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One of the annoying issues that affect a lot of League Of Legends players is the “RECONNECT” error. This error shows in the middle of the screen and will effectively prevent one from launching the game to join a multiplayer match. If you’re experiencing this problem, check out the solutions in this guide. 

How to fix League Of Legends Reconnect error?

There’s no official solution that Riot Games has provided for the Reconnect Loop bug in League Of Legends but we’ve compiled a short list of fixes that the community has come up over the years. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Solution #1:  Check your internet connection.

Many people who experience this bug either have issues with their internet connection at home, or there’s a problem with their PC. Before you take on possible issues with your Windows machine, make sure that there’s your internet is stable and is not the reason for the game LOL client losing communication with the servers.

If you’re on wifi, try to see if connecting your PC to the router with an ethernet cable is better. This can help if you connect your laptop to an unreliable wifi network.

Reconnect error on League of Legends

Solution #2: Refresh your game files.

Some players were able to successfully fix the League Of Legends Reconnect bug by rebuilding the game files. Follow these steps on what to do:

  1. Open your LOL launcher. 
  2. Select the Gear icon to access the Settings menu.
  3. Click on Initiate Full Repair under the General tab.
  4. Select YES to the game data repair. 
  5. Wait for the system to finish the repair.

Solution #3: Install graphics drivers.

One of the basic things that you must do when troubleshooting any issues on PC games is to install the latest graphics drivers. 

Check out the links below to know how to update your particular graphics card:

If you’re playing on a laptop that does not have a discrete graphics card, you should ensure that you also update your Intel CPU

Solution #4: Restart the router.

In case there’s a minor bug in your network, another troubleshooting step that you can consider doing is to restart your router. Just turn it off, unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds, and turn it back on.

Solution #5: Update the network adapter.

If League Of Legends continues to fail to connect and keeps showing the Reconnect error, it’s possible that the problem is due to outdated network adapters.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  2. Type in “control panel” and select Control Panel.
  3. Change the View by dropdown to Small icons and click on Device Manager.
  4. Once the Device Manager is opened, click the dropdown for Network adapters.
  5. Find your network adapter and right-click on it.
  6. Select Update driver.
  7. Select Search automatically for drivers.

Solution #6: Use another DNS server.

Some League Of Legends players were able to fix this error by changing the DNS server on their machine. If you haven’t done this, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  2. Type in “control panel” and select Control Panel.
  3. Change the View by dropdown to Category and click on Network and Internet.
  4. Click Network and Sharing Center.
  5. Click on your Connection type (this can be Ethernet, Wifi, or others).
  6. Click Properties.
  7. Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4).
  8. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and change the DNS servers accordingly. Most people use the Google DNS servers ( and but other companies like Cloudflare and OpenDNS are equally fine.
  9. Check the box next to Validate settings upon exit and then click OK to confirm the changes.


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