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Questions regarding S Planner Tasks in Galaxy Note 5, other issues

Our post today resolved five #GalaxyNote5 issues submitted by members of our community. If you don’t find a solution to your own Note 5 problem here, kindly visit this page. Below are the specific topics covered in this material today: Questions regarding S Planner Tasks in Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 5 S Pen stops working

Galaxy S7 Edge Wi-Fi is slow and/or keeps disconnecting, other issues

Here’s an additional list of #GalaxyS7 issues that we’ve gathered during the past few weeks. The issues covered in this material range from a couple of connection-related troubles to power and screen problems. Don’t forget to visit more S7 problems and solutions in this page. Galaxy S7 Edge hotspot keeps disconnecting Galaxy S7 Edge Wi-Fi is slow

Galaxy S5 unable to update apps via Play Store, other issues

The Galaxy S5 is a proven, reliable platform for years now but now and then we receive interesting reports of problems. We discussed some of these issues below. For those interested to visit other #GalaxyS5 issues, please go to our index page. Galaxy S5 discrepancy in Storage readings | Galaxy S5 unable to update apps

Galaxy S5 has bootloop issue after OTA update fails, among other issues

Hi everyone! Our post today provides solutions to the common problems like bootloop, random reboot, OTA update, screen failure, and connection issues that some #GalaxyS5 users are experiencing. We’re hoping that this article can give light to some of these questions. For more troubleshooting regarding the S5 device, don’t forget to visit this page. Galaxy S5

Galaxy S7 Edge apps on edge panel not working with Wi-Fi, other issues

Samsung’s latest flagship phones, the #GalaxyS7 and S7 Edge, are receiving a lot of positive praise from users and critics alike. Although majority of features of the phones are only improvements of their predecessor, it’s hard to ignore the amazing hardware they possess. But just like any other smartphone, the S7 series is not perfect and