Firefox Your Connection Is Not Secure

How To Fix Firefox Your Connection Is Not Secure Issue

Firefox is a popular web browser that is free to download and is available for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS platform. It uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages making it secure and fast. Although this is a solid performing software there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will

Geeksphone Revolution Officially Launched, Priced At $300

Spanish company Geeksphone has finally made available in the market its smartphone called the Revolution. This device is quite unique since it supports two different operating systems, Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko (B2G), and Android. The company is now taking orders for the device which costs €222 or a little bit over $300. Geeksphone Revolution is not

Why the Android-iPhone Duopoly will not be Broken

Jolla is prepping for the launch of its new smartphone with its new Sailfish OS. Jolla is hoping that its offering will allow it to break the Android-iPhone duopoly. And it is not the only one. CNET wrote that 2013 appears to be the year of the alternative smartphone OS, with Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, and

Mozilla Dives into Smartphone OS Fray with Firefox OS

Earlier this year Mozilla announced that they are on the verge on setting foot in the smartphone race against Apple and Google. The free software company is looking to develop two phones that will make headway in the fight against a tyrannical Apple OS and the not so openly open source Android. Imagine that? A

Firefox Beta For Desktop And Mobile Get Updated

The release notes for the latest version of Firefox Beta for desktop announce that the browser now comes with a built-in PDF viewer. According to Mozilla, it included the PDF viewer to allow users to refrain from downloading plugins that may expose them to security risks. The new beta version also proposes to reset the

ZTE Will Possibly Launch a Firefox OS Smartphone In Europe

A while back Mozilla announced that they are interested in launching their own OS to compete in the mobile space. While Mozilla is hard at work on their mobile operating system, the debut might be a lot closer than we originally thought. We’ve seen what early prototypes of the Firefox OS looks like thanks to

Mozilla Updates Firefox For Android, Now Supports Older Hardware

Mozilla has just rolled out an important update to the Firefox browser on Android. While most users might not see a big change in the use of the app, this new update does bring good news for relatively older smartphones. The browser which only worked on ARMv7 based processors in the past, now supports processors

ZTE Prepares to Launch Firefox OS Smartphone Next Year

ZTE Corp. is preparing its first smartphone based on Firefox Operating System, an operating system that the Chinese company helped create. The device is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of next year, according to the Wall Street Journal. To date, ZTE is uses the Google-owned Android operating system for its smartphones. ZTE’s

Firefox Beta For Android Supports ARMv6-Based Devices

Mozilla has come up with a new strategy to bring the Firefox browser on more phones: it will try to offer the browser for phones that come with earlier hardware. This is a response to the problem of not having the browser pre-loaded on new handsets shipping out today and therefore not having Firefox on

Firefox Marketplace Gets Previewed In Screenshots

The first images of the Firefox Marketplace have been released by Engadget. The Marketplace will be a venue where users of the OS can download free or paid apps. Its photos show a minimalist interface with the set of apps that Firefox is offering organized into boxes. Among the apps shown on the image are

Firefox 16 Beta released

Mozilla revealed latest version of Firefox, the Firefox 15, on Tuesday. While the news about Firefox 15 is still hot, Mozilla has gone ahead and released a beta version of Firefox 16 to public. Firefox 16 has enhancements that will appeal web developers. The beta version is also known as Firefox Aurora 16. This version

Firefox for Android updated, brings tablet support

All the Firefox fans with Android devices out there, there’s a reason to cheer today. Firefox is back with an update for their popular 3rd party web browser for Android. A lot of changes and improvements have been incorporated. The interface has been redesigned, and tablet support has left the beta stage, so that’s great

Mozilla’s Firefox OS to emerge as a Dark Horse in the Android-iOS Knockdown?

With the tech-giants- Apple, Google and Microsoft locked in an indeterminable battle of smartphone supremacy-  splurging millions of dollars on patent-designs, highly-paid engineers and rigorous marketing,  in a forlorn attempt to deliver a near-perfect operating system, Mozilla looks to take a seat at the high-stake table with its own smartphone software. Mozilla, the non-profit organisation


Mozilla to Offer Faster Version of Firefox for Android

After much criticism from users unhappy with the poor performance, improper rendering of web pages and mediocre management of processing resources, Mozilla took drastic measures and decided to completely rebuild the edition for Android devices of its web browser, Firefox. Application start-up time has been reduced, pages are now loading faster and the use of

How do I Disable the Plugin Update Prompt For Firefox?

Ever get those annoying pop-up windows at the top of your Firefox browsers?  It has been happening a lot recently because of the updates from Java and Flash.  It could be other plugin updates that’s prompting these annoying pop-ups.  Here’s how I got rid of this problem. 1) In browser URL bar type in “about:config”

Firefox 8.0 Comes Out Of Beta With Master Password

Mozilla, has promised quicker releases and updates to it’s Firefox Browser, and for the most part they’ve kept that promise, bringing Firefox 8 for Android out of Beta today. With the Firefox 8 upgrade doesn’t bring any huge changes except for Master Password. With this new feature you can manage all of your stored passwords