“Storage Space Running Low” Error on Samsung Galaxy S2

Some Samsung Galaxy S2 owners shared to us through Mailbag that they are encountering a “Storage Space Running Low” message. According to them, this happens even if they have already uninstalled their apps and files.

Possible Causes of the Samsung Galaxy s2 “Storage Space Running Low” Error

The problem can be triggered by improper uninstallation of files, corrupted files, virus, full cache, system error or defective hardware.

Possible Remedies to Solve the Samsung Galaxy s2 “Storage Space Running Low” Error

If you are encountering this issue, reset your phone by pressing the Power/Lock button for about 10 seconds or until it boots up successfully. This will allow it to refresh its system, and sometimes, this process also solves minor glitches. Make sure that you have uninstalled the apps that you no longer need completely too and that you did not just simply disabled them.

When these fail to solve the problem, try out the solutions below:

1. Move Files to MicroSD Card

Ease up the burden of your internal memory by moving your pictures or videos to your external memory. You can also store them into your computer.

2. Clear App and Browser Cache

Check out our previous article in this link to read the steps on how to do it.

3. Minimize the Synchronization of the Gmail App

We have discussed this as well in our past article. You can read about how to do this here.

4. Install Antivirus

Due to the popularity of the Android OS, many developers and hackers are now targeting its vulnerabilities. Thus, many viruses or malware are now being circulated online and through apps which corrupt files or fill up your storage space with unwanted downloads. Prevent this by installing a reliable antivirus app.

5. Remove Erratic Apps

Rouge apps can cause this particular issue too. Uninstall any app that you think is behaving erratically or try to disable the most recent app that you have installed prior to the problem. Then, check if you are still getting the error.

6. Perform Hard Reset

If all else fails, perform a Hard Reset to undo any harmful changes brought about by third-party apps and free up your memory completely. This will only leave your basic apps after the process so make sure that you have backed up your important files prior.

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