Samsung Galaxy Note 3 WiFi Keeps On Dropping [Workaround]

galaxy note 3[UPDATE:] About a couple of days ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 received its first OTA (over the air) update. Owners with international version can now pull the update down from Samsung’s servers. It is a matter of time now before carrier-issued units could receive it, too. The update is reportedly a 30MB package for “improved stability.” Some of our readers emailed us saying the update can fix the WiFi issue with the Note 3.

Original post: Just a few days after the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was made available to the public, there were already reports from owners complaining about their WiFi connection that keeps on dropping. It wasn’t clear whether the issue is a hardware problem or just a software glitch.

One of our readers emailed us saying that her Galaxy Note 3 seems to have some problems detecting WiFi signal. And even though she can successfully connect, she cannot enjoy browsing because the connection drops from time to time not to mention the agonizingly slow download speed. Here is her actual message to us:

Hey Guys, 

Have you tried looking into some problems with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3? 

I just got mine a few days ago. Today, my husband and I went to Starbucks. He has the Galaxy S4 and can connect to the network without any problem with excellent signal reception. I, on the other hand, was having issues finding Starbucks’ WiFi network. The phone can find it, eventually, but the signal comes with two only bars and considering we’re inside the store, such reception is unacceptable.  

Here’s another problem: the connection keeps dropping every 3 minutes or so. You cannot really browse the web with it because from time to time you’ll get kicked off. In my situation, it was really annoying knowing my husband didn’t have problems with his phone the entire time we were in Starbucks. This eliminates the possibility of a network problem. 

If you know how to fix this or if you have more information about the problem, do let me know ASAP. Thanks.


As early as now, it is impossible to get any sort of feedback from Samsung about the problem. Thus, we cannot really confirm if it’s a hardware or a software issue. One thing is certain, though: it is a common issue. There is one workaround to the problem:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap WiFi.
  4. Tap Menu key, choose Advanced.
  5. Find and uncheck the Auto Connect option.
  6. Reboot the phone.

It may not be the ultimate solution to the problem but it could help minimize the dropouts. We would also recommend owners to reboot their routers at home to refresh network data.

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Have you, by any chance, encountered this problem with your Galaxy Note 3? Share with us your experience by leaving a short comment below. You could also share with us the troubleshooting procedures you did that may have fixed the problem. You can also send an email to us at [email protected]

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  1. Samsung Note 3 wifi problems. I had same issue, wifi couldn’t connect due to slow connection. My solution – I had to close all my open apps on the Note 3 by holding down the menu button on the phone. To close them all just select the rubbish bin icon on the bottom right hand side – it does not delete them from your phone, just closes them. As soon as I did this, instantly up comes my wifi connection. So I apparently had too many open apps which were taking up too much memory running in the background on my phone. So the wifi issues, in my case, were certainly due to not enough RAM left for my phone to activate the connection to wifi. Hope this helps. I searched everywhere about wifi issues and I didn’t find this as a solution anywhere.

  2. Same problem with Note 3. I noticed that the WiFi unstable error was only occuring when connected to my Securifi Almond extender, but not a problem when connected directly to my router. I rebooted the extender and the problem seems resolved. For those without an extender, a simple router reboot may be all that is necessary.

  3. me having a same problem i have note 3 korean versian Every time when i disconnect from wifi my mob gives new MAC Address i cant even login to my university internet becoz without stable MAC Adderess i cant connect…every 2 to 3 mins it goes dopping please fix it ASAP

  4. Dear all i have been using my wifi in home and lately i have observerd sometimes the note 3 n9005 model is getting good speeed and good latency when .But again wifi is not good on my phone. I have tried all the way checking for a solution but it seems like a problem of latest android 4.3 .Seems like samsung need to release a an update to fix wifi problem

  5. I’m having the same type of issues with my note 2, and judging by the comments here, i’m not getting a note 3 🙂

  6. I am having this issue only last 10 days .. frequent disconnection from office wifi.. this is not happening to my home wifi. All other devices working with office wifi (laptop, nexus 7 and ipad 3) .. This is really a pain! I have turned off the “Auto Network switch” under wifi>advanced property( rebooted the phone) and the problems seems to be still there. Another issue is “disconnected due to slow internet connection” .. this is due to my car wifi takes a few minutes to get connected to the 4G. But really how do we stop these wifi disconnections.. My note 2 never had any issues! Thanks for listening.. if anyone can provide any other solution – I am willing to test 🙂

  7. T-Mobile Note 3s have serious wifi problems, I returned my first one and the second one has the same problem, I can’t receive a call if I am on wifi, my voice is so garbled that they can’t hear me. I hang up, call them back (on wifi) and everything is fine.

  8. I also have weird wifi problems on my Note 3, the most irritating one is something I have not seen mentioned on any posts. When I receive a call and my wifi is on, my voice to the caller sounds like a cat screeching. If my wifi is off, I sound normal. It is ONLY on incoming calls if I am on wifi, not outgoing. Weird, huh? I have comcast cable with my own expensive Linksys N router. I have had Samsung Galaxys for years, the last one (galaxy 4) I gave to my husband when I got the Note 3 three weeks ago. It is so frustrating to have to keep my wifi off in case I get incoming calls!

  9. My Wifi has actually gotten better since i shut off “Auto Network switch” under
    : Settings / Wifi / menu / Advanced. un-check Auto network switch.

  10. I had similar problem: got the note 3 and connected to wifi, every time note 3 reconnect to my home wifi, it got the authentication error; I think this is a problem of note 3 and wifi router combined, I am guessing that the auto-connection process somehow confuses the router and causes it to refuse request of connection from note 3; Reset the router will get them connected, but it’s annoying.

    Here is my fix, which appears to be working for 2 days now:

    Go to your router wifi configuration, delete your old phone in the connected device list (my note 2 in this case); manually add your new phone (note 3): type in your phone’s name and mac address; turn on mac filter; I deleted all devices and re-enter all, but I am not sure if this is needed.

    Similar problem often have different root causes, give it a try see if it fixes yours.

  11. My AT&T Note 3 was displaying the unstable wifi network notification every minute or so while using wifi at my house. It was buffering Youtube videos and otherwise showing actual problems with connectivity. After I power reset my Internet gateway and wireless access point, the problem completely went away (knock on wood). It’s been good for a full 18 hours of near constant Web usage without incident since. Of course, you can’t ask Starbucks to reset their Internet gateway so that your phone can sync up with it. In any case, I’m more confident that this is something that will be fixed with a software update.

  12. Same here. “disconnected due to slow internet connection” or something like that. Happens very frequently. I tried the above fix. We’ll see what happens.

  13. harhis23,

    I actually did a system reboot on my phone and that helped the issues. I also discovered that downloading the optional ‘S Voice HD’ from Samsung Apps made some of my applications crash. I deleted the S Voice HD kit and it is working great.

  14. I have had my Note 3 now for 3 days… My wife and I grabbed one each and I love the phone, however the WiFi dropping out with some sort of message like poor internet connection.. I have no issues with anything else.. It has to be the Note 3… Hopefully Samsung will send out a fix soon.. I have checked the software and Its saying the the latest version already loaded. A bit disappointing as I’m heading overseas tomorrow.. 🙁

  15. I just got done talking to Samsung, and they’re trying to tell me that a third-party app is to blame for my T-Mobile Note 3 not being able to reliably connect to my home Wifi. (Which our HP PC, Samsung Chromebook, iPhone 4, Galaxy Nexus, and LG G2 have no problem with.) With 100+ third party apps, I’m not going to put a ton of effort into finding the culprit, but maybe that helps someone else.

    FYI: The rep had me put the phone in Safe Mode to see if it was hardware, and it seemed to connect promptly to our network.

  16. I am having the opposite problem: my phone is constantly downloading (yellow down arrow is constantly on) while I am connected to wifi, and is draining the crap out of my battery. I have restarted my phone, deactivated all apps, turned off all auto updates on google play, and set it to power save mode, and it still has that problem. The only thing I can do is to just simply turn the wifi off. The problem I have with that though, is wifi is the only way I get solid reception at work, so I need it on to allow for calls over wifi. Help!

  17. Hey Stephen,

    We will look into this problem. We’ll probably publish more posts addressing problems of the Note 3.


  18. I have a router in the living room, a wifi repeater in my room. Note 3 can connect the wifi in my room but when I walked out to the living room, it cannot cannot despite me standing just in front of the router. Stating “failed to obtain ip address”

    Did soft+hard reset on phone, restarted router, but no use. 

    Hot spot could not be connected too..

    Feeling upset~ 


  19. I am having a myriad of issues ranging from wifi disconnections to crashes on the google playstore, games and other apps. I am on the fence on returning this phone for the LG G2. I know many are happy with their Note 3 but perhaps I have been unlucky? It sure is taking a toll on my patience.

  20. I cant believe i am already having a problem with this phone, it was supposed to be a great phone, it is a great phone but with no WiFi connection every couple minutes makes alot of functions useless. Everytime i connect to the internet, Facebook, the play store, etc…. it says something to the likes of, “internet unstable due to WiFi connection”. I understand that i can try to refresh my routers connection, but where my problem is there is if that even works, i cant just go to say an employee at Starbucks and say hey, my phone needs your WiFi connection to be refreshed for me to be able to use my WiFi in here so can you do that for me,lol. Also the problem comes in that if that even works, i also cant tell everyone whose house i go to i need them to refresh their router so my phone can use the WiFi. I understand this is just a suggestion by you guys and your just trying to help and your not Samsung who has created the problem, but this is a huge problem for me & if they don’t fix it I’ll almost have to return this phone till the problem is fixed. & i waited all this time for this thing even pre ordering it.

  21. Same problem,keeps saying disconnected due to weak signal/ connection. Wi fi network is strong, seems like the phone has a problem with its wi fi antenna. To add insult to injury, I’m on sprint and often rely on wi fi. Even worse, my 3 year old htc I have with me shows a better connection on the same wi fi network.? hey mcshane, tap the actual wi fi word in the menu then press menu hard key.

  22. Just got a pair of Note 3’s on Friday and they worked great until today. Both phones are experiencing audio issues. Both phones have chirps, buzzes, cutting in and out and garbled transmissions & reception. We have Sprint versions. We went through 3 phones for my wife’s phone today at the Sprint store and still no luck. The manager said he had one with the same problem yesterday. He said that Samsung is shipping out more phones for this known problem. He also said this is affecting about half the phones shipped and with every carrier. This is doesn’t sound good at all. Maybe I should have waited? Anyone else run into this problem??

    Tucson, AZ

  23. BTW i still have issues with my wireless N but on a G router (wifes parrents) it is a real problem with it connecting only once in a while. Reason i know this is all along doing this my wifes Galaxy S4 works fine on both of these connections and i’m only 5 feet away from the routers. The S4 use to be mine and never had Wifi Issues at work or home.

  24. I am having the same issue, say my network connection is unstable. i didn’t see any options under advanced wifi saying Find and uncheck the Auto Connect option though. I did uncheck auto network switch. Someone please let me know if this is a hardware error or software

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