5 Best Amazon Fire Stick Alternative In 2021

Amazon has been trying to compete with the likes of the Apple TV for years now by offering an affordable and all-in-one media experience. With Fire OS software, you can have access to TV content, movies, and music all from one section. Amazon makes that intuitive experience affordable by offering lightweight hardware that doesn’t take up much space at all. Take the Fire TV stick, for instance — it costs quite a little money, less if it’s on sale, and quickly and easily plugs into the back of your TV via an HDMI slot. You are ready to watch TV in just a couple minutes after getting it in the mail, and most consumers can afford it. But, what if you don’t like the Fire TV stick? It’s affordable, but it is cheap-looking, and far from premium. Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best Fire Stick alternative in 2018. Here are our top picks.

At A Glance: 5 Best Amazon Fire Stick Alternative In 2020

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Best Amazon Fire Stick Alternative

1. Fire Cube

The Amazon Fire Cube is new to the market, with Amazon saying that it’s the first device to allow for hands-free video streaming. Alexa is built inside, so accessing your favorite content is as simple as telling Alexa what you want to watch and where (i.e., on Netflix). You don’t need a remote with the Fire Cube — plug it in, sign in to your Amazon account, and you’re ready to start giving Alexa commands. On top of this being a hands-free video streaming solution, the Fire Cube with Alexa is even able to turn down the lights on your command, and it can even control a wide range of other devices. It’s even able to play 4K content!

2. Apple TV

The Apple TV is an excellent Amazon Fire Stick alternative, especially if you already own iOS devices in your home. It works so well with the Apple ecosystem and gives you access to endless amounts of content available on the iTunes Store. You can rent or purchase digital movies and TV shows, often options that aren’t even out in-store yet! The Apple TV will also give you access to hundreds of other applications to bring more content to your TV — Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and so much more. And with support for 4K video, you should only get the most immersive experiences with the Apple TV.

3. Chromecast Ultra

The Chromecast Ultra isn’t quite a media streamer, but it does work seamlessly with a variety of streaming services. Hook the Chromecast Ultra up to your TV, and you can “cast” content from your phone or computer to the Chromecast Ultra, which then displays it on your TV. It’s an easy way to get the YouTube video or Netflix movie you’re watching on your phone or computer to your TV in the snap of your fingers. The Chromecast Ultra even supports 4K content, so streaming those detailed YouTube videos shouldn’t be a problem with this device.

4. Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra is one of our favorite devices for streaming content. It breaks up content into channels, with its content offered on The Roku Channel. You can rent and purchase movies and TV shows here. Roku Ultra gives you access to endless amounts of other content through other channels as well. You can download things like Netflix, Hulu, Hallmark, CBS, FOX, Fox News, NBC News, and hundreds of other channels. At the current price, this one is hard to pass up, especially with its support for 4K content.

5. Fire TV Pendant

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Fire TV Pendant. It’s similar to the Fire TV stick in a lot of ways, offering you that same great Fire TV experience. You can access movies, TV shows, and music all in one place. Various apps are available for you to download, such as Netflix, Hulu, FOX, CBS, and so many others. The significant difference is definitely in the design, taking on a Pendant-like appearance. On top of that, the Fire TV Pendant can stream content in 4K, something that the lightweight Fire TV stick wasn’t able to do. This does make it a little more expensive than the Fire TV stick, but well worth the investment for a premium piece of hardware.

Best Amazon Fire Stick Alternative Verdict

If you’re looking for a premium Amazon Fire TV Stick replacement, any of these devices will do. We particularly enjoy the vast amount of content the Apple TV and Roku Ultra can provide you with, and the Chromecast Ultra makes those old TVs a whole lot more versatile.

AmazonFire TV CubeCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.