How to Fix Poco M3 Pro Showing Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Unable to update apps due to Google Play Store not working? Cannot download an app as the services have stopped working? Check out how you can fix a Poco M3 Pro showing “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped” error as you continue reading this post. 

You might wonder how your Google Play services have stopped working all of a sudden. This problem is commonly observed on smartphones with low storage space. If you have been saving more files on the Poco M3 Pro recently, try to free up some storage by deleting some photos or videos. 

If you have unused apps, try to uninstall some of them. To do that, simply tap and hold on the app icon until the Uninstall option appears on the screen. You can also free up some space on your Poco M3 Pro by using a micro SD card or transferring some files to a computer/laptop. 

Once you have enough storage on the phone, try to open the Google Play Store and see if it still shows the error. If it does, then it is time to try the solutions mapped out below. Feel free to follow them and see which one is able to fix the Poco M3 Pro showing “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped” error

Fix Google Play Services That Stopped on Poco M3 Pro: 

  1. Clear App Data on Poco M3 Pro. 

Google Play Store could be interrupted by glitches caused by erratic cache. Cache is the bit of information stored in the app’s system. They are used for data fetching in case the system needs them in the future. Cache files are intended to make some processes faster, but they could also mess up the app performance. 

It is often recommended to clear app data once it encounters an issue, such as the Google Play services that stopped working. This procedure should omit old cache files, paving way for newer information to be stored in the system. It should revoke malicious data that may have been interacting with the Google Play services. 

To do that, simply tap and hold on the Google Play Store app until you see the App info. Tap on it to display the available options. On that page, tap on Clear Data at the bottom part of the screen. Allow the procedure to complete, then check if you are able to open the Google Play services this time. 

  1. Clean the Poco M3 Pro. 

Cleaning the Poco M3 Pro might also do wonders and fix the Google Play services error this time. This procedure will free up some space by deleting cache files, obsolete files and clearing the phone’s RAM. It improves the performance that should help in fixing the issue. 

The Poco M3 Pro has a built-in cleaner app that removes cache files, closes background processes, clears memory and scans the files on the system for possible threats. To do that, simply look for the app called Cleaner on the device. Wait for it to scan and tap on Clean up. 

After the clean up, try opening the Google Play services and check if the error still shows up. 

  1. Power Off the Poco M3 Pro. 
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The best way to calm down a problematic system is to turn it off. Just like any other things, our smartphones could experience any kind of stress with its usage. If you are constantly using the Poco M3 Pro as your daily driver, it is not impossible for the system to be overworked and causing the Google Play services to malfunction. 

To turn off your phone, just press and hold the Power button until you see the power options. Select Turn off. If you have turned it off for at least 10 seconds, press and hold the power button again to turn the device on. Then check if Google Play services are working. Just make sure that your phone is connected to the internet. 

  1. Reset Network Settings on Poco M3 Pro. 
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Google Play services use the internet for it to work properly. There’s a tendency that the issue is being caused by misconfigured network settings. It could trigger abnormalities to internet-based services, just like Google Play. 

The reset network settings will revert all network configurations to their default values and options. This won’t affect your personal data, as it will only delete network configurations such as Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices and APN’s. 

To reset the network settings, go to Settings > Connection & sharing. Scroll to and select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth. Tap on Reset settings and enter password/PIN when prompted. Tap on Next. Select OK on the prompt and wait for the phone to complete the process. 

Set up WiFi and cellular data after the process. Then check the Google Play services if they are working this time. 

  1. Erase All Contents on Poco M3 Pro. 

Tried all the steps above and the Poco M3 Pro still shows Google Play Services has stopped error? Then your last resort is to factory reset the device. This procedure will reset everything on your device to their default configurations. Third-party apps will also be cleared and should remove stubborn glitches that may have been preventing the services to work properly. 

Secure a backup first, and if you are ready to perform a factory reset, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Set up the phone again and check if the Google Play services are working as intended this time. 

Poco M3 Pro Still Shows Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

If the Google Play services is still not working on your Poco M3 Pro and the error that says it has stopped working still shows after executing the given procedures on this article, then the problem might not be on the handset but on Google’s server already. 

For that matter, it is already recommended to contact Google for further assistance. You can also coordinate this with Poco support for additional information on how to deal with the problem. You can visit their official website and other platforms for proper support. 

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