What to do if Galaxy Tab A screen is cracked | damaged screen or unresponsive touchscreen

One of the most frustrating issues to deal with is screen damage. If your Galaxy Tab A screen is cracked and you have no idea how to go about it, this post might help. If you’re wondering if a factory reset might fix a physically damaged screen, we’re sorry to disappoint you. There’s no amount of software tweak that you can do if bad hardware is to blame. This article is here to help point on what direction to take. If the screen is badly damaged and you want a permanent fix, then you’ll have to spend for repair.

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What to do if Galaxy Tab A screen is cracked | damaged screen or unresponsive touchscreen

If you have a Galaxy Tab A cracked screen, the way to proceed is Samsung repair. However, if you want to know other options for you, let this article educate you.

Galaxy Tab A screen cracked screen fix #1: Check for hardware damage

The Galaxy Tab A screen won’t crack on its own. If you are dealing with this problem right now, the most likely reason must be bad hardware. That can usually come about if the screen is hit by hard object or if by accidental fall. In some cases, the screen may resist any damage and a phone may go unscath. If you are unlucky and the screen no longer works normally after a potential hardware damage situation, the first thing that you want to do is to check if there’s visible crack, dent, or damage on the screen. If the Galaxy Tab A screen is cracked but touchscreen functionality is otherwise working normally, make sure that you save whatever important files you may have. This is to ensure that such irreplaceable data is copied to another device as a backup in case your tablet suddenly stops working. 

As regards the physically broken screen, a permanent solution that you can do is to have it replaced. There’s no software solution for a badly damaged screen. 

Galaxy Tab A screen cracked screen fix #2: Use tape to keep it together

If the Galaxy Tab A screen has minimal crack or damage, you can keep it that way by doing a simple remedy. The screen on your tablet is made of glass so if you’re not careful, the crack may widen or go bigger. What you can do to prevent this is by using a tape near the damaged or cracked portion. Cracks may be directional so if there’s a clear indication that a crack is developing towards a particular direction, you can act on it by applying the necessary pressure. The rule is to prevent the crack from getting bigger if you need to put a tape all around, do it. You may need to apply tape on the edges to achieve this. 

The thin layer on top of the screen is called a digitizer and it is usually the first one to go bad if there’s a crack. The digitizer is a sensor that reads your finger taps so the system can interpret it as a command. This is one of the major components on your screen assembly. If your phone no longer detects your fingers, the digitizer may be seriously broken. Unfortunately, once this occurs, there’s usually no way to reverse the situation except repair. If the digitizer can no longer read your finger taps, there will be no way for you to interact with the software, making it virtually impossible to use the tablet. Even if the monitor that displays the images is working normally, you still need the digitizer in order to navigate and select options. 

Galaxy Tab A screen cracked screen fix #3: Use screen insurance

As mentioned above, a permanent way to fix a cracked screen issue is only repair or screen replacement. Unfortunately for you, screen repair or replacement is never cheap. This is the reason why investing in a screen insurance is highly recommended for those who can’t safely use their device day in and out. Unlike premium phones, the Galaxy Tab A may not have a limited time screen insurance. The Galaxy S10 series was offered a free screen replacement for a month when it was released so that was an added bonus from Samsung. It means that if your new Galaxy S10 screen is damaged within a month of buying it, you can have it repaired by Samsung and save up to $200 in fees. We’re not aware of this offering in other Galaxy devices though so you’ll most likely shoulder the entire screen replacement costs. 

For those who are wondering if the screen is covered by the standard 1-year Samsung warranty, the answer is NO. Even if your Galaxy Tab A is still within the standard 1-year warranty, screen replacement is not free at all. You’ll have to pay for both labor and parts during repair so you can expect to spend at least $200 for it. If you have screen insurance on your tablet, this cost can be lessened significantly so be sure to check the documentation that comes with your phone.

If you got your tablet as a second hand device, screen insurance may no longer exists for you. 

Galaxy Tab A screen cracked screen fix #4: Use Samsung repair

The best option that you can do in this situation is to let Samsung repair your phone. Screen repair or replacement is expensive for this device but if you want guaranteed results, you want Samsung do the job. Screen replacement is a delicate operation and if not done properly, may come back and cause continuous problems. If you plan on using your tablet in the long term, make sure that only a Samsung technician touches your device.

Keep in mind that Samsung reserves the right to refuse repair, even if you pay for it, if they think that phone has been tampered with. Repair by third party technician or end user can constitute tampering. If you want to let Samsung do the repair, be sure NOT to open the tablet or allow a third party technician repair it first. In other words, only let Samsung do the check up and repair. 

Galaxy Tab A screen cracked screen fix #5: Get help from independent technician

The only advantage of opting for repair option by an independent technician is lesser cost. Other than that, we won’t ask you to go for it. Although screen repair or replacement may not be rocket science, there’s no guarantee that you can get from third party repair. Some technicians may do sloppy repairs and unfortunately, getting a second repair from third party shops may not be very helpful for some. If you can’t afford the repair cost from Samsung, then you can gamble with third party repair.

Repair done by a non-Samsung technician automatically voids the warranty of your device so only do this if you’re out of options. This means that if a third party technician can’t fix your Galaxy Tab A cracked screen  and you decide to let Samsung do it for you, Samsung won’t allow it. They may even not take a look at your device at all once you mention that it’s been tampered by an independent technician. So, you only want to do this repair option if you are desperate.

Galaxy Tab A screen cracked screen fix #6: Repair it yourself (DIY)

The only worse thing than third party repair is Do-it-yourself repair. Only attempt to repair the screen yourself if you are absolutely out of options. The thing is, DIY screen repair usually ends up badly for most end users. Unless you’ve done this before, or if you can handle delicate electronics repair, never attempt this.

If you want to go ahead and do the repair yourself though, you can make sure of videos and websites that offer guides on how to do it. Just be careful with the entire process in order not to add more damage to the device afterwards. The Galaxy Tab A screen assembly is tightly embedded with the motherboard and any misstep in separating it can damage other components. Even experienced technicians sometimes make mistakes during repair. If you have no experience in repairing electronics before, or if you’re not confident at all that you can follow the instructions, don’t attempt to open the phone yourself. 

One of the myths about DIY screen repairs or replacement is that it’s cheap. Well, it really depends. If you already have the necessary tools at hand, all you need to proceed is buy a new screen, which can still cost you something. Make sure that you only buy an original Samsung Galaxy Tab A screen. Some cheap screen that are available online are of dubious quality so only buy from a trusted store. So, even if you can do the technical details on how to properly remove and replace the parts, you’ll still need to buy the components and the tools or repair kit. Together, they can still cost a significant amount. That and the unguaranteed outcome makes it a less attractive for amateur or inexperienced users to attempt DIY repair. DIY repair option should only be considered if you are totally isolated or can’t afford repair. This is a last ditch effort so you must be prepared to accept the fact that you may end up with a completely dead device. Do it at your own risk!


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