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5 Best USB-C Headphones in 2024

Though there are several USB C headphones to choose from, it goes without saying that the Razer Hammerhead leads the pack. It comes with impressive noise isolation features as well as a clever design that makes sure there’s no tangling of wires. These aspects make it one of the best USB C headphones out there.

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Smartphones have begun shifting away from micro-USB technology, and after just a couple of years, you can only get phones with a USB Type C port now. And on top of that, most manufacturers have removed the headphone jack to make room for even better phone technology, or to improve the waterproofing aspect of their phones. This means there’s very little room for plugging in your own 3.5mm headphones.

Also, if you already own a set of 3.5mm wired headphones, these are rendered practically useless with the modern crop of phones. While there’s a workaround using a USB C adapter for your standard headphones, this can be inconvenient at times, especially given the length it adds to the earbuds.

This is where USB C headphones come into the equation. These headphones plug into the USB C port on your smartphone, thus reducing dependency on Bluetooth or wireless headphones, which come with its own set of challenges (charging). While some manufacturers decided to offer USB C headphones out of the box, many have simply resorted to providing an adapter.

Thankfully, there are a large number of third and first-party USB Type C headphones that you can purchase separately. These headphones also come with the advantage of providing additional features including active noise cancelling or ANC as well as enhanced sound quality.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to talk about some of the best USB C headphones you can currently get in the marketplace. We will talk about the best USB C headphones that cover a wide range of price segments to give you ample choice between the top-end and the budget offerings.

So let’s take a look at some of the best USB C headphones you can buy right now.

Best USB C Headphones


1. Razer Hammerhead

Razer is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the gaming accessories industry. The Razer Hammerhead offers the same promise of quality and performance, complete with the neon green color scheme that is synonymous with Razer’s portfolio. The Razer Hammerhead has 10mm dynamic drivers for enhanced sound quality by default. Though there’s no active noise cancelling here, the Bi-flange ear tips allow for excellent noise isolation.

These USB C headphones are accompanied by an in-line remote with microphone accompanied by volume control buttons and a single-key to answer/reject calls or pause/play/skip/rewind audio tracks. Long pressing this key can also activate voice assistants like Google Assistant. What makes the Razer Hammerhead stand out against contemporary earbuds is the fact that it offers a flat cable which means it’s almost never going to tangle up.

As for the durability aspect of the earbuds, Razer uses an aluminum chassis here which means the headphones can withstand rough use on a daily basis. In addition to using these with your USB C smartphone, the Hammerhead can also be used with tablets or even laptops, making this is a truly viable replacement for wireless headphones. These USB C earphones are only available in the iconic neon green variant, which is one of the best parts for Razer fans.

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2. OnePlus Bullets

While OnePlus has been offering USB C ports with its flagships for quite some time now, the manufacturer has also been mindful of providing USB C earphones that can be purchased separately. The OnePlus Type C Bullets earbuds are excellent for any USB C device, and come with a wide range of features to enhance and improve sound quality. Firstly, the Bullets comes with a Built-in DAC that offers the best audio performance out of the box.

Much like the Hammerhead earbuds we discussed above, OnePlus uses a flat cable for the Bullets earbuds, which consequently leads to less tangling of wires particularly during travel or rush situations. It’s also worth pointing out that the OnePlus Type C Bullets earbuds are extremely light-weight which is a bonus in terms of portability. As is the case with most USB C earbuds, the OnePlus Bullets also come with an in-line remote that offers a set of volume control buttons along with a multifunctional button for pausing audio or handling phone calls.

Though there’s no noise cancelling here, the manufacturer provides noise isolation thanks to the design of the eartips. These headphones are an excellent replacement for your wireless earbuds, especially when they run out of battery. The OnePlus Bullets USB C earbuds can only be purchased in a solitary Black version.

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3. Belkin SoundForm USB-C Earbuds

Belkin is a renowned name in the accessories and peripherals business. So it’s no surprise that the company also makes excellent USB C headphones. The design of these earbuds accommodates natural noise isolation, while the overall size and the weight makes it fairly easy to carry with you during your travels. It has an excellent in-line remote with a microphone as well, allowing you to control the volume or pause/play tracks, among several other functions.

Though the manufacturer mentions that the earbuds are resistant to water, we don’t think it would survive a submersion. However, these earbuds are sweat-resistant, making it the best companion during your workouts or while running. It’s also worth noting that these earbuds have tangle-free wiring, something that’s becoming an increasingly common feature among USB C headphones.

The manufacturer provides three sizes of ear-tips to make sure customers can find the right fit. Users are recommended to exercise caution while replacing the eartips as they are fairly easy to lose. Moreover, finding replacement eartips can be a hassle. Belkin offers these USB C headphones in Black with no other color variant to choose from at the moment.

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4. Pioneer Rayz Pro

Though Pioneer is known mostly for its stereo equipment and speakers, the manufacturer also has an excellent pair of USB C headphones on offer. Known as the Rayz Pro, this offering is fairly versatile out of the box. Despite being a USB C offering, the manufacturer also provides adapters to make it compatible with iPhones, thus offering multi-device compatibility. Though these earbuds have plenty of functions for iOS users, some of them may not work with Android devices.

However, all core functionality will work exactly as expected on Android devices, while the in-line remote with mic does its job pretty well too. What’s also worth noting here is that the earbuds also have a dedicated companion app known as Pioneer Rayz. This allows you to control almost every aspect of this Type C earbuds. The manufacturer has included features like adaptive noise cancellation, allowing users to enjoy the music without the background noise.

The earphones can pause music automatically when a user removes the earbuds. Pioneer makes the Rayz Pro available in two colors – Ice and Black. As you would expect, the Rayz Pro works with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets as well as laptops. Be sure to have a closer look at these USB C earbuds.

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5. Xiaomi ANC Earphones

Xiaomi makes some of the most popular smartphones in the market today. However, the company also produces an excellent pair of in-ear earbuds. Dubbed as noise-reduction headphones with ANC, the manufacturer claims that these earbuds can block out noise in excess of 25dB using the built-in technology. The earbuds also have Hi-Res Audio certification, providing exceptional audio quality every single time.

The ANC headphones also has with an in-line remote which has its own microphone. The remote has a total of three buttons which include volume control keys and a solitary multi-function key that can be used to pause/play audio tracks or even answer your phone calls. Though the company doesn’t use a flat cable here, it is certified to be tangle-free, making it an absolute breeze to use no matter where.

There are no special compatibility related issues here which means that these Type C earbuds should perform as expected on all USB C devices. This includes Android/iOS phones and tablets as well as laptops that have a USB C port. The manufacturer is kind enough to offer three silicone eartips with these headphones which can be used to customize your fit accordingly. The Xiaomi ANC earphones are only available in a solitary Black variant.

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6. CKLYYL USB Type C Earphones

This is a highly capable third-party USB C wired headset that can replace your 3.5mm earbuds. The company is using a DAC chip here to effectively deliver high-quality audio. These earbuds are made using a metal aluminum shell that provides maximum durability throughout the course of your usage. Further, the manufacturer mentions that the earbuds are tested at least 15,000 times before leaving the production unit, thus offering the best standard of quality control.

Elaborating on the design, this particular offering comes with a tangle-free copper wire to make sure the headphones are easy to plug back in. The manufacturer offers three sizes of eartips to allow extensive customization with regard to fit and comfort. As a bonus, the in-ear headphones also come with a clip that allows you to attach them to a piece of clothing. The earbuds don’t have noise cancellation options built-in, though the default ear tips offer excellent isolation on their own.

As is the case with USB C in-ear headphones, this offering comes with an in-line remote that is accompanied by a microphone. The remote also consists of three buttons, allowing you to control the volume or change the audio tracks. Phone calls can be answered or rejected using the multi-function button on the remote. The earbuds are offered in a single color.

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7. SUMWE USB C Headphones

If you’re in the market for low-cost USB C headphones that also make no compromises in terms of audio quality, this offering by SUMWE fits the bill perfectly. It comes with a lightweight aluminum alloy body that allows you to wear this for prolonged intervals without hurting your ears. Customers will also appreciate the fact that these earbuds offer the best bass we’ve seen on USB C headphones while the overall sound quality is definitely on par with the best in the business.

What’s really special about these earbuds is the inclusion of a noise-canceling microphone that can block out external noise. The adjustments are made automatically, however, so customers don’t get to control this aspect manually. This mic is located within the in-line microphone which has buttons to adjust volume or pause/play tracks or answer/reject calls.

As one would expect, these earbuds work with pretty much any audio device that has a USB C port including smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops. Though the cable is not completely tangle-free, it will get the job done on most occasions. The manufacturer provides three years of warranty with these earbuds, which is perhaps the best after-sales coverage we’ve seen for any earbuds.

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8. SHDKJXH Stereo Earbuds

This is yet another highly powerful set of in-ear USB C headphones that can replace your wireless earbuds or wired 3.5mm headphones. The simplistic design goes a long way in putting this among the best USB C earbuds out there while the onboard features complement this really well. Speaking of which, the manufacturer mentions that these earbuds are equipped with the latest DAC chip that can offer the best audio performance possible on wired earbuds.

Though these in-ear USB C headphones don’t have noise-canceling tech built-in, the design of the eartips isolates most of the noise in your background, allowing you to enjoy music or audio the way it’s meant to be. Keeping the earbuds together is a 3.9 feet anti-tangle copper wire which is accompanied by an in-line remote. This remote has a dedicated microphone as well as a set of volume control buttons, and a single multi-function key to pause/play tracks or answer/reject phone calls. The

Keeping the user’s comfort and fit in mind, the company provides three sizes of eartips with this offering – small, medium, and large. Almost every USB C device out there including smartphones, tablets, and even laptops should be compatible with these headphones. If you’re held back by the steep pricing of Bluetooth headphones, we highly recommend this budget-priced offering.

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9. Google Pixel Earbuds

Google has used a USB C port since the first Pixel smartphone was launched in 2016. The trend continues to this day with phones like Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and now Pixel 5 also sporting USB C ports (albeit a much-improved version). Keeping this in mind, it’s only natural that Pixel owners also seek a viable alternative to Bluetooth headphones. This is where the Google Pixel earbuds come into the equation.

This offering produces a high-quality sound that some headphones do not offer. This allows you to enjoy music and other content while on the go without having to worry about the lack of a headphone jack or charging the headphones. Google mentions that devices that run on Android 8.0 Oreo or above can access 24-bit digital audio by default using these earbuds.

Pixel users will also find deep integration with the likes of Google Assistant, while users can also have your most recent notifications read out by the earbuds with the press of the volume up button. Be advised that these are not noise-cancelling headphones, though the fact that they’re in-ear means you can isolate some of the background noise. The headphones also come with support for Google Translate, making this one of the best versatile in-ear headsets out there.

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31DrtMXquXL. SL500WASABI MANGOGoogle USB-C Wired Digital Earbud Headset for Pixel Phones - WhiteCheck Price on Amazon

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