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Some PS5 owners have contacted us about a specific issue with their wifi. In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll explain why you’re getting “cannot connect to wifi” error on your PS5 and how to best fix it.

What does it mean if you’re getting “cannot connect to wifi” error message?

If your PlayStation 5 has no internet connection and shows the “cannot connect to wifi” error, it may be having a hard time talking to your modem or router. This does not necessarily mean that you have an on-going internet connection problem on your Internet Service Provider (ISP-side) in general, or that Sony’s PlayStation or PSN servers are down. Rather, the issue is likely specific to the communication between your PS5 and network equipment.

What are the causes of “cannot connect to wifi” error on the PS5?

There can be a number of possible causes for “cannot connect to wifi” error. Let’s talk about each of the factors briefly.

Modem or router has become unresponsive.

Modems and routers tend to be neglected by average internet users. Usually, they are left running and untouched for long periods unless a network issue crops up. While this is not usually a problem for most, some people may encounter connection problems if their network equipment freezes or becomes unresponsive. 

Ideally, you must reboot your modem or router from time to time. In our case, we make it a point to refresh our router at least once every week.

Weak wifi signal.

If your PS5 is far from the router, or if there’s a thick wall between it and the router, wifi signal may become affected.

Wifi signal interference.

Wifi or wireless connection is less reliable than wired connection. Sometimes, your wifi signal may encounter issues from other sources or wireless signals. 

If you live in an apartment, your neighbor’s wifi may be causing signal interference on your wifi network. 

At other times, the cause of signal disruption may be coming from something in your own home.  There may be other wireless devices that broadcast in the same frequency that affects your wifi signal.

PS5 hardware malfunction.

For a few unlucky PS5 owners, the real reason for “cannot connect to wifi” error is an internal fault in the console itself. If you’ve already isolated the other causes but the error persists, you may have an unfortunate hardware problem. For this, you’ll need to contact Sony for repair or replacement.

How to fix PS5 “cannot connect to wifi” error?

In order to fix “cannot connect to wifi” error, you’ll have to perform a set of troubleshooting steps and solutions. Below are the fixes that we recommend for you.

Fix #1: Power cycle your PS5.

The first classic troubleshooting step to do here is to make sure that you power cycle your network equipment (modem or router). This can help if the cause of the error message “cannot connect to wifi” on your PS5 is an unresponsive equipment. 

PS5 back panel

To fully reboot your modem or router, simply turn it off and unplug it from the power source. Then, wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on. 

Wait until all the lights on the router to become stable before you connect to the internet again.

Verify wifi username and password are correct.

Another solution that you can try is to ensure that you have the correct wifi credentials on your PS5. To do that, disconnect your PS5 from your wifi network then set up internet connection again by putting in the correct wifi username and password.

Fix #2: Try moving the console closer to the router.

The other troubleshooting step that you can try is to place your PS5 near the router. If possible, try moving your console beside the router to see if the signal improves and the error message disappears. 

Fix #3: Check for slow connection or intermittent connection problems.

If your wifi connection is slow or keeps on disconnecting, it may also lead to “cannot connect to wifi” error. Try running a network speed test on your PS5 to see how fast your download or upload speeds. 

For some users, the cause of this error message can be low bandwidth. This usually happens if there are many devices using your internet connection while you’re trying to connect your PS5. Try to disconnect the devices from your network and see if your console’s internet connection is resolved.

Fix #4: Use 5GHz band.

If your router has dual-band capability, try to connect your PS5 console to your wifi using 5GHz band instead of the 2.4GHz.

Fix #5: Change wifi channel.

Sometimes, the main reason for wifi connection problems is due to overcrowding in your wifi network’s channel. Try to go deeper into your router’s advanced settings and change the channel. 

If you need assistance on how to do this, talk to your Internet Service Provider or the router vendor.

Fix #6: Update your router firmware.

To eliminate the possible issues with the router, make sure that it’s running the latest firmware version. Again, get help from your ISP or router vendor on how to do this if necessary.

router 1

Fix #7: Factory reset your PS5.

In case the issue stems from a software bug in your PS5 console, consider doing a factory reset.  You must do this solution if you are positive that it’s not a router issue and after you’ve exhausted all the solutions mentioned above.

Fix #8: Get help from Sony.

If nothing changes after doing a factory reset, you can assume that the issue may be due to a fault in your PS5’s system. If you suspect that there’s an issue with your console, make sure that you contact Sony for repair or replacement.

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