Nexus 6P won’t load to normal mode, stuck in Google logo screen, stuck in bootloop, other issues

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Problem 1: Nexus 6P won’t load to normal mode, stuck in Google logo screen

My Nexus 6P turned itself off earlier today, and now I can not turn it on. I have tried your tip on rebooting and deleting cache, but the phone will not obey. On the screen, “Google” in white letters are showing on a black background. I have tried several times to hold in power + volume down. When I get to the boot-options, I have tried all the options. But when I choose the command, for example “recovery mode”and hit the power-button, nothing happens. The white Google letters shows, and some times then an Android-image with the droid lying on its back with a red triangular-sign and a black exclamation mark inside the sign, and underneath “no command” shows on the screen. — Marianne Bruvik

Solution: Hi Marianne. A lot of Nexus 6P users have reported the trouble similar to yours and most of the time the only effective solution is by doing a factory reset via Recovery Mode. Unfortunately, if your phone won’t even boot to Recovery Mode at all, the only option you have is repair. Kindly contact the manufacturer or the store where you bought it from so they can help you. Keep in mind that if the device is already out of warranty at this time, you’ll most likely shoulder the shipping and repair cost.

If you want to try fixing the issue yourself, or if you’re not willing to invest in a repair or replacement cost, you can take some risks by modifying the bootloader and eventually flashing a stock firmware to the device. Keep in mind though that tampering with official firmware, also known as flashing, can be a complicated process for an average Android user. We suggest that you do some research before doing anything to your phone’s software to avoid bricking it for good.

You must also remember that not following every step in a guide can have serious repercussion so be sure that everything is ready. We don’t know the exact reason why your phone is stuck in Google logo screen as you did not give many details about the problem so it’s for you to figure out. If you want to try flashing stock firmware to your device, we suggest that you visit this link. We haven’t tested the steps provided in this guide ourselves so we can’t be sure if they will work in the particular Nexus model you have. Flash your phone at your own risk.

Problem 2: Nexus 6P won’t turn on, charges very slowly

Hi. So i bought this Nexus 6 on June 2016, but yesterday my phone all of sudden died on me. It just wont turn on. i’ve tried to press both power and volume down, but still it wont reset.

I’ve connected the phone to the computer and i could still open the phone’s data, but still it wont turn on. I gave up and i just left it behind and i used my Nexus 4.

In the next day i try my luck to check whether the phone works or not, and there is progress. Each time i pressed the power button, there was this red light/color in the speaker. then i connected it to the battery charger and it was finally shown something in the screen which is the battery pictures. So i push my luck and turned it on. It shows the Google animation, then it died again. Please tell me how to fix it, since i bought this phone abroad and none of regular phone service could fix it. Appreciate for the information. Thanks! — Sannidhya Achirani

Solution: Hi Sannidhya. That the phone did power on briefly is a good sign. It means that:

  • the screen is working
  • the charger and USB cable are working
  • the phone still charges albeit abnormally slow.

We suggest that you let the phone charge for a full day (24 hours) and see if that will fill up the battery with enough power to allow you turn the phone on for a few minutes. That would allow you to create a backup of your important files and perform a factory reset. You’ll need to perform a factory reset to see if the problem is being caused by a software glitch. To factory reset your Nexus 6P, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down button first and then press and hold the Power key.
  2. Once you see some information on the screen, release the buttons.
  3. The Phone will boot into Bootloader Mode.
  4. Using the Volume buttons, highlight Recovery Mode.
  5. Press the Power key to confirm you want to boot into recovery mode.
  6. An Android with exclamation mark will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Press and hold the Power key and then press and hold Volume Up.
  8. The recovery options will soon appear on the screen.
  9. Highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ option using the volume keys.
  10. Press the power key to confirm you want to wipe the cache partition.
  11. Highlight ‘Yes’ option and then hit the power key again to select it.
  12. Wait until the device finishes deleting the system cache and then highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press the power key.

If the phone will charge again normally after a factory reset, then you must have removed the cause of the problem.

If your Nexus won’t charge at all after leaving it connected to a charger for a day though, that means that there may be a hardware problem behind the trouble. In this case, the best thing to do is to send it in so its hardware can be checked.

Problem 3: Wet Galaxy Nexus 6P won’t turn on

I have the Nexus 6P. So my phone got lighty wet from some spilled water at some point during the night for like 2/ 3 hours. When I woke up the phone was off but turned on. I made sure to wipe it clean and all seemed normal except that the volume wasn’t working and anything volume related wasn’t playing. However it worked via bluetooth . then all of the sudden my phone shut off at like 70 percent and then adjusted to below 10 percent battery and entered an infinite restart loop. It seems that my charger isn’t working and the phone isn’t turning on. When it does for a few seconds, it doesn’t charge and constantly restarts. What should I do? It seems that the recovery options say the battery is fine but doesn’t allow me to do any recovery options since it says no command. How do I fix the battery issue and such. The worst part is my phone won’t shut off for me to let mellow out. — Aaron

Solution: Hi Aaron. The Nexus 6P does not have water-resistance protection so even a tiny amount of moisture inside can potentially cause disastrous problems for the system. If the phone was working normally before it got wet, you have an obvious water damage case. There’s no amount of software tweaking that you can do to fix whatever symptoms are manifesting right now. The best option for you is to bring the device to a service center or an independent shop that can fix wet devices. If you’re lucky and device has not yet suffered any permanent damage in some of its critical components, repair may bring the phone back. The most important thing that must be done at this time is to dry the device’s internal components. Electronics cannot survive long when exposed to moisture, especially that the battery is also still connected. Ideally, you were supposed to take the phone apart and immediately remove the battery to avoid shorting components.

We hope that repair will pan out positively for you.

Problem 4: Nexus 6P stuck in bootloop

Hello. I have a Nexus 6P and it has been rebooting itself lately. It randomly rebooted tonight, however it is now trying to turn back on but can’t. The white letters ‘Google’ come on the screen for about 10 – 15 seconds and then it goes black. Then it comes back on again. When it goes black, I have tried to hit power and volume down and I do get the Android screen. I have tried all options; Reboot Bootloader, Recovery Mode, Power Off, and Start. They all just seem to go right back to the Google loop. Any ideas? I am not rooted. — Bah100

Solution: Hi Bah100. Your issue is what we call bootloop. It’s a term to describe a situation when a phone can’t seem to load the operating system normally and it keeps booting back to where it started initially. Bootloop can happen due to a number of reasons, one of which is a failed rooting or flashing process. There were also a lot of instances where users encounter the problem after installing an over-the-air update. In each and every case, the underlying cause may be different but the solutions for all of them is the same — factory reset.

Factory reset, however, requires that the phone boot to Recovery Mode first. If your Nexus can’t even load Recovery Mode at this time, you’re out of luck. You must either try the risky and unguaranteed potential solution of flashing the stock firmware or repair.


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