Afterwards, turn it back on and use it normally. If the error won’t show up again, then the bug is probably temporary and may be triggered by a software glitch.charge device 1

  6. Check for rogue app.

    A bad third party app can sometimes interfere with Android and cause a problem. To check for a possible app issue, restart the device to safe mode. All third party apps can not run on safe mode so if your Samsung Galaxy does not have moisture detected error on safe mode, one of the installed apps must be to mode window 2 e1586088701831

  7. Reset software settings to defaults.

    Some Android problems including this error may require a factory reset. That’s because the cause of the problem lies deep within the software. If none of the solutions above has not helped so far, consider wiping the device by performing a factory reset. Factory reset will erase your personal data so make sure to back them up ahead of time.Delete all 3 e1586088749494

  8. Workaround: use wireless charging

    Moisture detected error only shows up if you try wired cable charging. If you have a wireless charging capable handset, try topping up the battery wirelessly instead. This can be a good alternative to keep the device alive while you’re trying to figure out a permanent solution. Wireless charging is significantly slower than wired charging but it’s also a convenient option for you. Make sure that you only use a Samsung charger, or a Samsung compatible one.wireless charging e1585714955349

  9. Get your handset repaired.

    For some rare cases, moisture detected error may persist even after doing all the solutions in this guide. This can mean that there’s a hardware malfunction inside the device. To get the phone fixed, you’ll have to get help from Samsung. Contact your local Samsung Service Center so you’ll know what your repair options

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