How to fix Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen | solutions to cracked or damaged screen

Dealing with a screen issue can be a difficult situation but don’t worry, this article may help. Even if you take good care of your smartphone, there’s always the potential of accidentally dropping it or hitting it with an object that might cause damage. If your Galaxy Note10+ screen is cracked and you have no idea what to do next, make sure that you read through this post. Keep in mind that there’s no software tweak that can fix a physically damaged screen. This means that you can’t just change some settings or perform a factory reset to fix the problem. You’ll most likely end up with repair but in case you are wondering if there’s anything that you can do before doing that, this article may point you to the right direction.

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How to fix Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen | solutions to cracked or damaged screen

If you have a cracked screen on your Galaxy Note10+, below are the things that you must consider. 

Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen fix #1: Create backup

Let’s be real here. If your Galaxy Note10+ screen is cracked, you have probably dropped the device or damaged it physically. This means that you’ll probably have to get help from somewhere else in order to have the device fixed permanently. This means that you can potentially lose your personal data. It is for this reason that you want to make sure your files are safe before you have the phone repaired or the screen replaced. Fortunately, not every case of cracked screen issue immediately means that the device stops working altogether. In some cases, access to the software may still be possible in some limited manner. If you have some unsaved files that you want to salvage, the very first thing that you want to do is to check if you are still able to transfer files from your phone to another device wirelessly or via cable.

If the touchscreen is still functional, try to see if you can open Smart Switch app and use it to move files to another smartphone or computer.

Alternatively, you can try to move files to your computer using a USB cable that comes with your device.

Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen fix #2: Keep it together

One of the remedies that you can do for a cracked screen situation is to try see if taping the screen works. You want to do this remedy if you’re checking for some level of functionality so you can continue using the device or if you want to create a backup. Try to tape the edges of the screen to keep things together temporarily. The pressure may return some functionality of the screen and allow the digitizer to work in some capacity. The digitizer is a thin layer on top of the monitor, the part the displays images. You’ll need to have a working digitizer in order to send commands to the software. If the digitizer is beyond repair and can no longer detect your finger touches, you’ll lose access to the software. Since your Galaxy Note10+ touchscreen is the only way to interact with Android OS, having a cracked screen is like a death sentence. If you’re lucky though and taping the screen can restore the digitizer to its working condition, even for some time only, you may be able to create a backup and salvage important files.

Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen fix #3: Check for screen insurance

In some regions, Samsung stores may offer free or discounted screen repair for a limited time. If you damaged the screen within this timeframe, you can potentially get a great discount for repair. Check the papers that come with the box to see if you have this coverage. Screen insurance is not offered in all regions so if you’re not sure, visit your local Samsung store where you get the phone from. If your Galaxy Note10+ was purchased from your carrier, make sure to contact them to see if there’s any discount that they offer for screen repair. Some retailers or carriers may offer screen insurance for up to a year. If you have this, contact the store or carrier for details on how to claim it.

Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen fix #4: Samsung repair

Whether the crack on the screen is small or not, the best thing that you can do is to have it replaced. That’s because even a tiny crack can potentially become big over time. If your Galaxy Note10+ has cracked screen issue within the warranty period, which is one year, be sure to let Samsung handle the issue right away. Keep in mind that screen damage is not covered by free repair provision so unless you purchased screen insurance separately, you’ll most probably shell out for the repair fee. Any cosmetic or screen damage is considered customer misuse so it’s not covered by the regular 1-year warranty that came with your electronic device. This means that even if your Note10+ is not over a year old, you will have to shoulder the full payment for the repair. It usually takes over US $200 to have a screen of Galaxy S or Note series device repaired. Screen repair or replacement is expensive but we recommend that you let Samsung do it for you. Get hold of your Samsung representative for the exact amount you’ll have to pay.

Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen fix #5: Third party repair

If you don’t have access to a Samsung Service Center, you can let a third party technician check the hardware for possible other non-screen issues, and for screen replacement. Repair done by a non-Samsung technician automatically voids the warranty of your device so only do this if you’re out of options. This means that if a third party technician can’t fix your Note10+  and you decide to let Samsung do it for you, Samsung won’t allow it. They may even not take a look at your device at all once you mention that it’s been tampered by an independent technician. So, you only want to do this repair option if you are desperate.

Galaxy Note10+ cracked screen fix #6: DIY repair

Some users may opt to do the repair themselves. There are a lot of videos and websites in the internet that can provide the technical steps on how to replace a broken screen. If you want to go this route, this is totally fine. Just remember though that there’s a big chance of you causing more damage to the device afterwards. A lot of amateurs end up messing their phones after a DIY repair. The videos or tutorials may appear easy to follow but the real thing can be very different. The Galaxy Note10+ screen assembly is tightly embedded with the motherboard and any misstep in separating it can damage other components. Even experienced technicians sometimes make mistakes during repair. If you have no experience in repairing electronics before, or if you’re not confident at all that you can follow the instructions, don’t attempt to open the phone yourself.

DIY repair requires experience and training. On top of these, you also need to have the right tools to do the job. So, even if you can do the technical details on how to properly remove and replace the parts, you’ll still need to buy the components and the tools or repair kit. Together, they can still cost a significant amount. That and the unguaranteed outcome makes it a less attractive for amateur or inexperienced users to attempt DIY repair. DIY repair option should only be considered if you are totally isolated or can’t afford repair. This is a last ditch effort so you must be prepared to accept the fact that you may end up with a completely dead device. Do it at your own risk!


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