Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 7]

Welcome to the 7th installment of our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge troubleshooter series!


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can’t make or receive calls and text messages

Problem: Hi. I hope you can help!

I am having issues with hearing anything from my Samsung S6 Edge. I can’t hear or make any calls and I don’t hear any dial tone. It’s only started doing this today.

I have tired everything mentioned online from clearing cache to restarting/power off and taking the SIM out but nothing work!

Any help would be grateful. Thanks. — Nina

Troubleshooting: Hi Nina. There are a few things that we need to check to be able to isolate the problem.

Check if Fixed Dialing is enabled. Fixed dialing lets a user put a restriction on what number the phone can make a call to and send a message to. However, if this feature is enabled, the device is basically locked and unable to send a message or make calls to any other numbers. Here are the steps on how to turn fixed dialing on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

  • Open Phone app.
  • Tap MORE.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap More settings.
  • Tap Fixed Dialing Numbers.
  • Tap Disable FDN.

Check if the phone was unintentionally set to Roaming mode. This may not explain why your phone does not have a dial tone but if the phone is set to Roaming mode, it may not be able to dial local numbers. If you are abroad, this might very well be the reason for the problem. To check:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Mobile networks.
  • Tap Data roaming.
  • Tap Roaming network.
  • Tap Home only to disable roaming.

Check if you have turned on manual network selection and you are outside your specified network. When you have inadvertently changed your network, it may prevent you placing calls. This happens sometimes so check out the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap mobile networks.
  • Tap Network operators.
  • Tap Select automatically to allow the device switch to the best network that is available.

If nothing in any of these solutions work, try to perform a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t come back on

Problem: Good day. I found this email on a web page and I hope you can help.

My S6 Edge does not want to come on, I charged it through the night and this morning the screen is black and there is a small green light (the light that usually indicates a notification).

How do I resolve this issue?– Michelle

Troubleshooting: Hi Michelle. Please check our previous post and follow the recommended solutions for this problem.

Let us know if nothing works. Thanks!


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not wirelessly charging

Problem: Hi there! So, when I first got the charger it seemed to be working properly, although not as speedily as I might have expected.  Yesterday my phone was very low, as I had forgotten it in my bag.  I put it on the wireless charger, and over the two or three hours that I was charging it, it was actually draining it.  It went from 51% to 41%, so I took it off and charged it up with my Samsung tablet charger. Do you know what’s causing this and how I can fix it? Thanks. You have a great site.

Best regards. — Denise

Troubleshooting: Hi Denise. Your S6 Edge won’t charge wirelessly if the screen was not turned off or did not meet some of the basic requirements in charging a device wirelessly. Please refer to our tutorial about S6 and S6 Edge wireless charging feature.

We believe this post can help you greatly.

Let us know though if you continue to have the same issue after following our suggestions.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge lags when opening a picture

Problem: My S6 Edge 128GB is extremely slow to open pictures in my text messages.  

Once the picture is clicked on it takes 12-15 seconds to open a single picture. It’s unbelievable. I have seen a few people mention the same problem but haven’t seen any fixes. Thanks for any help. — Jason

Troubleshooting: Hi Jason. One of the common reasons for this problem is a malfunctioning SD card. If you are using a recycled secondary storage device like a used SD card from another device, please remove it from your phone. If that won’t fix the problem or if you are not using any SD card, you want to perform a factory reset to bring the phone’s software back to its stock condition.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge calling issues | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not placing calls properly

Problem: Hello. I  am facing this problem since I bought S6 Edge. 80% of the times when j try to make call, the call wont connect for a minute or so.. and when i disconnect it.. it won’t show any sign of call being in progress.. but after around 40 seconds.. it will show as the call was in progress but it’s not. Also, it gives my callers a message that my phone is not responding, when it us actually on and showing full signals. I tried putting my SIM in another S6 Edge and it worked fine there. Although the other network SIM worked fine on my phone too. — Fizza

Troubleshooting: Hi Fizza. This issue may be similar to the one mentioned above (Nina’s problem). Please do the same solutions and notify us again if nothing works afterwards.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge weak signal strength

Problem: Hi. I just got a Galaxy S6 Edge this evening. I cannot get more than 2 bars if lucky. I have tried texting a friend and keep getting failed when she does receive message. I have already checked airplane mode which is off and data usage is on. Any other suggestions for me to try? I haven’t let the phone fully charge since getting it could that possibly be the problem? Never had this problem with my mum’s Windows phone.  Thanks. — Amy

Troubleshooting: Hi Amy. It looks like the issue is more on the network side rather than something on the phone. Kindly check the phone’s network modes and try to switch to another to see the difference. You can go to Settings > Mobile networks > Network mode. If you won’t notice any improvement, please call your service provider and ask specific assistance regarding your phone getting weak signal strength.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t register to websites using emails and unable to follow people on Twitter app

Problem: Hi.

My phone won’t let me use my email address to register on websites and declares it invalid. I have used more than 1 email address and it’s states the same. Also I can’t  follow people on my Twitter app. I have uninstalled the app and installed it again but issue continues.

I have went through security and don’t  understand what is causing this.  Please can you help. — J Bryson

Troubleshooting: Hi J Bryson. This might be a unique bug to your device. You can try booting the phone in Safe mode to rule out possible issues with your third party apps. If that won’t work, you can clear the cache of your S6 Edge or do a factory reset right away to wipe the phone clean.


How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge if Device Manager doesn’t work

Problem: Hi Admin. I have tried using the Device Manager to change the lock password but couldn’t seems to help. It can locate my phone, but the password is not changed yet thus i still can’t get into the phone. Is there any ways to get into my phone ? — Michael

Troubleshooting: Hi Michael. The only thing that you can do now is to factory reset the phone if going through Device Manager doesn’t work. This is the last solution that a user can do if the password in Device manager won’t unlock your device.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.” error

Problem: My name is Tony. I bought my Galaxy S6 Edge over a month ago and today I just started having an issue. All day it was fine until tonight after I had downloaded a few photo and video editing apps on my phone.

After editing a video I went to the home screen and attempted to click on the Gallery to open up the app. After clicking, the screen was white for a few seconds and then the “Unfortunately, gallery has stopped.” popped up. I tried to open it a few times with the same result.

I opened my camera and it works fine. From the camera app I clicked on the small image on the bottom to open up the picture. It works and then I clicked on albums and from there I’m able to scroll through my images perfectly fine (just not when opening Gallery app from home page).

I have deleted all of the apps that I had just downloaded. After doing so I had the same result. Barely right now (about 2 hours since the problem) I opened the Gallery app and am able to click and open the images shown (about 3 or 4 rows), but once I try to scroll down to see all of my older pictures I get the same pop up about the gallery stopping.

It is very annoying and bothering so I was hoping you would have an answer or be able to help.

Thank You. I really appreciate your help. — Tony

Troubleshooting: Hi Tony. Any installed app can potentially cause problems to an operating system or another app and it looks like that’s what happened here. Anyways, try to clear the cache of the Gallery app (or clear the data) and see how it goes afterwards. Also, make sure that your photos, videos, etc in the Gallery are all copied to your computer or in the cloud before doing anything to ensure that you will lose any data.

If the app continues to crash, perform a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen damaged right out of the box

Problem: I’m writing about my Galaxy S6 Edge. When I opened my new phone box I seen my pearly white new phone all to notice a scratch on the bottom left near the home button, didn’t think much of it…

After having the phone for 13 days I set my phone (that had a case on it) on a table and went to check the time and the screen instantly “spidered” on the bottom near the home button(and I’m not a rough phone user, especially buying the phone out right) my phone also does not lay flat while on a flat surface, it almost looks warped and makes it awkward to hold.  At times my screen freezes or will even turn off randomly on it’s own as well, I do not care for this phone style what so ever and I want something else I am so un happy with this phone especially buying this phone out of pocket, what a disappointment. I hope this helps futures edge users, dealing with Samsung has been a pain and have felt very turned away especially when they automatically assume you broke the screen. — Amanda

Troubleshooting: Hi Amanda. Manufacturing defects can happen. Electronic devices can also get damaged while they are being moved from point to point. We think you did get a faulty phone right out of the box. Please get a replacement from Samsung or from the retailer where you bought the phone from.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge keyboard not working properly

Problem: I have the Galaxy S6 Edge. I got it right when it came out. The problem I’m having is with the keyboard.  The spacebar double taps when I’ve only hit it once. I will hit the spacebar once and it will jump two spaces on its own. Have you heard other complaints like this? — Lorraine

Troubleshooting: Hi Lorraine. The issue may lie on the keyboard app or messaging app you are using. Try to delete the cache and data of that app and see how it works. This solution usually works when a keyboard app is messing up. As an alternative, you can either try using another keyboard app or simply perform a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gallery app not working properly, keeps on crashing

Problem: Hello. I was searching online and I saw that you do free consulting on this issue. Three days ago, I updated my Samsung Edge and now, my Gallery and images are messed up. Basically, when I open the app, it only stays on for 3-4 seconds then it closes automatically. When I come to attached pictures or look for them, the same thing happens.

Any thoughts? — Eva

Troubleshooting: Hi Eva. If you installed a new app before noticing this problem, that might be the culprit. Try to boot your phone in safe mode and observe how the gallery behaves. If it works normally, that tells you that a third party application is messing up with it. Try to remove third party apps one by one until you can rule out which is causing the problem.

You can also follow the suggested solution above to clear the cache and data of the gallery app. Don’t forget to create a copy of your files first before proceeding.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge touchscreen problem, keeps on switching between Recent apps and split screen

Problem: Hi. My S6 Edge’s Recent Apps button has been going crazy lately. It would press itself and spazzes out between “recent apps” and “split screen” mode all the time. Sometimes I would leave it alone for a while or restart, and the problem would seem to go away for a day or so. But then, it would return. It’s been driving me crazy because I can’t even compose a text message without it going all wonky on me. I’ve been trying to research on this to see if anyone else is experiencing similar problems. Some said it has something to do with overheating and overly sensitive buttons, but it doesn’t fully explain how the Recent Apps button going crazy in the morning when the phone had been in standby all night. I thought it was my phone’s case, so I changed it, and then went a few days without the case, but the problem still persists. I’ve resorted to Power Off and On, but again, it’s only a temporary fix. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks. — Holly

Troubleshooting: Hello Holly. If this issue happens randomly and you can’t seem to see a pattern, try to perform a factory reset to rule out a possible software problem. If the problem is not due to malfunctioning software, it can be a touchscreen failure. In this case, you are better off asking for replacement instead of trying to fix the screen itself.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Menu button randomly becomes erratic, unresponsive

Problem: Hi. I’ve had my phone for a few days short of a month and the past 2 days I’ve had an issue with the Menu button (to the left of the home button). Every once in a while I’ll be using the phone and that button will suddenly be unresponsive. After that I click the power button to lock the device and give it a minute and then eventually it starts to work again. I’ll just keep tapping it until it works. This is really frustrating and I’m not sure if this is something that I should take to Verizon and have them possibly replace my device. If you could get back to me soon that would be great.

Thanks. — Tim

Troubleshooting: Hi Tim. We have had some rare reports of buttons on new Samsung Galaxy S6 becoming unresponsive. Frankly, it can be difficult to diagnose what the true cause of the problem is because that would involve checking the physical condition of the hardware in question. Your best bet would be to ask Verizon to replace the phone instead of trying to fix it.


Unable to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Problem: I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge and my problem is I cannot get USB debugging to work. Using the charger that’s supplied with the phone it will charge but computer won’t recognize the phone. I’ve enabled developer options and USB debugging. I’ve downloaded drivers from Samsung site. Nothing happens when I press USB debug tab from notification shade.

I have tried this with a Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and first generation Moto x and they all work just fine. Any idea what could possibly wrong.

FYI: I did perform a couple of factory resets to fix lag and battery issues. I never tried USB debugging before resets so I don’t know if it ever worked on this phone. — Charles

Troubleshooting: Hi Charles. The only way to enable USB debugging on a Samsung Galaxy phone is by going through developer options. If that method won’t work, there might be a rare glitch preventing the phone from properly recognizing the input you are trying to enter. Have you tried booting the phone in Safe mode while trying to debug through USB?


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge inverted camera | Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge auto-rotate not working

Problem: Hi. I came across your articles on line and decided to email you about my phone that is, as of today, I’ve owned for 5 days.

The second day I had my phone, I realized my camera was inverted.  All the pictures I took were upside down as were all the keys.  I thought I was doing something wrong, so I tried to find out how to fix my phone on line. I couldn’t find any help. On Saturday, I went back to the Verizon store where I purchased my brand new phone and was told there was nothing they could do. I was to simply go home and call Verizon Support. I did that and they told me there was nothing they could do and I should call Samsung Support. I called Samsung today, Monday. They told me the only option they would give me would be for me to send in my “damaged” phone and they’d send me out a refurbished phone. I explained I had not even had the phone for a week! They said that I should take my phone back to the Verizon store where I purchased it and ask for an exchange since I was still under the 14 day warranty. I called my Verizon store to ask them if they could just order me a new phone and when it came in, I’d come in and make the exchange. They told me they can’t order a new phone until I take my damaged phone back into their store. MY PHONE IS NOT DAMAGED IN ANY WAY!  I ordered the gold model, and they don’t have any on stock which is why they’d have to order me a new phone. They said I’d get the phone in approximately one week. Which, if I went to Verizon tomorrow, would mean the earliest I’d receive my new phone would be the 26th. I asked them if I would get a new 14 day warranty since it was a new phone and they said, “NO!”  They explained I only got ONE 14 day warranty.. and it started when I purchased my original phone on the 13th of May.  So, if I picked up my new phone on the 26th, I would have ONE day warranty. So if that phone would happen to have the same problem, I would simply be stuck with it. There was nothing else I could do….  

I came across many articles stating there are hundreds of phones with inverted camera’s. In fact, I read where customers even overseas are having problems (Germany). The different articles are saying it’s a hardware problem. So some software update is not going to fix my camera. 

So… I’m returning my Samsung S6 Gold Edge 64GB tomorrow to the Verizon store. 

I also read where they think it might come from being turbo charged, but I never turbo charged my phone. 

Something needs to change because a lot of people are ending up stuck with defective phones that no one will take responsibility for.

Thank you. — Pam

Troubleshooting: Hi Pam. Sorry to hear about your ordeal of being passed around. You are actually not the first one to have reported this problem to us. The most likely reason that even Samsung could fix the issue is that this is a software problem. We believe that what’s happening is that the auto-rotate feature of your phone is not working as it should be. This feature is controlled by a hardware called gyroscope, which, in turn, is controlled by a specific set of firmware in order to work properly. As of this time, there are many Samsung phone users (and not just limited to the new S6 Edge) that are experiencing the same problem. We have tackled this in some of our previous posts although we are still waiting for an effective fix from either Google or Samsung.

The best that they can suggest is to do a factory reset, which, at best, does not actually do anything.

We recommend that you give it some time before you decide to have it replaced. This is an on-going problem, which means that Samsung or Google is probably doing something about it.



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