5 Must Have Accessories For Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 9 might be Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note device, but it pushes many folks past the $1000 mark when it comes to buying a smartphone. Luckily, there are more affordable options with the same great power — yes, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note 8 phone here. It might’ve launched in late 2017, but it’s still a phone — even today — that will last you a long time.

Of course, if you’re planning on picking up a Galaxy Note 8, you need a bunch of must have accessories to go with the phone. But with so many on the market, it can be difficult to choose just a couple — that’s why we narrowed it down to just five. Follow along below, and find out what they are!

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Pad

First, and most importantly, if you don’t get anything else Anker’s PowerWave Wireless Charging Pad is at least a must have. It’s one of the best accessories you can pick up for the Galaxy Note 8. It preserves your phone by not wearing out your USB-C port, and revolutionizes how you charge your phone, requiring no wires whatsoever.

Anker’s PowerWave has a fairly traditional design, but comes with a grippy surface, ensuring your Galaxy Note 8 stays in place while charging. The one downside to the PowerWave is that you can only get it in a black or dark blue color, though it still looks great in any home or office setup!

Charging speeds are fairly standard — you won’t see a drop, that’s for sure. Anker actually built this with the Samsung Galaxy family of devices in mind, bringing you quick charging speeds up to 10 watts of output.

tech21 Wallet Case For Galaxy Note 8

You’ll definitely want to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 well protected. A great way to keep the body and the screen in tip top shape is with tech21’s Wallet Case for the phone. The cover will keep your screen free from scratches, and the shell itself will help keep your device safe from shock and drops.

It isn’t military grade, but it does provide good protection. You do have plenty of storage space for cards and cash.

Anker PowerCore Ultra Small

Anker’s PowerCore Ultra Small power bank is one that’s worth keeping in reach. We’ve all been in that oh so frustrating situation where you were on the brink of your smartphone dying with nowhere to charge it. That’s why it’s good to keep the PowerCure UltraSmall around, as it allows you to charge your phone no matter where you are in the world.

Anker has actually designed this to be as portable as possible, as it could easily fit in your back pocket, if you wanted or needed it to.

You can expect to get tons of room of charging power out of the PowerCore Ultra Small as well. Anker has equipped it with a whole 10,000mAh inside. You can easily get two full charges for your Note 8 out of this, with some juice leftover for a half-charge or so.

Bestrix Magnetic Car Phone Holder

We think the Bestrix Magnetic Car Phone Holder is something that everybody needs in their vehicle as well. Phones are important parts of getting to our destination through GPS navigation, and thankfully, the Bestrix Car Phone Holder helps you monitor that without taking your eyes off the road.

Unlike most car phone holders on the market, this one hooks up to your car’s CD player slot — that’s where the car phone holder gets its strength. This is a stark difference from others, which tend to use suction cups, screws, or some sort of adhesive. Bestrix actually throws in three different sizes of CD-player insert tabs, ensuring that this car phone holder works with any vehicle you might own.

In addition, this one uses magnets to keep your phone secure in place — no phone cradle here. But don’t worry — the magnets are strong, even keeping your phone secure over rough terrain.

Wall Charger Station

iClever’s own USB Wall Charger Station is another must have accessory for the Galaxy Note 8. One of the hang ups with Samsung’s own wall charger is that there’s only a single USB port on it, allowing you to charge just one device at a time. Luckily, iClever’s own USB Wall Charger Station enables you to do more, and charge up to four devices at a time with four USB ports.

iClever has made sure that charging speeds stay fast, too. This Wall Charger Station has SmartID technology is able to provide your phone and devices with 2.4 amps of charging power, or 2.4 amps per port, bringing the total maximum charge to 8 amps. And don’t worry, even if you plug in one or three more devices to this wall charger station, charging speeds do not drop — they remain the same.

The iClever Wall Charger Station has a lot of built-in protections to keep itself and your Galaxy Note 8 potected from electrical hiccups — they actually have a safety chip built into the circuitry, which means you can expect safeguards against overheating, overcurrent, over voltage and short-circuiting.

iClever throws in an 18-month replacement warranty as well, allowing you to get replacements if you ever run into issues.


There are tons of awesome accessories on the market that could be labeled as “must haves” for the Galaxy Note 8. That said, we believe what’s listed above is some of the best that will only enhance the experience with the phone. The Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Pad is one of our favorites, simply because of the longevity it adds to your smartphone, as well as the easier way to charge your device(s) up.

You cannot go wrong with the Wallet Case for the Note 8 either. It enables you to leave your wallet at home, keeping all of your cards and cash in one area, all while keeping your Galaxy Note 8 protected from drops and falls.

Do you have a favorite accessory for the Galaxy Note 8? Sound off in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!