How To Watch Twitch On Nintendo Switch | Updated Steps [Updated 2023]

The Twitch app is relatively new to Nintendo Switch users as it only became available during November 2021. Just like in other major gaming platforms, the Twitch app on Switch is free. However, you’ll need to have a mobile phone to fully enjoy the full functionalities of the app. If you want to know how to watch Twitch game stream or gameplay on Nintendo Switch, this guide will show you the steps to do that.

Before you download and install the app in your device, just make sure that you already have a Twitch account. If you are yet to create one, just visit their official website to sign up.

What is Twitch?

If you’re into gaming in the last few years, you’ve probably heard about Twitch by now. Twitch, a company owned by Amazon, is one of the biggest gaming streaming platform today but the contents in this platform nowadays are not just limited to gaming.

It’s also a meeting place for people who are into other hobbies playing musical instruments, Esports, IRL (In Real Life) streams, and all sorts of creative art forms.

So, aside from being a popular hangout for gamers who watch game streams, it’s also a place where those who don’t necessarily need to watch game stream can explore other topics like chatting with other streamers, or watching artists perform their craft.

Limitations of the Nintendo Switch Twitch app

Unlike the Twitch app version for PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, the Twitch on Nintendo Switch has limitations. For instance, you cannot simply join a chat with your favorite streamer as this functionality is not supported by the Nintendo Switch Twitch app. 

You cannot also access your Twitch account information on the Nintendo Switch and you’ll need to scan a QR code using your mobile to do that and other things.

Nintendo Switch Twitch app does not allow direct streaming of games

The major drawback of the Twitch app on Nintendo Switch though is the lack of support for streaming games to your audience. The Nintendo Switch streams on Twitch are only possible if you have an external capture card and a computer connected to the console.

How to watch Twitch on Nintendo Switch

If you are constantly on the go and gaming on your Nintendo Switch, you can also watch streams from your favorite streamers in the same console if you install Twitch. 

Twitch is mainly a streaming service for gamers. Its availability in the Nintendo eShop is a big boost for Nintendo Switch users, particularly for those who also love to access Twitch streams from time to time.

In order to use the Twitch app on the Nintendo Switch, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Access the Nintendo eShop on your console to get the official Twitch app.
    Nintendo eshop
  2. Search for the Twitch app. 
    search twitch
  3. Select the app and click Free Download. (The image shows the Redownload button as I have already downloaded the Twitch app before).
    Free download
  4. Select Free Download again to confirm.
  5. Wait for the system to download Twitch and install it.
    downloaded Twitch
  6. Open Twitch after the installation and click on the Sign In option at the top.
    Sign in
  7. You then have to activate Twitch on your Nintendo Switch by either scanning the QR code or going to the Nintendo Switch website ( and entering the activation code.
    qr code 1
  8. Go to your phone and enter the activation code displayed on your Switch into the available text box. 
    activation code
  9. Afterwards, select Activate.

After the activation, the home page of the Twitch app should change to show the Live Followed Channels and other channels and categories that you like in your account. 

At this point, you can also choose to use the Browser or Search box at the top to watch Twitch streams that you want.

How to enable Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch Twitch app?

Twitch is not exactly child-friendly and some streams may include inappropriate content for younger audiences. If you’re a parent and you don’t want your child full access to Twitch, you need to enable the Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch. 

With Parental Controls, you can limit how long your child can play, what games are available, and prevent access to certain apps like Twitch.


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