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Are you getting the error code CE-34878-0 when playing Resident Evil Village? If you do, you’re definitely not alone. Many PS4 players are reporting the same exact error on their consoles too and as usual, there’s no useful information from Sony and Capcom on how to deal with it. Fortunately for you we’re here to help. 

What does CE-34878-0 error in Resident Evil Village mean?

CE-34878-0 is one of the common errors encountered by PS4 after a game has crashed. If you’re getting the error code CE-34878-0 after Resident Evil Village has crashed, it may mean that the game has encountered an unexpected error and the system can’t resolve it.

Because CE-34878-0 follows after a game crashes, it can be quite annoying for anyone. The error itself is generic and does not give guidance for players on what to do exactly.

If your games are crashing with this error code, check out the possible reasons for it below.

Causes of CE-34878-0 Error in Resident Evil Village

There are a number of factors that can lead to a game crashing issue on the PS4. If you are experiencing the error code CE-34878-0 after Resident Evil Village has crashed, it can be due to one of these things:

Corrupted PS4 cache.

Issues such as random crashes, slow performance, and lag are sometimes caused by outdated or corrupted system cache. This cache is built by the system over time and at times, it may stop working properly if it’s been damaged after an update, or by some other changes.

Damaged game data.

Your PS4 game data, saved data or game files may also get damaged just like the system cache. The usual cause for this is when you interrupt your PS4 while it’s trying to save your game progress. If you turn off your PS4 console while saving Resident Evil Village, or if it shuts down due to a power outage, it’s possible that game data will be corrupted.

Outdated game client.

If you mainly play Resident Evil Village in offline mode, you want to make sure that it receives updates from time to time. New games tend to have more bugs and sometimes, the only way to fix them is by installing the latest patches.

Face Recognition bug.

The PS4 Face Recognition feature has been known for years to cause crashes or the error code CE-34878-0. If you’re using a PS4 Camera and you enable Face Recognition feature, turning it off might help.

Corrupted PS4 database.

Your PlayStation 4 uses an organized set of files and folders called a database in order to work. This database keeps processes efficient but sometimes, the system may develop bugs that will damage the database, or change files or folders that are critical to the system or a particular game.

Broken hard drive.

Although rare, some few cases of error code CE-34878-0 in the past were caused by hardware malfunction, particularly a bad hard drive. The most likely PS4 consoles impacted by this issue are the Day 1 PS4s. If you have an old PS4 and it’s showing signs of slowing down, random shut downs, crashes, and overall slow performance, it’s high time to take a look at the state of the hard drive.

Resident Evil Village Ce 34878 0 error

How to fix Resident Evil Village CE-34878-0 error?

Fixing error code CE-34878-0 is sometimes not easy as the causes can be difficult to identify. You’ll need to perform several troubleshooting steps in order to get a general idea where the problem may lie, and hopefully fix it with any of the solutions in this guide.

Fix #1: Refresh the system cache.

Clearing the system cache and forcing the system to build a new one afterwards is easy. Here’s how to do that:

  1. On your controller, press and hold the PS button.
  2. Once the Power menu shows up, select Turn off PS4.
  3. Wait until the PS4 is powered down then unplug the power cable from the outlet for 30 seconds.
  4. After 30 seconds, turn the PS4 back on and check for the problem.

Fix #2: Check for updates.

There are two updates that you need to check. One is for game updates and the other is for your PS4 firmware.

When checking for game updates:

  1. Go to the PlayStation XMB home screen.
  2. Highlight the game Resident Evil Village and press the [Options] button on your controller.
  3. Select Check For Update and install any updates that are available.

Follow these steps to check for PS4 firmware:

  1. Select Settings at the top of the PlayStation XMB home screen.
  2. Select System Software Update and allow any system updates to install.
  3. Reboot your PS4 console.

Fix #3: Turn off Face Recognition.

The next possible solution that you can try is by turning off your PlayStation 4 Face Recognition. This obviously only applies if you are using the PlayStation Camera. If you don’t, simply skip this solution.

To disable Face Recognition, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the PlayStation Camera from the console.
  2. Restart the PlayStation 4.
  3. From the PlayStation 4 XMB home screen, select Settings.
  4. Select User.
  5. Select Login Settings.
  6. Uncheck Enable Face Recognition.

Fix #4: Delete and install the game.

If you’re still experiencing the error code CE-34878-0 after turning off the enable Face Recognition feature, the next good thing that you can try is to reinstall the game. 

To delete Resident Evil Village game:

  1. Go to the PlayStation XMB home screen.
  2. Highlight the game Resident Evil Village and press the [Options] button on your controller.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Confirm your action to uninstall the game.

Once you’ve deleted Resident Evil Village from your console, restart the system before reinstalling it.

Fix #5: Rebuild the console database.

Sometimes, refreshing the database is enough to fix minor bugs. In order to rebuild your PS4 database, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn off the console.
  2. Once the console has powered down, press and hold the Power button in front again. Make sure to hold the Power button for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps–the first beep should occur after you press the button and second after 7 seconds. 
  3. After the second beep, release the Power button.
  4. Once you’ve reached Safe Mode, select Option 5 [Rebuild Database].
  5. Press the X button to start the rebuild.

Fix #6: Factory reset (Initialize PS4).

Another thing that you can do in safe mode is to Initialize the console. Doing this will erase the contents of your hard drive and return the software settings of your PS4 back to defaults. 

Learn how to factory reset your PS4 by following this link.

Fix #7: Troubleshoot the hard drive.

If none of the software solutions in this guide has helped, you can assume that the problem might be caused by a bad hardware, particularly your hard drive.

If you tried to install a new hard drive before the error code started showing up, consider reconnecting the original drive. 

If you did not touch the hard drive at all before noticing the problem, there may be other hardware issues that needs to be fixed. In this situation, we suggest that you contact Sony technical support team so they can assist you with sending the console for repair.


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