Galaxy S8 black screen issue, stuck in blue downloading screen, other screen issues

Hello and welcome to our latest #GalaxyS8 post for this day. This post tackles a difficult issue a few S8 users who have reported screen problems lately. Based in our experience with older Galaxy models, most screen-related problems usually end up with repair. If you are having an unexplained  screen behavior lately, we suggest that you try a factory reset first. This will ensure that you eliminate a possible operating system glitch causing the issue. It will also allow you to establish a benchmark since a factory reset will return all software settings back to their known, working defaults. If the problem persists even after a factory reset, that’s a clear indication that you have hardware issue at hand. Obviously, you only need to do a factory reset if your phone still allows you to do so. As mentioned below, if the screen stays black, you should simply skip this suggestion and contact Samsung for repair or replacement.

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When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers.

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Problem 1: Galaxy S8 black screen issue, screen is unresponsive

My S8 plus has black screen but appears to be working otherwise as it connects to the car and is available, rings etc. Just can’t see anything so can’t unlock it. Soft reset does not work to bring back the display. If I could remember all of the key and dialogue positions I might be able to unlock it and dump the contents then do a hard reset. Any thoughts. Thank you. — Tyler

Solution: Hi Tyler. Black screen issues, especially those that don’t fix themselves automatically after a reboot, are usually caused by bad hardware. If the phone has been dropped, physically impacted, or sustain water damage, stop wasting your time looking for a software solution. Instead, you should let a professional check the hardware to see if the screen needs to be replaced. Most black screen problems of this type are due mainly to a malfunctioning or damaged screen assembly and there’s no software trick that you can do to remedy that.

However, if your phone was never dropped, did not suffer any physical damage, nor exposed to water or heat, there may be an operating system glitch behind the trouble. To skip Android from launching, you can try to boot the device to alternate modes such as Recovery Mode or Odin Mode. Each of these modes are independent of Android so the screen should work. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to fix the problem by wiping the phone via factory reset, or flashing. Below are the hardware button combinations to do each of them:

Boot in Recovery mode:

  1. Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Samsung Galaxy logo shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  4. When the Android logo shows, you may release both keys and leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  5. You can either wipe the cache partition or do a factory reset when in this mode.

Boot in Download Mode:

  1. Charge the phone for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Press and then hold the Home and Volume DOWN keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Samsung Galaxy logo shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume DOWN keys.
  4. Wait until the Download screen appears.
  5. If you can boot the phone in download mode but not in other modes, that means that your only way out may be to flash a stock or custom firmware.
  6. Use Google to look for a guide on how to do it.

Remember, if the phone’s screen remains black, or if the phone won’t boot to either Recovery or Download mode, you need to send it in. Other telltale signs that your phone screen is damaged and that you need to send it in for repair are the following:

  • can’t detect your touch, or some areas are not responding/won’t detect your touch
  • keeps showing colored lines, either vertically or horizontally, down or across the LCD
  • images appears duplicated (also known as ghosting)
  • white halo appears in or around the screen

If you’ve observed any of the things in the list on top of the black screen issue you’re experiencing, there’s no doubt you have a hardware problem. Let someone who does hardware repair for a living fix your phone.

Problem 2: Galaxy S8 stuck in blue downloading screen

Good day. I have a problem. So I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and when i entered my password it kept on saying incorrect password. and when we tried to reset the phone it did not show the options of power off, reset. Then when I rebooted the phone it is showing a blue screen which says downloading. But now for 2 hours it has been on the same thing. Please help me. Thank you. — Gabrielle Steffen

Solution: Hi Gabrielle. Looks like your phone is stuck. Computers and their tiny cousins, smartphones, do that sometimes. It’s a frustrating issue, especially if you panic right easily. If you did not do anything different prior to experiencing the issue, you may be able to fix the problem easily. Here’s how:

  1. Verify if your phone is active by calling your number using another device. If it rings, that means that the device must be working normally although the screen is stuck in its current state.
  2. If you can’t contact your number, perform a soft reset by pressing and holding both Power and Volume Down buttons for about 10 seconds. Once you feel the phone vibrating, let go of the buttons. Hopefully, your phone will reboot normally afterwards.

Should the phone won’t change its status and the blue downloading screen remains, you should wait until the battery runs out. Once the phone turns off by itself, charge it for at least 60 minutes before attempting to turn it back on.

If your device remains unresponsive, or if the screen stays black after charging it for an hour, refer to the steps we provide for Tyler above.

Problem 3: Galaxy S8 screen showing purple line or discoloration

So i got my S8 recently and found out that the there were times when I swiped the other way and some sort of very slight purplish lines appear on the screen (No the intensity isn’t too much that it doesn’t let me use but it is certainly bothering and something to worried about too). Have tested my screen and it’s completely perfect without a dead pixel or any other flaw whatsoever. I have tried the factory reset but it would still appear of nowhere and disappear again when I scroll, swipe. Need HELP. — Hamzarashid200+

Solution: Hi Hamzarashid200+. In general, any discoloration or unusual lines in a phone’s display is not a good sign. Even old but normally working screens are not supposed to show any unusual color, line, or duplicate images anytime. If your observation comes and goes, it’s possible that it may be caused by an app you’re using and not necessarily by a malfunctioning screen. In this case, you may be able to fix the “issue” by uninstalling the app, if it annoys you that much. Otherwise, just ignore it and you should be good.

If purple discoloration begins to happen more often or persistently though, that’s a different story. Although discoloration usually appears if a device has been physically impacted, or it’s been repaired improperly, it’s still possible for a new screen to go bad. To get to the bottom of the problem, consider getting a phone replacement.

Problem 4: Galaxy S8 screen changes colors after accidental drop

Hi. My phone fell in the sink and it works fine but my screen has a been slightly damaged or something. A tiny piece of my screen has been damaged maybe by water? you know when you hit a TV and the screen changes into colors? Thats whats happening to my screen but when i turn off my phone, it disappears. What do i do? Do i need a new screen even though its not cracked? — Alexis Garcia

Solution: Hi Alexis. Your screen is clearly physically damaged so yes, you need to have the screen replaced, especially if changing colors annoy you. As mentioned above, you can’t fix a bad screen issue due to hardware damage by doing a software solution. In fact, there’s no software solution to your problem at all. That means that you either need to replace the screen yourself, or you let someone do it for you. We would advise against the first option though, especially if you have no experience replacing a smartphone screen. Sure there are a lot of IDY (do-it-yourself) videos on how to do the job but most of the time, they result to more problems than fixes. DIY videos can appear easy but inexperienced users usually end up with more problems afterwards. Also, you need to have some basic tools to take the phone apart. If you don’t have them right now, they’ll add up to the total expense you’ll spend since you also need to purchase a replacement screen yourself. All these hassles can be avoided if you simply let a professional do the screen replacement.


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