How to Sync Contacts on Galaxy Tab S6 with Samsung Cloud

This post will teach you how to sync contacts on Galaxy Tab S6 with Samsung Cloud. Read on to view a more detailed walk-through.

With Samsung Cloud, you can back up, sync and restore content stored on your Samsung device.

When you back up your device to the Samsung Cloud, all data will be copied to and a restore point is created. Backup content from the Samsung Cloud can be utilized when restoring or setting up a new device.

The primary requisite to using Samsung Cloud services is a valid Samsung account. That said, you should set up one if you haven’t already. Once you have your Samsung account ready, you can start syncing and backing up data on your device using Samsung Cloud.

And here’s how syncing contacts is done on the Galaxy Tab S6.

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Easy Steps to Sync Contacts on Galaxy Tab S6 to Samsung Cloud

Time Needed : 6 minutes

Performing the following steps will enable automatic syncing of contacts data from your Galaxy Tab S6 with your Samsung Cloud account. Actual screens and menu items may vary depending on the device model, operating system and service provider. Just refer to the screenshots in case you’re having trouble carrying out the given instructions.<br>

  1. From your tablet's Home screen, swipe up from the bottom center.

    Doing so will let you access the Apps viewer where different app icons are displayed.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - home

  2. From the Apps viewer, locate and then tap on the Settings icon.

    The main settings menu opens on the next window.Here you will see a list of items that consist of different categories for basic and advanced features.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - settings

  3. To continue, tap Accounts and backup option.

    A new screen opens with accounts and backup features and options to manage.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - accounts and backup

  4. Tap to select Samsung Cloud from the given items.

    The Samsung Cloud menu opens next.Here you will see a list of commands to sync and backup files.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - select cloud

  5. To view and manage Samsung Cloud settings, tap the quick menu icon represented by a triple-dot figure located on the right corner of the screen.

    Tapping this icon will trigger a pop-up menu to launch.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - quick menu

  6. From the menu items, tap Settings.

    Your Samsung account settings and other relevant options will populate the next display.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - settings menu

  7. Select the option to Sync and auto backup settings.

    On the next screen you will see a list of data you can auto sync with Samsung Cloud.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - sync n backup

  8. Locate Contacts from the list and then toggle the switch next to it to turn on auto-sync for your Tab S6 contacts information with Samsung Cloud.

    Contacts information from your tablet are now synced with Samsung Cloud using Wi-Fi or mobile data.sync tab s6 contacts with samsung cloud - turn on switch

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy Tab S6

To view all your Cloud data, access Samsung Cloud directly on your Galaxy Tab S6 or through a computer.

You can use a web browser or navigate to the settings menu on your device and then select Samsung Cloud.

If you’d like to access Samsung Cloud using a web browser, it is recommended to use Chrome. 

To do so, open Chrome on your device and then navigate to the Samsung Cloud support page then sign into your Samsung account.

If you encounter an error while attempting to access your Cloud data, make sure that your device has a stable access to the Internet. Also verify and ensure that you are using and signed into the correct Samsung account. 

Another thing to check is your cloud storage. Make sure that the remaining storage space is sufficient.

Hope this helps!

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Hope this helps!


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