Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S2 “Mobile Network Not Available” Error Message

Having a “Mobile Network Not Available” error message in your Samsung Galaxy S2 can be quite a hassle. This will prevent you from making use of the communication features of your phone.

Possible Causes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 “Mobile Network Not Available” Error Message

There are many possible causes to this type of error message. The problem may be due to an issue with the network, faulty SIM card or SIM card sensor, incorrect configuration of your phone settings or a major glitch in the system.

Possible Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S2 “Mobile Network Not Available” Error Message

Here are the possible solutions that you can apply to solve the problem:

1. Try to see if restarting will solve the issue. If the problem is just a minor glitch, a simple restart might do the job.

2. Toggle the Flight Mode on and off.

3. Check if your SIM card is properly placed in your device. You can detach it also from its slot and wipe it with a soft and clean cloth to remove any dirt or very fine particles of foreign objects that are likely affecting the phone’s SIM card sensor.

3. Call your carrier to check whether there is a problem in your area in terms of getting a signal.

4. If the solutions above do not work, go to Settings. Then, select Mobile Networks followed by Network Operators. Set it to Select Automatically. This will let your device set its network automatically depending on the SIM card that you are using.

5. Call your carrier and ask about its APN settings. Save the APN configuration in your mobile network settings.

6. Clear the System Cache of your Galaxy S2.

7. If all else fails, perform a Factory Reset.

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  1. I have had the same problem some time ago and the problem was neither from my service provider nor from sim card. The problem lied in my phone battery which was damaged due to the excessive heat generated from the phone. After I changed the battery everything turned to normal.

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