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Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Errors [Part 18]

Welcome to the 18th part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S2. In today’s post we will be dealing with some of the latest emails sent to us by our readers. Despite being a rather dated device there are still a lot of people who are using this particular model.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Fix For Boot Up, Battery, Power Problems [Part 1]

Welcome to the first part in our focused troubleshooting series concerning boot up, battery, and power problems concerning the Samsung Galaxy S2. Released in April 2011, this device is already four years old. Despite its age we are still getting quite a number of emails from our readers concerning this device which goes to show

Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Solutions [Part 1]

I do admit, I was hesitant to write about the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is by the way, so 2011-ish. Considering the popularity of the Galaxy S3, S4 and the upcoming S5, I was thinking no one’s going pick up an S2 anymore. The reality is, dated phones will be shoved aside or be used

Samsung Galaxy S2 errors, problems, solutions and workarounds

There are still millions of people who own the Samsung Galaxy S2 so it’s not too late to publish a blog that tackles with Galaxy S2 errors and problems. Pretty sure, after the recent Jelly Bean update, many users experience an error or two with their device. In this post, we presented five most common

“Storage Space Running Low” Error on Samsung Galaxy S2

Some Samsung Galaxy S2 owners shared to us through Mailbag that they are encountering a “Storage Space Running Low” message. According to them, this happens even if they have already uninstalled their apps and files. Possible Causes of the Samsung Galaxy s2 “Storage Space Running Low” Error The problem can be triggered by improper uninstallation