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5 Best USB-C Headphones In 2019

Smartphones are moving away from micro-USB technology, and after just a couple of years, it’s almost like you can only get phones with a USB-C port now. And on top of that, most manufacturers have removed the headphone jack to make room for even better phone technology, or to create better waterproof of their phones. That said,

Tidal Music

Samsung looking to acquire Tidal music service?

Jay Z owned #Tidal initially generated a lot of buzz, but ultimately failed to gain traction in the market with a miserly 1 million subscribers to its name until now. This is despite the service being available for more than one year. Clearly, the likes of #GooglePlayMusic and #Spotify have a bigger chunk of the

Galaxy S5 won’t install downloaded Android update, other issues

Hello everyone! This post covers some #GalaxyS5 problems shared by some of our community members over the past 2 weeks. If you want to browse other S5-related issues and solutions, kindly visit this page. GGalaxy S5 keeps getting update message when trying to check voicemail GGalaxy S5 screen constantly moves up and down GGalaxy S5

Slow email sync process for Galaxy S6, other app issues

We’ve compile today some of the #Samsung #GalaxyS6 app issues shared to us by our community. Some of the questions don’t necessarily require a solution but we provide explanations nevertheless to guide other Android users. These are the specific topics discussed in this article: Galaxy S6 contacts linking with others automatically Galaxy S6 music tracks are