How to fix Google Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error

Is Google Pixel 3 having some signal issues? In this troubleshooting article, we bring you the solutions if you’re getting Google Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error. Find out how to fix this problem by completing the suggested solutions below.

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How to fix Google Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error

Fixing Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error can take some effort. If you’re wondering how to troubleshoot this problem, follow the solutions below.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #1: Confirm network is up-and-running

The first thing that you want to do in this case is to ensure that the network is working. If the signal appears to be erratic, there may be on-going network troubles in the area. Try to see if the problem goes away when you relocate to another location. If you have another phone, you can also see if there’s similar trouble. If both devices show Not registered on network, that can be a network problem. Try to contact your network operator for help.

At other times, signal issues go away if you try to simulate a call. Try to see if the  Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error is absent when you try to make or receive a call. If nothing changes, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #2: Disable Airplane Mode

Turning Airplane Mode on and off is a known easy fix for network problems in Google and non-Google devices. Make sure to do it in your case if you haven’t tried it yet at this time. Here’s how:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet.
  3. Turn Airplane mode on or off.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #3: Check the SIM

If Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error remains at this point, the next good move is to see if it’s being caused by a bad SIM. To check if that’s the case, make sure to check what happens when you disconnect the card from the phone temporarily. Before you do this, turn the phone off first. Once the card is out, let it run without the SIM. Then, turn it back off and reinsert the SIM. In some cases, this simple process is enough to refresh the network settings that may have become buggy.

NOTE: Never take out or reinsert the SIM card while the phone is ON. This can potentially corrupt data and cause problems.

Alternatively, it’s also good if you can check whether the current SIM card you have is defective or not. es, SIM cards, while they don’t have moving parts, can still break. It may be rare to see them break physically but software-wise, it’s always possible. If you have another compatible phone from the same carrier, try to insert your SIM card to it and see if it detects the network fine. This is the easiest way to figure out whether you’re using a functional card or not.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #4: Install updates

Some network bugs are only fixable by updates. If you are blocking updates for apps, carrier, or system, make sure that you stop that right away. Installing updates should not be a viewed only as a solution but a maintenance step that must be done consistently. While a typical Google Pixel 3 XL is set to download and install updates by default, you should also try to manually check for updates at this time. Both the OS and apps must be updated.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #5: Reset network settings

Another troubleshooting step that you can try in this case is to clear your Pixel’s network settings to delete possible incorrect configurations or bugs. Resetting network settings will delete all previously connected wifi networks, wifi passwords, VPN settings, and cellular settings. To do it:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app Settings app.
  2. Tap System.
  3. Tap Advanced.
  4. Tap Reset options.
  5. Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  6. ​If you don’t see “Advanced,” tap Network & internet > More t> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  7. At the bottom, tap Reset settings.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #6: Restart device

We usually recommend this step at the start of your troubleshooting but the above suggestions can be more important. Still, you want to make sure that you restart the phone properly. Restarting a device can sometimes do big when it comes to troubleshooting. If a normal restart has already been done, try to restart your Pixel 3 XL by simulating a battery pull. This will clear both the system and its memory (RAM), which at times can cause unexplained bugs. Simply press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds. Afterwards, wait for your phone to complete the reboot sequence and see what happens.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #7: Toggle Auto Switch feature

Google Pixel 3 and XL devices have a feature called Auto Switch that automatically changes to any available cellular data network or wifi. For example, if wifi signals have become weak, Auto Switch will automatically use mobile data to ensure that you internet connection is not interrupted. While it’s good on paper, there are a lot cases wherein this feature causes connection problems. To check if it’s causing the “Not Registered On Network” error on your device, try turning it off. Once you’ve done that, restart the device and see what happens. Here’s what you can do exactly:

  1. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap Network & Internet.
  4. Tap Wi-Fi. Ensure that the switch (upper-right) is turned on.
  5. Tap Wi-Fi preferences.
  6. Tap Advanced Down arrow icon.
  7. Tap Switch to mobile data automatically to turn off.
  8. Restart the device.
  9. Check for the problem.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #8: Restart to safe mode

Some Android app may interfere with the system and cause problems. To check if one of the apps installed is causing Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error, try to restart the phone to safe mode. In order to boot your Pixel 3 XL to safe mode:

  1. Press and hold your device’s power button.
  2. On your screen, touch and hold Power off. If needed, tap OK.
  3. Your device starts in safe mode. You’ll see “Safe mode” at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Let your Pixel 3 XL run in this mode for at least 48 hours so you’ll notice any difference.
  5. To exit safe mode, simply restart the device.

Remember, booting to safe mode won’t automatically tell you which of your apps is troublesome. You’ll need to observe the phone and check for improvements in order to identify if a third party app is causing the problem. To identify which of your apps is causing the trouble, you should boot the phone back to safe mode and follow these steps:

  1. Boot to safe mode.
  2. Check for the problem.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed that a third party app is to blame, you can start uninstalling apps individually. We suggest that you begin with the most recent ones you added.
  4. After you uninstall an app, restart the phone to normal mode and check for the problem.
  5. If your Pixel 3 XL is still problematic, repeat steps 1-4.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #9: Factory reset

The final troubleshooting step that you can do is to wipe the device with hard reset or factory reset. This will help you tell if the problem is software-related or if it’s something that’s beyond your control. To factory reset your device:

  1. Turn off your Google Pixel 3 XL.
  2. Press and hold the Power+Volume Down buttons until bootloader mode (image of an Android with Start above it) appears, then release.
  3. Select Recovery mode. You can use the Volume buttons to cycle through the available options and the Power button to select. The device will flash the Google start screen momentarily and then restarts in Recovery mode.
  4. If presented with an image of a broken Android with “No Command” printed on the screen, press and hold the Power button. Press the Volume Up button once. Then release the Power button.
  5. From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset.
  6. Select Yes. Wait for several minutes for the factory data reset process to complete.
  7. Select Reboot system now. Allow several minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.
  8. Set the phone up again.

Pixel 3 “Not registered on network” error fix #10: Contact network operator

It’s rare that “Not registered on network” error Google Pixel devices are caused by anything other than software causes but if none has worked after a factory reset, you can assume that the problem is beyond your ability to fix. Make sure to contact Google and find out how to send the phone for repair.


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