How to use Galaxy Note10+ Samsung Notes | transcribe or convert handwritten notes

If you are a new Samsung Galaxy Note10+, you may need more detailed steps on how to use Samsung Notes app to convert handwritten notes into form that’s easily readable by a computer, phone, or apps. Fortunately, converting your scribbled notes is as easy as following instructions. This short tutorial will show you how it’s done.

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How to use Galaxy Note10+ Samsung Notes | transcribe or convert handwritten notes 

The Galaxy Note models are unique among the many Samsung Galaxy devices due to the fact they’re the only ones with a unique S Pen functionality. The S Pen has evolved greatly over the years and today, the Note10 models sport even more powerful S Pen features. One of the basic features that remains unchanged though is the functionality that allows you to use Samsung Notes app to convert your Galaxy Note10+ handwrittent notes. If you are using Microsoft Word often, you’ll be pleased to know too that Samsung has now integrated Notes app with it. You can even export your handwritten notes directly to your Microsoft Word app.

If you want to know how to begin transcribing and converting your notes, follow the steps below.

  1. Find and open Samsung Notes app.
  2. Open a new Samsung note by tapping the Plus (+) icon at the lower right.
  3. Start writing your notes.
  4. When finished, tap Save at the upper right.
  5. Tap the body of the note you’ve created.
  6. At the bottom, tap the icon with a capital T with black box.
  7. Tap Convert.
  8. Save your notes by selecting Save at the top.
  9. From there, you can share your notes in a number of forms such as Samsung Notes, Microsoft Word file, PDF file, Image file, or text file.


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