Solving the Samsung Galaxy S2 Unable to Connect to Server Error

If you are experiencing the Samsung Galaxy S2 “unable to connect to server” status when you just added an email account into it, there are certain issues that you have to look out for.

First, check your network. One reason could be that the signal in your location may be weak. But if you do not see any problems with your network, then it must have something to do with the Settings.

Another way to solve it is by removing the account that you just setup and set it up again. A quick reboot may also be a solution.

But if the problem still persists, one forum in the official website of Office 365 suggests that you follow these steps:

1. Change your password into something simpler that does not make use of special characters.

2. Sync the Calendar feature by selecting the Calendar Sync command followed by Exchange. But make sure that the Background Data option has been set to On.

3. Key in all the information that you have been trying to enter into your email app.

4. Connect your Galaxy S2 through a wireless signal source.

I hope this solution worked for you. For more questions, write to us at [email protected]. Users who have something to contribute on the subject can also share their views and suggestions on the comment boxes below.

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