How To Watch MSNBC Live Online Without Cable

Finally, let go of your cable or satellite TV subscription, but are wondering how to watch some of your favorite channels without it? Well, you’re in luck! It’s never been easier to watch live TV without a contract or subscription to the big cable companies out there. Nowadays, you can sign up for a cheap streaming service to watch your favorite channels or pick up a streaming device, such as the Fire TV Stick.

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Follow along below, and we’ll show you how easy it is to watch MSNBC without a silly two-year contract with a big cable company.

Streaming Hardware

Before we show you the many streaming services available for MSNBC, there are a few hardware related options working at as well. For example, the Roku Ultra is an excellent option because it has MSNBC available as a dedicated channel.

Similarly, Amazon offers a dedicated MSNBC channel on the Fire Stick and Fire TV. Do keep in mind that you may need a separate account with MSNBC to be able to “log in” to view live TV from that specific channel.

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SlingTV is one of the best options for cord cutters, offering a la carte channels. There are a few popular options they don’t have, such as Fox News, but SlingTV will enable customers to take MSNBC for a spin in one of their packages. MSNBC is actually in their “News Extra” package, which costs a meager monthly fee. Keep in mind that you may need a “core” service to purchase the News Extra add-on. For example, you might need to be already subscribed to the Sling Blue package to add extras to your service.

Check it out for yourself below.

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DirecTV Now

If you’re not familiar with DirecTV Now, it’s AT&T’s new live TV streaming service. It had a bit of a rocky start, but it’s an all-around dependable service. They offer access to all of your favorite news channels as well, including MSNBC. To get access to these channels, you’ll need to be signed up for DirecTV Now’s “Live a Little” monthly package.

The downside to DirecTV Now is that it isn’t necessarily a la carte like Sling TV, so you’re not able to get as cheap as a service.

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A lot of regular video streaming providers are trying to compete against the big cable and satellite TV companies heavily. One of those is Hulu, offering a new service called Hulu TV. If you sign up for Hulu with Live TV, you’ll get access to MSNBC as well as a ton of other news channels. You can watch them live or on-demand.

Hulu with Live TV will cost you a monthly fee, but as part of that package, you get the regular Hulu streaming package bundled in, so you can still watch your favorite shows that aren’t streaming any longer. Check it out below.

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers access to MSNBC as part of its monthly subscription. However, it can be difficult to access. YouTube TV ever since it launched has been plagued with issues, such as lengthy outages. YouTube TV also highly depends on what “market” you’re in to play content from MSNBC and similar channels.

If you want to give it a shot, YouTube TV does offer a free trial before charging you that monthly price point.

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PlayStation Vue

Don’t let the name fool you, PlayStation Vue is Sony’s very own live TV streaming service, and it doesn’t require access to a console like the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. It functions similarly to the other services on this list, allowing you to download the PlayStation Vue app on whatever smart device you have. And then, from the app, you can seamlessly watch TV. PlayStation Vue works with a ton of different devices, including the Fire TV and Roku.

Just like the other services we mentioned on this list, PlayStation Vue offers access to a bevy of news channels. To get access to MSNBC specifically, you’ll need to sign up for the “Access” tier within PlayStation Vue, which will run you a monthly fee. It comes with tons of other channels as well.

Sign up at the link below.

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One downside to cable, satellite, and cord-cutting streaming TV services is that your channel availability all depends on what “market” or region you live in. This is because of contracts and a lot of red tape around these channels. That said, be sure to check out these service’s free trials to make sure they work in your area.

Sling TV 7 Day Free Trial

SlingTry Sling TV free for 7 days