The Sims 4 Acting Career: Get Famous!

Wondering how to get your sim succeed in The Sims 4 acting career? Read on to learn the standard requirements, core skills and degree to earn for your sim to become an icon and famous in the game.

the sims 4 acting career get famous

The Sims 4 Get Famous

The Sims 4 Discover University expansion has paved a way for your sim to get a degree that leads to your desired career. A total of thirteen university majors are being offered and a major in Drama is one of them. Sims who’ve earned a degree in Drama are more likely to end up becoming actors, internet personalities or comedians.

In The Sims 4: Get Famous, your sim has to have a great acting skill to get a higher chance of getting through the acting career. Earning a degree in Drama is also a plus.

Requirements to becoming an actor/actress

The entire process of becoming a celebrity in the Sims 4 Get Famous is likely similar to that in the real world’s entertainment industry where aspiring actors and actresses will have to nail the auditions and get the right agency.

Sims who’ve earned this degree are expected to have great charisma, acting and comedy skills. These are the key requisites to having a celebrity status of the Sims.

Aside from acting skills, Aspiring actors and actresses must also have the crucial traits, particularly confidence and outgoing. 

A confident sim is the one that is self-assured and is confident enough to perform risky actions during an acting gig. An outgoing personality is also imperative given that an acting career involves more talking to coworkers and fellow actors.

Acting Career Audition

If your sim has all the required traits and acting skills, the next step is to audition or find some gigs. 

Auditioning in the Sims 4 Get Famous is more like a normal career where  you’ll have to ensure that you’re perfect for the part or role to play like a dancer, guitarist, or singer. And just like in real life, your sim may succeed or fail the audition. If your sim fails the audition, he can find another gig and try again.

To get a higher chance of success in auditioning, only take the role that’s more relevant to your skills. But if your sim already reaches level 3 in fame, auditions may be bypassed by earning the Established Name perk.

As soon as your sim finds an acting gig, you will be required to the studio more often and carry out daily tasks. Among the usual tasks include getting your sim’s hair styled, talking with the director, getting costumes fitted and practicing lines or scripts. 

Once your sim is all set to become an actor, you can talk to the director and ask him to direct you to the main stage. While in the main stage, your sim must perform an array of actions based on your acting skills. Sims who don’t have high acting skills may opt to play safe or risky roles in order to succeed.

Finding the Right Agency

In order to start getting auditions, your sim must join in one of the two agencies namely the A.I. Staffing Agency and Everyday Extras Talent Agency.

Notifications will be sent by either agency as a reminder to their actors/actresses to find auditions and find gigs to start earning money.

Your sim can join any of the four agencies in this game. Each agency will allow your sim to unlock different stuff but also has its own pros and cons.

Your acting skills can be changed at any time, allowing your sim to obtain various benefits without having to change a ton for your character.

The four agencies in The Sims 4 Get Famous include A.I. Staffing Agency, Everyday Extras Talent Agency, G.R.A.N. Talent Agency and Well Suited Talent Agency.

  • A.I. Staffing Agency – this agency will give your sim automated reminders for work opportunities.
  • Everyday Extras Talent Agency – this agency will help your sim unlock more auditions for commercial gigs including daytime TV.
  • G.R.A.N. Talent Agency – this agency will help your sim unlock more musical and historical roles. Extra comfort and flowers are also among other perks it offers based on your sim’s performance.
  • Well Suited Talent Agency – this agency will give your sim higher pay for prime time TV, drama and action gigs. But the thing is, only the best actors/actresses are represented by this agency. This denotes the need for your sim to perform at his best to become a notable icon in the entertainment industry.

To get started, your sim has to access the A.I. Staffing Agency and Everyday Extras. After that, your sim will be all set to unlock other features.

The Sims 4 Get Famous Acting Career Levels

Career Levels in the Sims 4 Get Famous would start from uncredited extra to background actor, commercial spokesperson, guest star, supporting actor/actress, sitcom star, rising star, seasoned thespian, superstar and silver screen icon.

Uncredited Extra sims are those aspiring actors and actresses that seek to see their names in the lights as the star. The daily task in this level is mainly to develop the sim’s acting skill. In this level, your sim can sign up for auditions and has a chance to work some commercial gigs.

Meanwhile, sims that are tagged as silver screen icons will forever be known in the film industry and have the highest bonus and pay per gig.

Hope this helps!

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