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5 Best Android Emulators For PC in 2019

If you’re not already familiar with what an Android emulator is, it’s basically a program or software that allows you to get your phone on your computer. This means that you can use social media, workspace, fitness, and all of the other great apps from the Play Store on your desktop laptop or computer. The

Bluestacks Vs Andy Best Android Emulators For PC In 2019

Emulation is a great tool that allows you to run something designed for one specific console on to another. So for example, in this case, today we’re talking about and comparing 2 emulators that will allow you to play your Android games and run your Android mobile apps right on your desktop. This is great

Bluestacks 2

BlueStacks 2 Android emulator now lets you run multiple apps at once

For those who don’t own an #Android device, but would like to experience it anyway, #BlueStacks has served as a solid alternative since 2011. Although the service was laggy and slow during its early days, the developers have taken giant strides in making it a popular service. It has 109 million downloads now, which says something about

AMD Brings Android Support To Windows Through BlueStacks

AMD and BlueStacks have announced that they have collaborated together to bring Android to Windows. This comes just days after Intel’s announcement that it will provide a way to make Android run from within Windows. AMD however might have the upper hand as its latest processors will include an ARM chip, the same architecture that

Bluestacks’ GamePop to sell for $129

GamePop, an upcoming console for Android gaming, will have a retail price of $129 when it hits the market. Bluestacks, the company which developed an App Player software that brings Android to Windows and Mac computers, is behind the GamePop console. GamePop is said to be Bluestacks’ answer to the Ouya, an Android-based gaming console

BlueStacks Takes on Ouya in the Sub $100 Console Wars

BlueStacks is a startup that has been bringing Android apps to Mac and PC has announced that it has passed the 10 million user milestone, since Ouya has gained much ground via the crowd funding website Kickstarter BlueStacks is retaliating to show that they are the top dogs in this space. BlueStacks has brought more

BlueStacks App Player now available for Windows 8

Bluestacks is an amazing software. For those who have no idea about Bluestacks, it’s basically a product which revolves around enabling Android applications to run on Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and Windows tablets. Long back, I wanted to install whatsapp on my Windows PC, however, whatsapp isn’t available on computer. Nevertheless, I was able to

Bluestacks Releases Beta Version for Mac OS X

iMac, MacBook Pro, and other Apple kit owners can now enjoy roughly 750,000 Android apps Android apps on their devices thanks to the newly-released beta version of Bluestacks. The Android app player is now available for download on the Bluestacks website for Mac OS X users around six months after its alpha version was released.

BlueStacks Partners With AMD

BlueStacks has announced a new partnership with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) that will allow users of the tablets and PCs running on AMD to enjoy Android applications. The apps are available through the AMD AppZone store that will enable Windows users to enjoy 500,000 Android apps. This is a substantial addition to the 2,000 apps

Android Apps Can Now Access Mac OS X by BlueStacks

Bluestacks, the award-winning Android emulator platform that brings Android to Windows, is now available on the Mac OS X, as well. Launched just this March, the original Bluestacks gave a chance to those users on Windows who did not have an Android device to enjoy the innovations on the open-source OS. Likewise, it allowed users

Bluestacks Takes Home Best Software Award From CES And Opens Up Beta

Bluestacks is a pretty cool company, why, because they’ve developed PC software to run your favorite Android apps on the PC. At the recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Bluestacks took home the CNET award for best software.  Just prior to CES it was revealed that Bluestacks will also allow you to use

BlueStacks Brings Android To PCs And More

Today, BlueStacks announced that they have secured financing to help expand development of their new technology that could possible enable users to run Android applications using their Windows desktop. Thanks to the help of over $7.5 million investment from several companies such as Ignition Ventures, Radar Partners, Helion Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, we