Best Bluetooth headsets of 2020 (so far)

If you thought ranking the world’s best Android smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices was difficult, considering the ever-increasing competition. The sheer sizes of the three markets and diversity of consumer preferences and budgets, we’d like to see you try to compile a mobile accessory top picks’ list. There are so many things to factor in

Best Bluetooth earbuds available today

To make sure you don’t go for a pair of outdated earbuds therefore, we’ve decided to already refresh the list of best Amazon picks. But this time, we’re ruling out mono, single-ear headsets primarily meant for initiating and answering voice calls hands-free. We’re also not focusing on high-end, pricey, audiophile-centric over-the-ear headphones like Bose QuietComfort

5 Must Have Accessories For Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 9 might be Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note device, but it pushes many folks past the $1000 mark when it comes to buying a smartphone. Luckily, there are more affordable options with the same great power — yes, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note 8 phone here. It might’ve launched in late 2017,

5 Must Have Accessories For Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a couple years old now, but it’s still a formidable phone today. It was packed with all of the latest hardware when it launched in 2017, and that hardware is still good today. It can handle just about any app on the market today, and still has really good battery

[Deal] 45mm Moto 360 Sport for $119.99

The 45mm #Moto360Sport can now be yours thanks to a deal on eBay for just $119.99. The smartwatch was originally launched by the company last year, so it’s not exactly a new kid on the block. But barring that, the Moto 360 Sport is a pretty solid offering even today. So how is it different

20,000 mAh power bank

[Deal] 20,000 mAh power bank for $12.99

The Ultrathin 20,000 mAh external power bank is selling on eBay for a miserly $12.99. Given the kind of battery capacity it has, users don’t have to worry about carrying a charging adapter for at least three days, assuming you’re going to use your devices to the max. Since there are two USB ports here,

Xperia XZ

[Deal] Dual-SIM Sony Xperia XZ for $553.88

The dual-SIM version of the #Sony #XperiaXZ is now on sale through eBay for just $553.88. The device has made its way to the leaks several times, so it’s not really a surprise to see it again today. The Xperia XZ is quite unique among flagships, especially the ones coming from Sony, thanks to its

Fitbit Charge 2 HR

[Deal] Fitbit Charge 2 HR for $129.99

The #FitbitCharge2HR is now available on eBay for just $129.99. The “HR” here stands for Heart-Rate as this is one of the few Fitbit models that comes with heart-rate scanning by default. This is a vital feature to have if you frequently workout and need to know when your heart is being put through its

Bose SoundLink II

[Deal] Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speakers for $179

The Bose SoundLink II is now available from eBay for just $179. These are amazing Bluetooth speakers, especially for the price mentioned here. Bear in mind that this is the mini version of the SoundLink II and the sound/quality might not be on par with the standard model. But even then, it’s well worth the

UE Boom

[Deal] Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth speakers for $64.99

The #Logitech #UEBoom Bluetooth speakers can now be yours for just $64.99 on eBay. These speakers give you practically everything you want from a portable device. It can handle music at a decently sized room with relative ease and the volume levels are fairly impressive as well, especially for speakers of this size. The low price mentioned


[Deal] Ultra portable 3,000 mAh power bank for $4.99

The Powerocks portable 3,000 mAh power bank is now available on eBay for just $4.99. Although the capacity is only enough to fully charge one modern day smartphone, the fact that it’s quite small makes it easier to carry around. Basically, you’re paying just under $5 for something that can be carried in your pocket.

[Deal] Logitech UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers for $119.99

The #Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom 2 wireless Bluetooth speakers are now available for just $119.99. The deal comes via eBay, which is usually the source for great accessory deals. These are ideal for parties and other social gatherings, especially if you want loud music played indoors. Given the portable nature of these speakers, these are ideal

20,000 mAh power bank

[Deal] 20,000 mAh power bank for just $10.45

The super slim 20,000 mAh power bank is now selling on eBay for just $10.45. This can charge a regular device by up to 8 times, saving you the constant trouble of running to the power outlet. Since the power bank is pretty slim, you can carry it around quite comfortably. One can’t deny the utility

Pebble Time Steel Gold

[Deal] Pebble Steel Deluxe Gold Edition for $109.99

The Limited Edition Deluxe Gold version of #PebbleSteel is now available for just $109.99 via eBay. The Pebble Steel is an OS agnostic wearable, letting users of both Android and iOS use the smartwatch without much worry. This makes it one of the most sought after wearables in the market, without much surprise. Considering all

[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Gear S for $129.99

The #Samsung #GearS is now available from eBay for just $129.99. The smartwatch is locked to work with T-Mobile, so the deal will only appeal to a select set of customers. Given that it uses cellular networks, the Gear S can function independently without requiring its primary smartphone. This is pretty attractive and can give users the

JBL Xtreme

[Deal] JBL Xtreme Splash-Proof Bluetooth speakers for $179

The #JBL #Xtreme Bluetooth speakers are now available online for just $179. These are splash-proof speakers, which means you can use it during rains or even wash it under a running tap if you please. But be reminded that this isn’t a waterproof device, so you probably shouldn’t submerge it in water. As for the hardware

Echo Dot

[Deal] Amazon Echo and Echo Dot for $139.99 and $39.99

#Amazon is now offering impressive discounts on the #Echo and the #EchoDot home assistant devices. The company originally launched the Echo first, and then slowly expanded its lineup with the addition of the Echo Dot. The Echo and the Echo Dot are now selling for $139.99 and $39.99 respectively on Amazon. The only reason you