Solved Samsung Galaxy S9+ Touchscreen Is Unresponsive

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S9+ is one of the two flagship devices released by the South Korean company this year. It is best known for being the larger of the two models having a 6.2 inch Super AMOLED display and a bigger capacity 3500 mAh battery. It also uses a dual rear camera system which allows it to take excellent photos even in low light conditions. Although this is a solid performing phone there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S9+ touchscreen is unresponsive issue and other related problems.

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S9+ Touchscreen Is Unresponsive

Problem: I own an S9+. It’s been one and half month since I’ve started using this phone. Recently I am facing an issue regarding touch screen, all of sudden it stops working. In order to be active again I have to off the screen and on it to make touch work. As far as I have noticed this happens when I play games or watch any movies. Please help me out.

Solution: Since you mentioned that the problem occurs when you play games or watch a movie then this might be triggered by an app you installed. Try starting your phone in Safe Mode then check if the issue still occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then it is most likely caused by an app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

In case the issue still occurs even in Safe Mode then you will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is complete do not install any apps in your phone yet. Try to check if the issue still occurs.

In case the above steps fails to fix the problem then you will have to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S9+ Screen Has Lines After Drop

Problem: Dropped my Samsung galaxy S9 plus and now have lines on the screen vertically and a blob in one corner. Phone is still on and people can ring but the touch screen doesn’t work so I can answer them or use the phone at al, can’t even turn it off. Is there any way to fix without replacing the screen?

Solution: It looks like the display got damaged during the drop. The best thing you can do right now is to start the phone in recovery mode then check if the screen works in this mode. If it does then you should do a factory reset. Take note that the reset will erase your phone data.

If the above step fails to fix the problem then you will need to bring the phone to a service center and have it repaired.

S9+ Not Turning On After Overheating

Problem: After overheating in the sun for 45 min my phone doesn’t want to turn on anymore. I’ve tried holding volume down and power button but the phone vibrates after 10 sec and doesn’t turn on… Same with taking the battery out or pressen the volume up, home and power button… It feels to me that the phone works but the screen doesn’t. Thanks in advance

Solution: In this particular issue you need to cool down your phone first. Place the phone in front of a fan or near the air conditioner. Once the phone has cooled down you should charge it for at least 20 minutes using its wall charger as the battery might have lost its charge. After charging the phone try turning it on. If it still does not turn on then the heat might have damaged some component inside the device. The best thing to do right now is to bring the phone to a service center and have it checked.

S9+ Screen Turned Black

Problem: I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and when I was using my phone, the screen turned black and no matter what I do it won’t go back to normal. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ logo is appearing and it vibrates. It does this on a constant loop and I keep restarting and holding all the buttons. I am doing this to try to fix problem, but it’s not working.

Related Problem: Hello, My Galaxy S9+ screen wont turn on no matter what I do to try and fix it. Before it died (I was scrolling through instagram) the right half of the screen turned an opaque purple colour and then it turned fully black and it won’t turn back on, even after using the keys to reset it. If you have any idea what to do, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Solution: The first thing you will want to do in this case is to make sure that the phone battery has sufficient charge. Follow the steps listed below to charge the phone.

  • Clean the charging port of the phone using a can of compressed air.
  • Charge the phone for at least 20 minutes using a wall charger.
  • If the phone does not charge then try using a different charging cord and wall charger. You should also try charging the phone from a computer USB port. If you have a wireless charger available then you can use this as well.
  • Remove the microSD card of the phone ( if you have one installed)
  • Press and hold both power and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds. If the phone does not turn on then try accessing the recovery mode then do a factory reset. Take note that the reset will erase your phone data.

In case the phone still does not turn on then you need to bring this to a service center and have it checked.

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