How To Repair Cracked Screen On Samsung Galaxy S9

The most vulnerable part of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the component that projects its beauty–its display. While Samsung did a good job of protecting by using Corning Gorilla Glass 5, glass components are still no match against hard objects. That’s the reason why many Galaxy S9 owners have experienced having cracked screens after their phones were dropped on a hard surface or got hit by something hard.

You have a couple of options to choose from in case you broke your Galaxy S9’s screen; either you purchase a screen replacement kit online or bring the phone to a local shop to have a technician replace the screen for you. The main concern here is, of course, how much would you pay for a screen replacement service? We really can’t give you the exact amount as it varies from shop to shop. But we’re certain it would be cheaper to replace the screen on your own than having to employ the services of a technician.

Repair Galaxy S9 Cracked Screen Yourself

This is the cheapest option as you only have to purchase the screen replacement kit online and tear apart your phone. However, it may not be the best option for you if you haven’t tried tearing down a smartphone before, especially that the Galaxy S9’s components are securely glued together to prevent water and dust from entering and messing up the circuits. You will need specialized tools and steady hands to get the job done correctly, but even so, there’s no guarantee that problems won’t happen.

But should you decide to give DIY screen replacement a go, then you must read the Galaxy S9 teardown instructions so that you would be guided accordingly on which components you need to remove first and whatnot. The best guide we found online so far is from iFixit. You can read the detailed teardown instructions here.

Find Professional Screen Repair Near Me

Smartphones are already a part of our daily routine, and nowadays, we can’t go out without having to bring our phones with us. And since these little computers are so vulnerable, people with sufficient technical know-how set up their shops to provide services to phone owners who are willing to pay to get their defective devices repaired than buy new ones. Smartphone repair is a big industry, so it would be a lot easier to find screen repair shops and technicians near you. Just searching “screen repair near me” on google will give you a ton of options to choose from.

Another option you have, and it’s the more convenient, is to use Amazon’s service where you can book an appointment for their technician to come to your home or any place you want and have your Galaxy S9’s cracked screen repaired or replaced. They charge the same service fee as with local repair technicians. The best part is you don’t have to go out and find the repair shop yourself. We suggest you give it a try as it’s your best option to get your phone’s cracked screen repaired and the quickest and most convenient way.

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