Samsung Galaxy S6 Black Screen After Phone Got Dropped Issue & Other Related Problems

One thing you don’t want to happen to your #Samsung #Galaxy #S6 is to accidentally drop it. This is because there’s a big chance that the display will be damaged. This is where phone cases come in as it provides added protection by cushioning the device when you accidentally drop it. There are however instances when despite the extra protection you give to the phone some screen issue will still occur when you drop the device which is what we will be discussing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S6 black screen after phone got dropped issue & other related problems.


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S6 Black Screen After Phone Got Dropped

Problem: Hi. I dropped my Galaxy S6 on the floor and it was as a door was closing but I picked it up before the door fully closed. IT was still in a “portrait” postilion and as I picked it up I noticed it was glitching. There were different colors and then none at all. MY phone became a black screen with a blue light that does not blink. Now that black screen is normal for me because one day my phone died and the power button became unresponsive and didn’t work. I never got it fixed and used the volume down and home button but the black screen and light was always what happened after my phone died. This time it isn’t working and every time I do it, it flickers for a second and stays black…any suggestions?

Related Problem: i dropped my galaxy s6 and can’t see the screen its black I have smart switch on my phone but can not access anything. I really need the pictures to put a dash back together I took pictures of at work pulling all the wires off everything,

Solution: There are two things that could have occurred after you dropped your phone. It’s either the connection between the display and the motherboard has loosened a bit causing this problem or the display itself has become damaged. What you should do in this case is to try to start the phone in recovery mode first. This is an environment separate from the main operating system. If the display works in this mode then the problem could be caused by a glitch in the phone software. What you should do in this case is the following.

  • Wipe the cache partition of your phone.
  • Do a factory reset. Take note your phone data will be erased during this procedure so it’s best to have a backup copy first.

If the problem persists even in recovery mode then I suggest that you bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

S6 Screen Flashes White After Drop

Problem: I Dropped my phone today and the screen shattered in the top of the phone. The screen still worked after I dropped it but I started taking out the pieces of glass in the top left corner. As I took out one of the pieces the screen turned off. It will not turn back on but the bottom of the screen flashes white when I try to turn it on/reboot it. The phone has been hot for a while and the LED is solid blue and is not flashing.

Solution: The heat generated by the device is most likely caused by a short circuit related to the display which is a potentially dangerous issue since the phone might catch fire. Since the display has been physically damaged already the best thing to do right now is to have it replaced at a service center.

S6 Data Access When Screen Is Black And Unresponsive After Drop

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S6 fell and the screen completely cracked. I can see the notification lights, but the screen is black and not responsive to touch. I had not recently backed up my data, nor did I enable USB debugging. I have tried to remotely unlock via Find My Mobile, but that option is not active for me when I visit the site. Is there a way to remotely unlock my phone, or remotely enable the USB debugging option?

Related Problem: Hi. We have a galaxy s6 and the screen no longer works following being dropped. The screen is now black and touch doesn’t work. I am trying to back up the pictures etc but when I connect to the PC I can’t choose the option to allow access on the phone. Is there anyway to access the files on the phone in order to back them up? Thanks

Solution: There’s no way to access the phone right now and retrieve its data unless the display is going to be fixed. Your best option right now is to bring the phone to a service center and have the display assembly replaced.

S6 Apps Keep Minimizing After Phone Got Wet

Problem: Hi, I dropped my phone in water yesterday, and since then any page I open or any app keep minimizing and returning back many times. there is no way I can read, write, watch, or do anything while my phone is minimizing and returning back repeatedly. I also noticed that it is heating up more now. I still can make a phone call fine, but the sensor is not detecting when my face is in close proximity, it is not turning black anymore. what should I do. Also, the phone keep trying to split the page and then giving me the message that “recent apps does not support split screen

Solution: It’s likely that water has entered the phone and is affecting some of the internal components of the device. What you need to do in this case is to turn off your phone then place it in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture inside your phone. After 48 hours try to check if the issue still occurs. If it does then you should bring your phone to a service center and have it checked.

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  1. My dad works for Samsung and just gave me the s6. I had beats in and it got caught in a cabinet door knob and fell not high. The screen acts like I’m not pressing it and purple is going up the edge

  2. i accidentaly dropped my galaxys6 and the bottom half of the screen began to glitch it hasnt blacked out completely yet is there any way to fix it ?

  3. my phone itself works just fine but it has a problem. The display either flashes at full brightness on half the screen or it doesn’t turn on at times when unlocking my phone.
    i believe this happened after i dropped it earlier today. i was wondering if there is a better solution to this problem?
    Again, the phone works perfectly fine and if i have it at full brightness it looks alright. it is only when i dim the screen that i have trouble looking at the bottom half due to white flashes that appear

  4. My samsung S6 F series golden colour slipped from my hand and now its off and show nothing on screen but there is not any single scrach on it.

  5. i dropped my phone, my screen flickers white green different colors the screen feels a llttle hot (definitely screen is over heating) i put a ice pack on it for 5 mins. i took it off, the screen displayed normally for like 15mins . its gameover still a need new phone i guess.

  6. So yesterday I went to pick up my phone with my hands wet and I accidentally dropped it. The screen showed a few colors and then went completely black. The light next to the logo keeps blinking blue. I tried turning my phone on however nothing works.

  7. Hi I have a Samsung j3 phone. A week ago I took my phone out of my pocket to find 2/3 if the screen black and closer examination I see a small hair line crack about half way down on the right hand side. I think what’s happened is I had my car keys in my pocket and when I Sat down the keys pressed into the face of my phone. Can I fix this. Thanks carl

  8. Hi, I am having trouble accessing my phone. I was in my car on Friday night with a plus sized woman and my phone got stuck in between her buttcheeks. Ever since, the screen wont function properly and the phone smells like poo. Any tips?

    Your brother in Christ,

  9. Hi, I’m having a problem with my S6 and I recently dropped it and I have a solid blue light and a black screen and my display isn’t working can you help I need all of the things that are on my phone and I would like to know if there is a way to retrieve the pictures, videos, ETC while my phone is in this state. Thank you

  10. Hi, I am having trouble. I dropped my phone when I got out of my car this morning. It has a glass screen protector and a case. When I picked up the phone the bottom 1/3 middle portion of the phone was white with a few colored stripes but the rest of the screen looked normal. I tried to swipe into my phone but the portion that was white was unusable so unable to do. I decided to reboot phone. When I turned back on the screen it is just black with flashing blue light at top. The phone will still ring and make the sound for messages but can not answer or see screen. If I touch the power button it will do a flashing strip diagonal across the screen sometimes. Is there anything that can be done to fix. There is no external damage to the phone must be just internal.

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