Difference Between Fire Stick and Fire TV

Over the past several years, Amazon has been increasing its reach by offering more products that are actually Amazon-brand. On the bright side, they have come a very long way from the Kindle Fire that would actually set on fire. Not only has their quality increased over the years, but also the number of products they sell. What began as an experimental stint with a tablet has expanded into creating some of the most leading smart home devices in the world. From Alexa and Echo to dots and Fire sticks and cubes, they now have a wide range of products built to help simplify your life.

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Today, we’re going to be tackling the difference between Fire Stick and Fire TV. Both these devices are designed for your TV, but what are the similarities, differences, pros, and cons? We’re going to share with you how each of these devices is unique in their own right and can serve different purposes in your home.

Difference Between Fire Stick and Fire TV


Difference Between Fire Stick and Fire TV



1) Fire Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV stick is a bit different. Although it has the capability to respond to Alexa-commands, it is more remote-focused. You’ll just plug in the Fire Stick, and then use the remote to trigger or precede voice commands that’ll help you find the shows you’re looking for. It’s super simple to set up, and even simpler to make use of.

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Difference Between Fire Stick and Fire TV

2) Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube is television like you’ve never experienced it before. Completely hands-free, you can turn on your favorite series or movie in a matter of seconds, simply by saying, “Alexa, play ___.” If you’re a multi-tasker at heart, you’re going to love the Fire TV Cube. It’ll allow you to host parties and movie nights with ease, freeing you up to enjoy your own party, serve snacks, and mingle with your guests. Movie or music too loud? Just say “Alexa, turn the sound down,” and you can return to your conversation. If you’re in the market for simple and effortless, check be sure to check out Amazon’s Fire TV Cube.

One other thing that we should mention is that sometimes when someone says Fire TV, they are referring to a literal TV, but with Amazon’s own Fire TV software on-board natively — i.e. it’s not something you have to add with a Fire Stick, as it’s provided locally. However, these Fire TVs are much less known than the Fire Stick TV or Fire TV Cube.

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The Fire TV cube has wider capabilities beyond just turning on your next show or movie. You can use it to turn on the TV, dim the lights, connect to other smart home devices you own, and more. Basically, the only thing your Fire TV cube can’t do for your party is pop the popcorn (but who knows, in a few years, even that may be a possibility). And if you’d prefer not to use voice commands, or at least have the option not to, it comes with a remote to perform basic operations like altering the volume, browsing, and playing.

While the Fire Stick is great, it simply doesn’t offer as much as the cube. It has awesome capabilities for creating a fantastic TV experience, but that’s just it; it transforms your TV experience, while the Fire Cube transforms your home experience. So when it comes to choosing which one to buy, you’ll have to identify what you’re looking to upgrade.

difference between Fire Stick and Fire TV

For example, if you already own an Amazon Echo, you probably won’t be needing the Amazon Fire Cube, but the Fire TV Stick would add another element to and improve your TV experience. But if you don’t already own an Echo, the Fire Cube will really enhance your smart home experience by allowing you to use it beyond just your TV and have it actually integrated into your home.

Verdict on the Difference Between Fire Stick and Fire TV

The main focus of both these devices is streaming on your TV. When you connect your Fire Cube or your Fire Stick, you’re going to have the ability to stream from your Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Prime, and other accounts, which all make thousands of different media available at your fingertips. If you don’t have cable or are in search of a cable alternative, both the Amazon Fire Cube and the Amazon Fire Stick are great options to fill in for or replace your regular cable.

If you had questions about the difference between Fire Stick and Fire TV, we hope we were able to resolve them. Both are truly great devices, and while the cube comes out at just about double the price of the stick, it does have more to offer as a smart home device. But no matter what you’re looking for, we hope this article was able to clear some questions up for you, so you can be on your way to purchasing your next Amazon Fire product in no time.